How much is a woman who is pregnant?

October conceive, once gave birth.In such a word, how much time does birth baby take?October does not refer to the ten months of the solar calendar, ten months of pregnancy, a month of pregnancy, 7 days a week, and in the strict sense of pregnancy in October 280 days.It takes about 280 days (40 weeks) from the first day of the last menstruation to the expected period.

There is a long time to give birth to the baby. Most babies will be concentrated in 2 weeks before and after the due date. The specific week is 38-42 weeks of pregnancy. On the day of the due date, only 5%will be delivered on time on time on time on time.But not all babies will give birth in this interval. Some babies will be anxious. They will give birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy, which is the premature birth.In the same way, the lower limit of premature birth in Europe is 22-27 weeks, the lower limit of premature birth in the United States is 24 weeks, and the lower limit of Chinese premature babies is 28 weeks.Premature babies have respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal necrotic small enteritis, neonatal sepsis, neonatal cerebral bleeding and other complications, which seriously affect the survival rate and concurrent sequelae of the newborn.

In addition to premature birth, there are also when the Guide is not falling, like Nezha in my country, but that is legend after all. In real life, when the pregnancy week is greater than or equal to 42 weeks, it is called an expired pregnancy. The expiration, expiration, and expired things itself will increase the baby’s pregnancy ending, and in severe cases, the possibility of fetal death is even in severe cases.Once clinically, the weeks of pregnancy exceed 41 weeks, doctors will give you birth in advance. This method is called oxyture (professional points are called induction).Using water sac or Sipbebe’s embolism, there is an artificial broken film.In short, the original intention is the same, inducing childbirth as soon as possible, let the baby give birth before 42 weeks of pregnancy, and improve the baby’s prognosis ending.

In summary, in October, she was pregnant and cooked.October is equivalent to 40 weeks equivalent to 280 days.Wish good pregnancy.Knowledge creation value, professional obstetricians to escort your pregnancy, update the popular science during pregnancy daily, and answer doubts during pregnancy.Professional calculation of gestational weeks, evaluating fetal weight, and regulating production examination.Give you a pleasant pregnancy experience

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