How to adjust the mother’s cold during breastfeeding?Expert suggestions+3 steps!

How to adjust the mother’s cold during breastfeeding?This is a question that many novice mothers care about.Colds not only affect the quality of breastfeeding, but also have adverse effects on the baby.This article will analyze the conditioning method of breastfeeding mothers from three aspects to help you spend this troubled period.

1. Scientific medication

1. Understand the type of cold: breastfeeding mothers are divided into normal colds and flu.The symptoms of ordinary colds are mild, mostly nasal congestion, runny nose, etc.; The symptoms of influenza are severe, which may be accompanied by high fever and cough.Choose appropriate drugs according to different symptoms.

2. Avoid random medication: During breastfeeding, mothers should avoid using drugs such as ephedrine and aspirin, so as not to have adverse effects on the baby.If necessary, drugs such as high safety and small side effects under the guidance of doctors such as hyperactivity and abolison of fever and analgesic drugs can be used.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning: Chinese medicine believes that cold is an external disease, and the body can be conditioned through traditional Chinese medicine.Such as Yinqiao San, cold and heat -clearing particles, Shuanghuanglian and other Chinese medicines have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, propagating lung cough.When using Chinese medicine, you need to follow the doctor’s advice to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

Second, diet recuperation

1. Drink plenty of water: Keep sufficient moisture intake during lactating mothers during a cold, helping to dilute sputum and relieve throat discomfort.It is recommended to drink about 8 cups of warm water a day, you can add honey, lemon slices, etc. to add taste.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps improve immunity.It is recommended to eat more green leafy vegetables, orange -yellow fruits, etc., such as carrots, tomatoes, oranges, etc.

3. High -nutrition food: Mother -lactating mothers should ensure sufficient nutritional intake during a cold to support physical recovery.You can appropriately increase the intake of high -quality protein foods, such as eggs, milk, tofu, etc.; At the same time, supplement sufficient vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc.

3. Life conditioning

1. Keep indoor ventilation: The cold virus is mainly transmitted through air, and maintaining indoor air circulation can help reduce the breeding of the virus.Open the windows every morning and evening to ventilate for 15-20 minutes. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold.

2. Rest abundant: To ensure adequate sleep during breastfeeding mothers, it helps to recover from the body.Try to avoid staying up late and overwork, so that the body can be fully rest.

3. Pay attention to hand hygiene: Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to wash their hands frequently, especially before contacting the baby.This can reduce the risk of the virus through hand spread to protect the baby’s health.

In short, we should pay attention to rest, diet and living conditioning during breastfeeding during a cold, and follow the doctor’s suggestion for drug treatment.As long as you deal with it correctly, I believe it will be able to spend this problem soon.I wish all mothers healthy and happy!

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