How much is the body temperature normal during pregnancy?Do you know the reason?

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The body temperature and flatness of women after pregnancy will be different. In most cases, the body temperature of pregnant mothers is normal at about 37.5 need to worry.

If you want to be more comfortable during pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to have a correct understanding of the temperature during pregnancy to ensure that their lives are not disturbed.

What are the reasons why the body temperature rises during pregnancy:

Pregnant mothers rose during pregnancy because women form luteum after ovulation ovulation, and secretion of progesterone will increase body temperature. If the eggs are fertilized and pregnant, the luteal will continue to secrete progestable, which will cause the body temperature of pregnant women to remain at a high level.If the egg is not conceived, the body temperature will gradually return to normal level.

The high body temperature during pregnancy is normal, isn’t it necessary to control:

The increase in body temperature is a clear manifestation in the early stages of pregnancy. This situation generally lasts about 16 weeks. By the end of pregnancy, the body temperature will gradually return to normal. If the body temperature continues to be high, pregnant mothers must be vigilant.

Normal women’s body temperature before pregnancy is more than 36-37 degrees, and the body temperature in the early pregnancy is about 37.2 degrees even if it rises, and it is normal to occasionally reaching a low fever state.Fever or other diseases.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the increased body temperature itself will cause discomfort to the body of the pregnant mothers. In addition, the weather temperature is increasingly rising. Every pregnant mother must face an extremely difficult summer. How to spend a refreshing summer?Pregnant mothers may wish to try the following methods:

1. Ensure that the house is neat, and put some green plants in the house properly

Regular the idle items inside the house to ensure that the house is neat and orderly, and create a empty environment, which is not only conducive to air circulation, but also the mood of pregnant women will feel comfortable. In addition, put some green plants to keep the indoor air fresh.

2. Keep ventilation and ventilation in the house

When the temperature is low in the morning and evening, you can choose to open the doors and windows to ventilate, which can reduce the indoor temperature well. When the outdoor temperature is high, the doors and windows are closed to prevent the heat from entering the heat.

3. Bath warm water

Some Baoma may say that who doesn’t know if you take a bath, but as a pregnant woman, you must not take a bath like an ordinary person. The water temperature and bathing methods are different from the ordinary people.You cannot choose cold water to prevent contractions. In addition, you can wipe it with a warm water towel when sweating to keep the skin clean.

4. The temperature of the air conditioner should be appropriate, the best about 28 degrees

Pregnant women should not stay in a low -temperature air -conditioned room for a long time, which will cause a lot of conditions.When turning on the air conditioner in summer, it is best to maintain the temperature at about 28 degrees. Do not be too low. The temperature of pregnant women is high. It is very unfavorable to their own health in the low -temperature air conditioning room for a long time.

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