How real is the fertility in "Dear Child"?Tick off the beautiful shame of marriage


Is marriage a very romantic and beautiful thing?

Many young girls always look forward to marriage when they are in love, and feel that they can be happy as long as they get married.Those young girls have the light of good faith in the future of marriage in their eyes, but when they are really married, they will find that there is only a trivial feathers in the marriage.It is the beginning of your own tragedy.

There are very few TV series about female fertility. In the TV series, they often act as women to have children, that is, when I find that I vomit during pregnancy, and then my stomach is big, it will soon be produced.Out.

Is it so easy?Is it so easy to have a child?

Only when a woman goes to experience it, she finds that having a child is not so easy, but no one will tell her what to go through?What will happen to your body?How much hurts to have children?Is it just a child?

Sometimes it is a particularly good thing to face the truth. It is not to make you get married, but to make you more vigilant.

Ren Suxi and Qin Hao starred in a TV series, "Dear Child". This TV series should be the first time that domestic TV series showed women’s fertility so truly:

At the beginning of the TV series, Fang Yinuo played by Ren Suxi was removing makeup, and her face had a lot of pregnancy spots on her face.

I really admire Ren Suxi’s acting skills, and the Fang Yinuo she plays is too strong.

The pregnancy spots on the face were so serious. Fang Yinuo looked at the mirror that it was difficult to accept. When the camera moved down, we saw a particularly real pregnant belly.The real pregnant belly is like that. It is ugly. Some pregnant women have stretch marks, because the belly is supported.

Not all pregnant women have chronic stretch marks, which has something to do with physical fitness.

Then there will be a black line on the stomach. When I remember that when I was pregnant with my son, it may be because the male hormone secretion was too much, which caused my skin to become particularly dark, the face was black, the neck was black, the belly became changed, and my belly became changed.When it is black, the whole person is just like the black coal ball, it is ugly.But when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was completely different. The skin became particularly good, and even her belly was white.I don’t know if everyone is like this. Maybe there are differences between boys and women.

Fang Yinuo looked at his belly and was not very acceptable at first, and then he accepted it.I had such complicated emotions when I was pregnant. The second child was fine, but I was very scared at the first child.It is very hard in the third trimester. You dare not sneeze and cough, because you will leak urine.

Sometimes sitting is more comfortable.

There was a shot that Fang Yinuo was sitting on the sofa and sleeping. They did not have no bed, but couldn’t sleep.

I remember that my pubic bone was painful in the third trimester. It was very difficult to turn over, and it was very difficult every night.

It is suddenly a sudden child. You still feel good in the last second. Maybe the next second will feel that you are going to give birth.It was not an exaggeration at all. Fang Yinuo was training students to take class, and suddenly the amniotic fluid broke.I did n’t see the redness and did n’t break the amniotic fluid. I just went to the hospital when I felt the contraction. I felt that I was going to launch.

But the problem is that you arrive at the hospital, and the palace mouth also has a finger, and then you will not open. You can only wait for it. At that time, it was not very painful.After Fang Yinuo was hospitalized, she just pretended to "pass the situation" to let Xiao Lu go back. This Xiao Lu really went back.

Is there anything more important than having a child in your wife?

Xiao Lu is really enough!

Xiao Lu was not busy working at home, but drank even can beer and looked at the game leisurely.

How ironic and ridiculous?Is this the marriage we want?Women endure in the hospital waiting for children, but men watched the game at home. Dare to love this child with you at all, is it?Husbands like Xiao Lu are really amazing. They do n’t know how to take care of the mood of the mother.

When a woman has a child, she needs her husband’s care most. Maybe you really can’t help anything, but speaking with her to tease her happily, or feed her a meal, accompany her to the toilet, you have been with you, you have always been with you, you have been with you.She, she will feel that she is a lot of mental spirit.

How real is the fertility in "Dear Child"?List off the beautiful shame of marriage.

Some people may say that after watching "Dear Children", I am afraid of getting married and childbirth. I don’t think it is necessary. There are still some good men in real life. They particularly know how to take care of their wife’s feelings.It’s good, let you know how terrible marriage is in case you marry the wrong person.


I have always felt that the watershed between women and girls started from giving birth. You are still yourself before giving birth, but after giving birth to a child, you are difficult to be yourself. From then on, you have a concern, a small tail, your responsibilityEven more, your mentality is different.

How real is the fertility in "Dear Child"?

Fang Yinuo was pushed into the delivery room. She was embarrassed and struggling. She pulled her throat and said to the nurse, "Did you cut me?"But the nurse told her relentlessly: What about caesarean section?

When I gave birth to the first child, I was terrifying. Now I think about it. I have a child for the first time. I never know that the contraction will be so painful.I started crying, tears kept flowing, how I cried so painful, it hurt, waiting for the time point to pass by every minute.

I cried and said to the nurse, "I cut me, let me cut me."

The same is true of the nurse said.

But what I was different from Fang Yinao was that my husband had been with me. He held my hand and talked to me to relax as much as possible. He was so painful that he couldn’t bear to let me sting.I scolded him and said that he would never give birth to him so much. He comforted me and said, "No, we will not give birth, we will not give birth, wife, you are strong."

Yes, maybe men do not play a big role, but at that time, our women needed such spiritual encouragement.

Fang Yinuo gave birth to a child lonely. No one accompanied her. She managed to give birth, and her body was very weak, but when she came out of the ward, her husband Xiao Lu was still not there.Xiao Lu was ridiculous to send the placenta to his mother, and his mother wanted to stew for his brother.

His wife suffered so much, and he listened to his mother’s words.

I remember that my placenta was handed over to the hospital for processing. At that time, the nurse had asked, and we didn’t need to save this, so we didn’t want it.My husband accompanied the whole process of my production, from the opening of the first output palace to the ten fingers, and then to the second outbound process, until my child was born, he was there.And I was observed for two hours after the delivery room was born, and he was there.

Because I was going to give birth, he also fed me to eat millet porridge after giving birth.

He saw the child first than me.I asked him that some men would be fragile with their birthplaces, and they might have no interest in his wife later.He said he wouldn’t, he was psychologically good, and he only noticed me when he was with him.My husband is pretty good, it is a peerless good husband who belongs to a man.

Fang Yinuo had incontinence after giving birth, and then Xiao Lu helped her handle it, but Xiao Lu was actually disgusted.

In this case, not every maternal will appear, and the score is also scored, but it should not be disgusted anyway, because your wife has just passed away from the ghost door.

The mother -in -law and husband only noticed the child. Fang Yinuo was thirsty. No one handed her water. Only the mother hurt her the most. She quickly handed the water to her. There was another detail.

I have a lot of promises.

Because before I gave birth to a child, I clearly told my husband that I would only take care of my mother. Your mother should not come, and I will not complain that my mother -in -law did not serve me confinement.EssenceIt’s enough to take care of me.My mother took care of me for two confinements. Afterwards, I also asked my husband to buy golden earrings and gold necklaces to respect her, because my mother helped us too much.

My husband did not dare to talk to me. In the confinement, I would do whatever you let him do. He would be considerate of me.

But even so, the child still took care of it, because I had to feed, especially after the milk came down, and it was too torment at that time.The two chests are like stones. When the child eats, the nipples are particularly painful. Not to mention how painful it is. He can’t help me, only I can bear it.

I said a word to my husband: I gave birth to two children, so that your children are all in full. I will always be under pressure between us. You have to hurt me.I suffered alone.And you enjoy the joy of children and daughters, your father is too easy.

My husband knows how to respect women, so it’s okay.

But if it is a husband like Xiao Lu, let alone the marriage.

Is marriage beautiful?

It depends on what kind of man you married. If you are like Xiao Lu, you have to bear everything after marriage. It is not bad enough.You will feel that your efforts are worthless, you will lose hope for marriage, and your eyes will lose light.


I suggest all unmarried young women to take a look at "Dear Child".

This drama is not for you to be afraid of marriage, but to let you have a vigilance, let you know what a woman is pregnant and given a child, let you knowHow terrible will people be?

Choose marriage carefully. You will be happy to marry people. My marriage is pretty good, but there will be quarrels, and there will be a time when the child is helpless.I have such a good husband, but I haven’t slept a consciousness for the first year.When the child is sick, he is only entangled with me.With so many people in the family, he wrapped me one by one. When the child is sick, he will only let his mother hold it.

It ’s helpless, there are many unparalleled happiness, but because there is a good husband who is okay, I have more happy and happiness.

How can marriage be beautiful?See if you marry the right person, and don’t have a child as soon as you get married. Please inspect him more to see if he is suitable for a qualified dad.If he takes care of you before you get married, it will be the case during pregnancy.But if you know that he is not reliable before pregnancy, you still think twice.

My husband and I now have one child one by one. He accompanies the boss. I accompany the second child. We sleep in a room.

Both children have to bear and take care of, why should the mother be held alone?

Woman, woman, it is too important to find a good husband.

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