How much is the value of HCG at 5 weeks?##

As soon as I went to work, Jinhua frowned and told me that I had menopause for 35 days. The early pregnancy test strip was pregnant. The value of the HCG was 600. Yesterday was 800, and there was a small amount of bleeding in the vagina.What to do, do you need to do a B -ultrasound.

After early pregnancy, the value of HCG does not have a fixed standard. The normal value of HCG in 5 weeks of pregnancy is between 1,000 and 10,000.Growth greater than 60%is normal.

If the HCG value increases lower than the normal range, there may be signs of warning, such as genetic problems, embryo quality problems, the state of thrombosis, luteal function problems, etc., and the relevant examination is required to deal with the symptomatic treatment according to the results.

Just 5 weeks of pregnancy, at this time the embryo is too small. If the value of the HCG is too low to do the B -ultrasound, you may not be able to see the gestational sac. If the HCG reaches 2000 or more, you can see the pregnancy sac.Doing vaginal ultrasound examinations will see a little clearly.

Because in addition to threatened abortion, one of the clinical reactions of ectopic pregnancy is also the slow rise of HCG, so you must pay attention to it. You can do B -ultrasound to eliminate it.

If you can eliminate ectopic pregnancy, you can actively protect your fetus under the guidance of a doctor.

What should I do if it is ectopic pregnancy?

If ectopic pregnancy is found earlier, conservative treatment can be taken without rupture.The so -called conservative treatment is to use drug treatment to kill and remove their ectopic pregnancy embryos that can be cured and retain the purpose of tubal tubes.But the specific treatment method is also determined by the patient’s condition.Conservative treatment is mainly to apply embryo drugs to terminate pregnancy.

Generally speaking, if the timely treatment is found in a timely manner, it can be achieved by conservative treatment.

However, after conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy, there are often blocks in the attachment, and there may be pelvic cavity and effusion. Generally, it will be absorbed by itself, but it may take more than 3 months or even longer.

The main causes of ectopic pregnancy are generally pelvic cavity and fallopian tube inflammation caused by eggproof eggs and loss or loss of transportation function. Eventually, the fertilized eggs cannot be delivered to the destination -the uterus is stayed, and the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the place where the fallopian tube or other uterus is thought.

Generally speaking, after conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy, the function of the fallopian tube on the side has basically lost.

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