How old can a woman get pregnant from the beginning?If you have a daughter in your family, parents must pay attention to this issue

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The current young people are generally married, and those who do not get married are urged by their parents. The marriage is born and the parents are born.Hurry up, and I want to let us bring you to bring it anymore.

There is a certain sense of the old man’s words, and we also know that women have golden fertility age. If the child is too old, the fertility ability will be reduced, and the risk of fertility will increase. Thereforetime.

Of course, we only talk about the problem of elderly fertility, and some people will be curious. When does the woman start to have fertility?When is the earliest birth time?

There is a playmate who grew up together in his hometown called Nan Nan. The junior high school test did not take the exam. The family spent money to go to the job high. A person who had listened to the good girl had been working for two years.All learned.

However, what I didn’t expect was that when the job high was pregnant, she became pregnant without finishing the job, and she quickly got married and gave birth to a baby. When I graduated from high school, Nan Nan’s children were all one year old.A girl who is in the past few years has not grown up, and she has become a mother after turning.

In the years when I went to college, I often heard my mother talk about Nan Nan. A person who had not grown up to raise a child.Husbands do not do business, and they do n’t have much ability to make money. They often quarrel with no words.

A few years after graduating from college, she met Nan Nan when she returned to her hometown. It was also in her twenties. She was full of "the air of the market" in her body.It’s not good, it makes people sigh that the world is impermanent.

They are all old age. Because of the poor thoughts, life has gone to different paths. There was a better way out. As a result, because of the impulsive impulse, they experienced maturity at the age that should not be mature.

Of course, this situation is very small now, but it is worthy of our vigilance that many young girls, because of adolescence ignorance and impulse, may be wrong for a while, and unexpected pregnancy occurs from time to time.

We asked this question earlier. I believe everyone knows the answer here. In terms of scientific point, when women come to "menstruation" for the first time, they actually have the ability to get pregnant, because at this time, they already have split egg cells.Ability.

Of course, at this time, the theory has the ability to get pregnant, but millions of parents must do their children’s educational work well, and do not lose their hate.

Not to mention the appropriate age of not getting married, premature pregnancy may also cause harm to women’s bodies, and there is also the probability of premature malformations of fetal birth. More importantlyGirls can accept, so parents must do their children’s education.

First, it is the same age of flowers.

At the age of teenage, it is the most youthful life. The children’s life should be on campus, study, and carefree. At this age group, you should do what you should do at this age.Bright foundation.

Of course, at this time, it is also the rebellious period of many children. Parents must do a good job of educational work. The most important thing is to pay more attention to communicating with the children in a timely manner. Try to make friends with children, and encourage children’s academic studies more.Although learning does not mean everything, learning can make children go further.

Second, more concerned about children’s psychological growth

There are many girls who may have the idea of falling in love because of the influence around them or the influence of some novels and film works., Discover the problem to stop it in time.

Especially for the current short video of the Internet, many girls dream of becoming an Internet celebrity at the age of 17 and eight or eight, and drop out of school. Do not let your flowers open in advance because of the impulse, otherwise your flowering period will be very short.What age does.

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