How to abortion in one month of pregnancy?That method is the least damage?How to replenish supplements after abortion?

How to have a small miscarriage in a month? This is a problem that many women who are pregnant. There are many ways to abortion surgery. The specific method needs to be determined according to the situation of the woman themselves, but you must choose to go to a regular hospital for conduct.Essence

How to abortion in one month of pregnancy?

Generally, the pregnancy time determined by hospitals refers to the number of days of pregnancy from the day of the last menstrual period. If you usually pay attention to your menstrual period, you can accurately learn about the number of days of pregnancy.If it is 30 days, it is one month of pregnancy.

If you suspect that you have been pregnant for a month, but do not intend to have a child in your stomach, then choose a regular hospital for examination to determine whether you are really pregnant for a month.If it is determined that it is 1 month in the palace and do not want this child, you must choose a regular abortion hospital to consult your doctor’s opinions, and choose which is more suitable for your own abortion according to your physical condition and economic situation.

Generally, there are two types of abortion methods that can be selected in the early pregnancy. There are two types of drug abortion and artificial abortion. After the detailed examination of doctors, after consulting the doctor’s opinion, you can determine which abortion method is more suitable for you who are more unexpected.Do not blindly choose the method of miscarriage, because accidents will cause serious damage to your body.

What kind of abortion is less damage?

1. How to abortion in drug

Suitable for those who are under the age of 40 and within 40 days of menopause, there is no need to perform surgery. You only need to get an injection or take the medicine to prevent the embryo from growing and cause the uterine to shrink strongly and cause the embryo to discharge in vitro.However, there will be adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, and the amount of bleeding will be more. The degree of pain depends on the degree of personal tolerance. There may be incomplete abortion.

2. How to abort

It is also a way for pregnant women who do not want children to choose. Now the development of abortion surgery is very mature, and the method of surgery is diversified. It can meet the different needs of patients as much as possible.If you want to minimize the damage to the body as much as possible, you must try to choose as much as possible to perform surgery at the best flow of people.

The best time for artificial abortion is generally within 35 days to 55 days of pregnancy. During this time, fetal bones have not been formed. Generally, you can easily wash the tissue of the fetal block without expanding the cervix.The degree is also relatively low.

Reminder: Whether it is drug abortion or abortion surgery to terminate pregnancy, it will cause some harm to the body. Which kind of abortion method is specifically selected according to the requirements of pregnant women, physical conditions, pregnancy time, and economic conditions to determine the use of use.What kind of abortion.

How long does menstruation come after abortion?

The average period of rehabilitation after miscarriage is 33.8 days, the earliest is 13 days after surgery, the latest is 113 days after surgery, and about 67.4% of women resume ovulation in the first menstrual cycle after abortion.

Another information reported that 78.05% of menstruation recovery within 30 days after miscarriage, 2.33% of them were pregnant again before the menstruation was not transferred in time.Even if the drug is anti -early pregnancy (10-16 weeks of pregnancy), the menstrual recovery of menstruation after abortion is about 30 days.

Some female friends will not have menstruation for a long time after miscarriage. In fact, it is normal for the first time or delay of menstruation after abortion.Different, the time of menstruation will be different. Generally, it is about a month. If the time is too long, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

Menstruation will be restored in about 28 days after miscarriage. At this time, different people in personal constitution and recovery will be postponed or amenorrhea.If you feel unwell, you can go to the hospital for examination and take some medicine conditioning.

How long can natural abortion ovulation?

How long after natural miscarriage usually has ovulation within a month, and menstruation is about one month. However, a few women have menstrual disorders such as menstruation, different periods, and amenorrhea after abortion.This situation is generally returned to normal after 2-3 months, and a few people last for a long time.

Usually after natural abortion, the woman’s uterine mouth has not been fully closed, and at this time, the endometrium also needs a repair process, so this time period is extremely important.

Precautions after abortion

1. After miscarriage, you must pay attention to rest. Generally, try not to get out of bed in the first three days. It is best to stay in bed, because the uterus of a woman after abortion is greatly damaged. If you accidentally pull it, it will be more difficult to recover.

2. After abortion, you should increase nutrition appropriately and eat more lean meat, eggs, and beans. At this time, women’s bodies need to recover, and sufficient nutritional body can recover faster and healthier.

3. After miscarriage, you must avoid touching cold water or cold. After washing, heat and warm up, so that the bacteria in the water are killed, and no stimulation of warm water will not cause some sequelae after abortion.

Rehabilitation of food therapy after abortion

1. Litchi jujube soup.

Dry lychee and 7 jujube each.Add water to decoction, 1 dose daily.It has the effect of nourishing blood and replenishing.Suitable for women’s anemia and post -abortion.

2. Pigeon wolfberry soup.

1 pigeon pigeon, 30 grams of wolfberry, a little salt.Remove the pigeon hair and internal organs, wash it, add water to the pot and simmer with wolfberry, add a little salt when cooked.Eat meat and soup, 2 times a day.It has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, and regulating.It is suitable for symptoms such as physical deficiency and qi deficiency, fatigue, and self -sweating after the abortion.

3. Soymilk rice porridge.

2 bowls of soy milk, 50 grams of rice, a moderate amount of sugar.Wash the rice, cook rice milk as porridge with soy milk, and add sugar after cooked.Take the morning on an empty stomach every day.It has the effect of reconciled spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moisturizing.It is suitable for the tuning of physical deficiency after abortion.

4, egg dates soup.

Two eggs, 10 red dates, a moderate amount of brown sugar.Put the water in the pot and boil the eggs and cook, boil red dates and brown sugar in the water, and cook for 20 minutes.It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood.It is suitable for the conditioning of anemia and postpartum qi and blood insufficiency.

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