How should I eat gastritis during pregnancy?Keep in mind these 3 points and eat more comfortably

Modern society is fiercely competitive. Many people have been plagued by gastritis because of excessive work pressure, poor living habits and heavy taste diet.For pregnant women, it is in a special period of breeding of life. It is more cautious in terms of medication for the healthy development of the fetus.What should I do if a female gastritis is committed when she is pregnant?What should be conditioning from?

1. How should I eat gastritis during pregnancy?

1. Avoid irritation and adjust gastric acid secretion

When the gastritis seizures, pregnant women will feel stomach discomfort, and symptoms such as acid reflex, pain and heartburn. In order to reduce stimulation of the gastrointestinal, it is strictly forbidden to eat rigid sour foods, reduce gastric acid secretion, and relieve symptoms.

2. Persist in eating less meals and more meals

Fetal development requires a variety of nutrients, but if you consume too many foods at a time during gastritis, it will bring a heavy burden on the stomach. Eating less meals can not only reduce the symptoms of discomfort of pregnant women, reduce the burden on the stomach, but also be developed for the fetus.Provide adequate nutrition.

3. Diet regularly, do not overeating, hunger

Eating on time can effectively restore gastric function. Pregnant women should choose to digest a nutritious diet. Spicy stimulating fried foods must control the intake, drink plenty of water, eat more fiber content such as fruits and fruits and vegetables.

2. How should pregnant women maintain the stomach?

1. Adhere to moderate exercise daily.

Pregnant women insist that moderate exercise is good for enhancing physical fitness. Tourism and pregnant women exercise are very suitable for pregnant women’s exercise options. Moderate exercise can strengthen the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women, stimulate more digestive fluids, and speed up the digestion of food., Fully absorb the nutritional ingredients in food, reduce the symptoms of gastric discomfort caused by weak gastrointestinal digestive function.

2. Develop good eating habits

Pregnant women should take fresh vegetables and vegetables and unprocessed foods as the main source of diet. They do not drink raw water and ice water, eat more digestible foods, and stay away from expired metamorphic foods. Be careful to wash your hands before meals to prevent disease from the mouth.

3. Adjust the mentality and maintain optimism

During pregnancy, women’s physical changes will bring a lot of discomfort to women. Therefore, they must be fully prepared with mentality. The negative mentality will affect the digestive system of people. Optimistic emotions can help the gastrointestinal system work normally. It is not necessary to nourish the stomach.One link.

If women are troubled by gastritis during pregnancy, they must take corresponding measures according to their own conditions to condition. Do not take the medicine by themselves. Instead, they should go to the hospital for consultation.The development of the fetus creates a more secure and comfortable environment.

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