How to calculate maternity insurance


Maternity insurance is a social insurance system, which aims to provide women with maternity allowances and medical security.The calculation of maternity insurance includes two parts, one is how to pay, and the other is how to calculate the benefits enjoyed after childbirth.

1. How to pay for maternity insurance

According to Article 53 of the Social Insurance Law, employees shall participate in maternity insurance, and employers shall pay maternity insurance premiums in accordance with national regulations, and employees shall not pay maternity insurance premiums.In other words, individual employees do not need to pay maternity insurance premiums, and the unit is paid by the unit.

Maternity insurance payment amount = maternity insurance payment base*payment rate

The payment base is usually different from the payable salary. It is recommended to consult a company for personnel or inquire about the local government APP.

Maternity insurance premiums have different places, generally 0.3%to 1.2%

2. How to calculate maternity insurance benefits

According to national laws, women can get fertility allowances and enjoy certain medical expenses reimbursement after fertility.After women’s fertility, you can enjoy "maternity allowances" and "medical expenses reimbursement" according to maternity insurance. The specific calculation methods are as follows:

1. Calculation method of fertility allowance

(1) For female employees who have participated in maternity insurance, maternity allowance = the average monthly salary of all employees in the previous year × 12 ÷ 365 × number of maternity leave days;

(2) For female employees who have not participated in maternity insurance, maternity allowance = female employee salary before maternity leave × 12 ÷ 365 × maternity leave days

The number of maternity leave days is 98 days in accordance with the "Special Regulations for the Protection of Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection". Based on this, the number of holiday days can be increased, and the author’s Zhejiang Province has increased by 30 days.Exist the following special circumstances, increase the number of days in maternity leave;

1) Those who are difficult to produce, increase maternity leave for 15 days;

2) If you have a polyphony, you will have 1 babies for each extra babies, and increase maternity leave for 15 days;

3) If you have a miscarriage for less than 4 months of pregnancy, enjoy 15 days of maternity leave;

4) If you are pregnant for 4 months, you can enjoy 42 -day maternity leave.

Note that on the application conditions for maternity allowances, some areas require female employees to pay for maternity insurance for more than 6 to 12 months.

2. Scope of medical expenses reimbursement

(1) The medical expenses incurred by female employees for prenatal inspection, fertility or miscarriage shall be paid in accordance with the items and standards specified in maternity insurance.For those who have participated in maternity insurance, the maternity insurance funds are paid; those who have not participated in maternity insurance shall be paid by the employer.

(2) Male employees have continuously paid for maternity insurance in accordance with the law for a certain period of time (usually from 6 to 12 months, more different in various places), and their unlimited spouses can also enjoy maternity medical expenses.Payment in the fund

Note that the reimbursement amount of various medical projects also has a maximum limit, and each place is different. The accurate amount is recommended to consult the local social security bureau.

In summary, the payment of maternity insurance is calculated by the unit based on the statutory rate and base.Maternity insurance welfare "maternity allowance" and "medical expenses reimbursement". The former generally calculates the formula as the monthly average monthly salary of all employees in the unit in the previous year × 12 ÷ 365 × maternity leave days.Real reality reports.When you can’t solve it by yourself, you can consult a professional lawyer.

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