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In a humble farmhouse, six or seven women sat on their knees, and the knife fluttered up and down in her hand. The rough wood was quickly crafted into the piano head.In Zhugou Town, Shan County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, there are 122 piano processing workshops like this.

The raw materials and the market are outside. How can the ravine "grow" out of the piano industry?

In the 1980s and 1990s, a group of farmers in Qianshan County came to the piano factory and workshop in Beijing. Starting from the apprentice, they worked hard and became a pianist. They learned craftsmanship, adapted to the market, and integrated into the industry.In 2015, Jaishan County proposed that "Welcome to the world to return to his hometown" and plan the construction of the piano industrial park.More than 60 Qianshan pianists have returned to their hometowns to start a business one after another. The county has opened more than 150 piano -making and related enterprises in the whole county, with an annual output of more than 400,000 violin, driving more than 2,600 employment.

Rural rejuvenation is the key.In Henan, pushing out migrant workers to return to their hometowns, cultivate and strengthen rural innovation and entrepreneurship groups, and give birth to new kinetic energy, not the scene of the mountains.

In March 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the review of the Henan delegation of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, and pointed out that promoting elements such as talents, land, capital and other elements in two -way flow and equal exchanges between urban and rural areas to activate rural revitalization.The "Strategic Plan for Rural Rejuvenation (2018-2022)" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council proposes that farmers are encouraged to start entrepreneurship, return home to start a business, and increase their resources to support local farmers’ business entrepreneurship.In recent years, Henan Province has organized guidance and help to support some powerful, capable, and ambitious returning migrant workers to use their own funds, technologies, and contacts to establish industries, develop industries, and drive employment.Driven by policy promotion, hometown affection, and project drive, many migrant workers have embarked on the road to returning home and entrepreneurship.In 2020, the province’s new migrant workers returned to their hometowns to start a business, and they drove 746,800 employment.

From going out to work to return to their hometowns, a group of Qiaoshan capable craftsmen moved their fate strings with hard work to play the outsourcing symphony of richness.

Henan Haoyun Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. workers are making piano.Photographed by this reporter Ma Yuefeng

Turn around

From going out to home to start a business

From the Niuwa to the pianist, the 52 -year -old Wang Jinsang has gone for 36 years.

Wang Jinsang was born in Zhugou Town, Qingshan County. There are 6 brothers in the family. In the early years, he lived tightly.

Poor changes.In the 1980s, the 16 -year -old Wang Jinsang decided to go out.Sitting on the train all the way north, eventually foothold in Beijing.When I first arrived, my life was unfamiliar. Wang Jinsang did not find a suitable job for a while. He had been embarrassed after eating and eating. He also slept through the construction site.

Occasionally, Wang Jinsang encountered a temporary worker in a arts and crafts factory. He could not only learn the production of craft violin, but also care for three meals a day.He was very happy. He followed the master to learn from the master. One year later, he became the head of the workshop with a monthly salary of more than 700 yuan.

Surprisingly, Wang Jinsang resigned from this stable job soon and came to a piano workshop to be an apprentice. He only received 16 yuan per month -this stems from a violin performance.The thoughts rushed to my heart: "You must learn to make the piano that can be played."

It is not easy to learn art, but it is not difficult to fall.He took the initiative to work hard day and night, just to get started with a few more jobs.After two years of study, Wang Jinsang mastered the key technologies of the piano making and planned to start a business alone.

No capital, no materials, no tools, how easy is it to talk about building piano houses in scratch?Wang Jinsang made zero workers during the day, sold pancakes, and continued to develop piano at night.Mobilized fellow villagers to be workers and went around to find investment. In 1990, Wang Jinsang finally talked with the same wooden factory to cooperate to open a piano house.Since then, his piano business has become better and better, and many of the workers he brought out have built his own piano house.

At the same time with Wang Jinsang, Li Jianming, Li Jianming, was introduced through relatives and also came to Beijing’s piano workshops to become apprentices.He is practical and he has learned well.By 2014, the annual sales of the piano factory founded by Li Jianming had reached more than 30 million yuan, and the products were mainly exported.

Relatives and relatives, fellows bring fellow villagers, and a group of farmers did come to Beijing to study piano.In 2010, the practitioners reached nearly 1,000 people, and they shouted the name of "Master Yamama" in the piano industry.

In the city, in his hometown, the pianists are concerned about the elderly and children who are far away in the mountains."At that time, I couldn’t see several times a year with my family, I miss home." Wang Jintang said.

My hometown also hopes that Youzi "goes back".Since 2013, the leaders of Yingshan County and the township have visited the piano fellows many times, hoping to attract the villagers to return to their hometown to build their hometown.Liu Dongmei, director of the Square County Water Resources Bureau, was the secretary of the party committee of Zhugou Town. She went to Beijing many times to mobilize the pianist to return to their hometowns to start a business.

In the autumn of 2015, Liu Dongmei rushed to Beijing to "lead the phoenix back to the nest."However, at the piano industry talent returning to the hometown docking meeting, the scene of "gathered together" did not appear, and more than 70 querous mountains and piano maker and piano maker generally had concerns: "Beijing Information Spirit, Opportunities, OpportunitiesDo you have the conditions for your hometown? "" After returning, the raw materials are lucky? What do you do? "…

In the face of everyone’s problems, Liu Dongmei not only played emotional cards, but also played policy cards and opportunities: The county has begun to build a piano industrial park, the establishment of a standardized plant in the park.There are also preferential policies such as entrepreneurial security and children’s enrollment.

"Of course, it is good to return home to start a business, and there are a lot of concerns: worrying about losing the market, worrying that the support policy will not be implemented, and worrying about traffic logistics conditions cannot keep up." Wang Jinsang hesitated more.In 1993, he returned to Qingshan and jointly built a piano factory with the town government, with 500 violin annually.After more than 3 years, the logistics could not keep up, the information was not spiritual, the business mechanism was not flexible, and the company finally closed down.Wang Jinsang, who lost the capital, returned to Beijing, worked at Li Jianming’s piano company, and later came back.

In the end, only 6 people in Beijing’s 76 Qiushan entrepreneurs and pianists decided to return to their hometowns to start a business.At the time of being, there were only 3 people -Wang Jinsang, Li Jianming, and Li Shouqiang.

At the end of 2015, Wang Jinsang, Li Jianming, and Li Shouqiang entered the Qinqin Industrial Park in Jaishan County.In the park, neat factories, straight roads, and thoughtful services have made them feel a lot of solidity.

At first, they were still very cautious and only moved some equipment to Qingshan.Soon, the policy promised in the county was a result. The three were no longer hesitant. In addition to leaving the sales staff, most of the production workshops were transferred to Qingshan.

The workers are making the piano in the violin industrial park in Shishan County, Henan.Wang Wei Photo

Return home

From the creation industry to the creation brand

How to create a business?Li Jianming and Wang Jinsang chose different paths.

Li Jianming favors large -scale and standard chemical factories.He established Haoyun Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., the scale of employment continued to expand, and new problems followed.In the past, the production of handmade violin in a small workshop, one person completed multiple processes, the procedure limit was unknown, and the production standards were unclear.Today, there are more workers, how to calculate the workload?How to evaluate the quality?

Li Jianming invited Junior High School classmates Guo Xinke as the general manager of the company.Guohui has more than 20 years of factory management experience. The first thing after taking office is to sort out and improve the process of piano production in order to distribute work tasks and formulate performance assessment methods.

Stepping, making boards, piano, follow -up lines, rising round edges, piano heads, fine grinding, paint, assembly, debugging … Factory segmentation production process, set up 12 workshops."Workers check in on time every day, and pay the salary according to the process." Guo Xinshu said.

At the beginning, the workers were not adapted, but Guo Xinxian did not give up: "Some procedures have not had to exceed 1 mm. If the quality standards are not set, the system is not strictly implemented, and the market is expanded?"

Endry the results.Nowadays, we have entered the production units, and the workers, quality inspectors, and workshop heads are strictly controlled.In the assembly workshop, a female worker is in Liyinzhu and Qianqin code.This is a fine work. I saw her carefully, repeatedly measure the position of the piano code, the thickness of the code, and finally fixed it carefully.

"Although it is a handmade piano, our factory has the advantages of scale and standardization." Guo Xinshu said that after two years of development, the number of workers in Hao Yun has increased from 70 to more than 200, and the annual output of the piano is more than 50,000.The level of crafts has continued to increase, and the market price is increasingly bullish.

Hao Yun’s rapid development has set a model for returning entrepreneurs, and more than 60 people in Beijing have indeed returned home.16 piano -made and supporting companies settled in the industrial park, producing more than 30 series and more than 400 models including violin, violin, cello, bass bass and accessories.

The large -scale and standardized roads are good, but Wang Jinsang has his own ideas.After entering the three -year policy preferential period of the three -year policy of Jaishan Titian Park, he moved his own Jinmingqin Factory to his hometown Xiaowangzhuang Village.Some pianists saw that Wang Jinsang left, followed closely, and moved the factory home.

"From the perspective of handmade piano, it should be better in the workshop." Wang Jinsang firmly believed in his choice.At the end of 2018, with the support of the town and village, he built a four -story building.The first floor is workshop and kitchen, the second floor is used for display, the third floor is stored in the finished product, and the fourth floor entertains merchants.There is a warehouse outside the building with wooden materials.

Pushing the door into the house, the lobby on the first floor is full of piano, accessories, and semi -finished products.Several workers are fully paid to the piano and border.On the second floor, Wang Jinsang’s younger son was practicing the violin and melodious melody.

"The output of the workshop can be carefully polished to meet the personalized needs." Wang Jinsang said that the weather in the north should be dry, and the sound beams in the piano should be higher. Waiting for the wood to dry, it will naturally decrease to avoid the sound difference.Otherwise, after the piano sells for a while, the sound beam is dislocated and the tone changes, which is easily mistaken by consumers as a quality problem.

While maintaining the traditional tone, Wang Jinsang transformed the violin electro -sounding, and worked hard to make the appearance of the piano more modern, simpler operation, and the effect of the stage.In his opinion, the workshop "looks good to turn around" is conducive to innovation.Wang Jinsang also has a long -term plan: creating a "master workshop", "even a piano in a month, taking a high -end and selling high prices."

"Regardless of the factory or workshop, the key is to develop high -quality." Said Peng Guangfeng, the magistrate county magistrate.Qianshan County has cultivated the handmade piano industry. There are a lot of annual violin, but none of them are screaming.Most of the products are produced according to orders, batch of goods, sold in foreign countries, and profitable profits are made by middlemen.

In order to create a local brand, in 2020, Jianshan County led the "Zhugou · Deyun" international trademark.

"Creating a brand, relying on the three elements -good materials, mastering the master, and celebrities, in the final analysis, relying on talents." Wang Jinsang said that it is necessary to accurately judge whether the piano is made well or not, and you must ask a professional pianist to preserve.Some workshops are missing, and the pianists are "grasped with eyebrows and bearded". They are purchasing, piano, and sales all control, dispersing energy and affecting the improvement of skills.

In 2020, the establishment of a handmade piano production association was established, and Wang Jinsang was elected as the chairman.In response to problems such as branding and lack of talents, the association has formulated a five -year work plan to strive for special funds in the county, strengthen professional training, and improve practitioners’ operating ability, piano level and cultural literacy.

"Saishan will build a vocational technology park to cooperate with the University of Music to focus on training pianists. Through the level of assessment of pianists, it is linked to the prices of the piano produced to guide and inspire them to improve their skills." Peng Guangfeng introduced.

Qinqin Industrial Garden House, Qianshan County.Wang Wei Photo


From adding industrial prosperity and new momentum to expanding life wealth new roads

In the spring of Xiaowangzhuang in the spring, the village entrance was Qingqing, and the village entered the house.

There are 32 households in the village of Xiao Wangzhuang, and there are 10 piano workshops. It is more or less related to Wang Jinsang.Entering the home of Wang Jinsang’s second brother Wang Jincheng, the four villagers in the room were facing the back door of the wall, and they were concentrating on work.Wang Jincheng focused on making piano heads, with an annual income of 3.0 million yuan.

When you go out, a few courtyards are the home of the villagers Zhou Lishui.I saw a few semi -finished piano placed on the table, and Zhou Liushui was inlaid.He learned the piano more than 10 years ago, and later turned around. He saw the village maker in the village made money in the past two years. He regained his craftsmanship, which was convenient for taking care of the family.

Li Jinyou has always been doing construction projects in Qingshan County, and has a lot of savings.Seeing that the local piano workshop flourished, he also wanted to run a factory."But at first, what kind of wood you need to use piano do not understand, what should I do?" He asked his friend Wang Jintang.

"If you don’t understand the piano, you can sell the piano." Wang Jinsang woke up Li Jinyou in a word.In 2019, Li Jinyou established Xingshan County Weilinqin Industry Co., Ltd. to invest more than 6 million yuan to purchase valuable wooden materials and try to open the piano factory.Wang Jinsang helped to control the technology. Li Jinyou was responsible for selling it outside, and Qin Factory quickly stepped on the right track.Participated in the China (Shanghai) International Musical Instrument Exhibition in 2020, and sold a handmade piano worth more than 100,000 yuan.

Li Jinyou led the reporter to the village of Xiaowangzhuang Village, looking at the direction of his fingers, and a huge concrete "violin" was embedded on the ground.

The square was built by Li Jinyou. He hoped that the guests came to Xiaowangzhuang Village. They saw not only wheat fields and farmhouses, but also could feel the piano culture anytime, anywhere."Knock the farmer’s door, and the vibrant piano workshop and capable craftsman are‘ hidden ’.”

Relatives and friends brought them, and the piano industry landed quietly in the rural areas of Qingshan, injecting new vitality into the revitalization of the countryside.Fan Guoxi, a villager of Xiwanglou Village, was planted at home in his early years.Selecting materials, making boards, piano, and paint, he learned a full set of craftsmanship.Wang Jinsang returned to his hometown, and Fan Guoxi also returned home.

In 2019, the piano workshop in the village became more and more popular, and Fan Guoxi decided to try it.He said goodbye to Wang Jinsang, took out more than 200,000 yuan to save wood, and set up Qinfang at home.There are not many workers. For their husbands and wives, younger brothers, brothers, men, men, repair holes, assembly, women’s paint, follow -up lines, and fine grinding, they can process a full set of piano.In 2020, 4 people produced 400 violin and more than 100 cello, and their net income was more than 200,000 yuan.

At the Qinqin Industrial Park, a large number of industrial workers have employed employment at their doorsteps, "making money and Gu family are wrong."In addition to farmers, Li Guoqiang planted land, and went to the factory to turn the violin for nearly 5,000 yuan.Skilled Li Jizhu served as a quality inspector, specializing in the product "picking problems", with a monthly salary of more than 6,000 yuan.

Han Chengliang, secretary of the party committee of Zhugou Town, was deeply touched by the consumer vitality brought by the piano industry.There are more than 8,000 people in the town, including more than 2,000 people who buy and rent a house from outside the town, and most of them are engaged in piano -making industries.The piano industry has a large number of goods, and 6 logistics points have been set up; there are many merchants who have negotiated business, and there are more than 50 restaurants.

The booming piano industry also has "troubles of growth".Hundreds of violin workshops are gathered together, and the sales channels are not smooth, coupled with the impact of new crown pneumonia, difficult exports, shortage of funds, and signs of competition in prices.

The county introduced a solution.According to Peng Guangfeng, in order to solve the problem of the sales of the piano, Cross -border e -commerce company has established a cross -border e -commerce company to provide services such as import and export filing and export tax refund.Financial institutions such as Yoshan Rural Commercial Bank launched "Red Piano Sound Loan" and "Huile Loan" products, with a maximum loan of 500,000 yuan to the pianist and a maximum loan of 30 million yuan in piano making companies.


From the cultivation of the younger generation to creating a characteristic town

Pressing the string in one hand, pulling the bow in one hand, the 19 -year -old bear Cheng Hao was freely released, and the famous tither "Liang Zhu" flowed from his fingers.

"More hopes to pin on the younger generation." Said the pianist Xiong Kaifeng. He learned the piano 20 years ago.So he asked his son Xiong Chenghao to learn the piano from the age of 8.

In Xiong Chenghao’s memory, he did not suffer a little because of the piano."The entry is boring. After practicing for 4 hours a day, you can’t pull a complete song." Because of the piano training, the father and son did not conflict. Once, his father was so anxious to throw the violin on the ground.

"After practicing for a long time, Laqin gradually had a tone, and I slowly understood the hard work of my father." Xiong Chenghao said.He went to Russia and studied at the Far East National Academy of Art.The Saishan County Handmade Piano Production Association established a string orchestra composed of the younger generation, with more than 30 members, and Xiong Chenghao served as the pianist."Laqin, piano, taught piano, make piano, sell piano, our younger generation must inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of his parents and develop the piano industry better." Xiong Chenghao said.

Wang Jinsang’s eldest son Wang Yumin also learned to pull piano from an early age, and was later admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music’s Piano Production Research Center to learn the piano.In his eyes, "Every piano has life. From design to selection of materials, hand -made, only the emotions of the piano maker can the piano have aura."

Wang Yumin is now in freshman. He usually has to learn theoretical knowledge such as drawing, paint, aesthetics and other theoretical knowledge, as well as the operation practice of the studio. He is arranged every day.

34 -year -old Li Kaiyin replaced his uncle Li Shouqiang to operate a strong music instrument company."Our parents generally do not speak foreign languages. When imported wood, they often make more differences by middlemen. If they go abroad to buy wood, they are good and cheap." He understood foreign languages and negotiated well, hoping to break a new way.

For the first time, I went to Eastern Europe to buy wood.Since then, Li Kainyin has repeatedly visited wood abroad, compared with quality and price, and finally selected several raw materials bases, so that the piano made of his own made is a bit more competitive.Essence

The Zhumou Town Violin Cultural Industrial Park project is planning to build a special town of the piano town and plant the industrial advantages.

The violin Cultural Industry Park is located near Xiaowangzhuang Village. From the design plan, all the buildings are treated in the form, overlooking the piano.The cultural tourism area shows the piano culture and the performance of the entertainment. The workshop area is based on the Chinese -style courtyard house as the main body. It is the studio of the piano production master; the supporting area, relying on the surrounding villages to develop rural tourism.

Seeing this plan, Wang Jinsang was pleased: "At that time, we went out and made a way out. Now there is a vast entrepreneurial world around us. I feel that we can do it for 30 years!"

"Talent rejuvenation is the foundation of rural rejuvenation. Familiar with the countryside, love the countryside, and willing to realize their dreams in the countryside to return to their villages and entrepreneurship, it has become an important force to comprehensively promote rural revitalization."Family cards, set up the entrepreneurial platform, returning to the hometown entrepreneurs must be able to show their skills.

(Source: People’s Daily)

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