How much affects the body after taking emergency contraceptives?

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When I was very young, I realized a truth – – – I had no regret medicine in life.

At that time, I regretted that I didn’t get a full score because I didn’t get a full score. I thought that if I gave me another chance, I would definitely review the questions and check it well.

But the passage of time will not go backwards, you can only warn yourself not to put yourself in such regrets and weakness next time, so every test will do his best.

Later, I regretted because I made a wrong decision. I thought to myself that if I could still choose again, I must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and choose the answer that suits me best.

However, there is no turn in the bow. You can only remember this lesson. Do n’t make mistakes on similar choices in the future. Each choice is the most suitable.

Now, because I can’t help but regret it, I also work hard at every exam. Each choice is also the most suitable, but I am still in a state of being involuntarily.

Yes, there are actually many regrets and helplessness you see, in fact, there are actually many regrets, but fortunately, I still have this public account and you.

In recent years, the most important choice that has been done is to embark on the road of serious literature. I swear that I won’t regret it.

However, people still invented a "regret medicine" – – – emergency contraceptive.

Sometimes I look at the choices you make, and hate it on your teeth. If it wasn’t for my mouth again, I would definitely bite you.

In terms of contraceptives, how many times have been said, emergency contraceptives cannot be used as conventional contraceptives, but some people still have dangerous dissuasions and risks … and then come to me to cry.

Sorry, girl, I have no time to scold the stinky boy with you, I can only tell you, do not put yourself in this situation in the future.

However, you will come to ask me next time: six floors, how many emergency contraceptives can you take in your life?

Well (anger and throwing ~), the pavement is almost the same, starting today’s discussion.

Emergency contraceptive

This is an uppercase "regret medicine". In order to blend the wave -shaped skeleton and the soul of the soul, you chose to have no protection of the same room. Afterwards, you think that there is such a matter of pregnancy, and your palms and your feet start to sweat.

Suddenly, the light appeared, and two young ladies appeared in their minds, one named X Ting, and one named X Mi. They were the two head cards of emergency contraceptives.

The main ingredient of X Ting is Zuo Nuo Gerone, and the main ingredient of X Mi is Mepitone.They can all be used as your "regret medicine".


In China, Xing and Jin X Ting are well known. On the whole, it is a simple progesterone contraceptive pill. The principle is to supplement a large number of progesterone in a short period of time, thereby delaying ovulation time and avoiding pregnancy.

If ovulation has been ovulated, a large number of progesterone may be contraceed by affecting the endometrium shape, but in fact, this statement is basically denied by scientists, which is why the contraceptive failure rate is so high.

Specific usage:

The first solution: After the same room, take 0.75mg within 12 hours, and then eat 0.75mg after 12 hours.

The second solution: After the same room, 1.5mg is taken at a time within 12 hours.

It is worth noting that the drug effect decreases with the delay of taking the medication. It is generally recommended to take it within 72 hours. The later the failure rate, the higher the rate of failure. If it is taken over 72 hours, it is basically useless.

Generally speaking, the success rate of contraception is about 85%, and some advertisements will say that as high as 98%, but the advertisement is only advertising. The main factors related to the success rate are whether the patient is regulated.


Methel needs to be used when conducting a drug abortion, because it is anti -progesterone, which means whether you might be pregnant or just pregnant, the elder sister can put all the endometrium in the brainOccupation makes the endometrium unable to serve pregnancy, and naturally can’t be pregnant.

Specific usage:

You can take it within 120 hours after the same room and swallow 25mg. There is no limit to time. However, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, it is necessary to fast and ban water for 2 hours.

However, because drugs may cause bleeding risk, they must be used under the guidance of a doctor.At the same time, after taking contraceptives, it is still conceived, and the internal adurator is conceived in the palace. Those who are over 40 years of age are not suitable to terminate pregnancy in this way.

The contraceptive success rate of this medicine is similar to the previous one, and it is about 85%. There are also a few people who think that the success rate is slightly higher than the previous one, but basically the same, otherwise there will be so much incomplete drug flow, and then go to the Qing Palace.Patients.

This is a problem that everyone will worry about, because people are accustomed to considering side effects before taking medicine. If the side effects cannot be acceptable, they refuse to use the medicine. This is somewhat ridiculous.

Under the premise of knowing that any medicine will have side effects, our correct approach is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, choose a solution that is greater than the disadvantages, rather than staring at the side effects and ignore the therapeutic value of the drug itself.

After all, the side effects of emergency contraceptive pills are great, and it will not be more harmful to abortion.

got it?

Therefore, sometimes the situation you face is that you know that there is harm, but there is no choice. What is even more painful is that you have to choose to face this situation again and again. If you think about it, you will get cold behind.

To be honest, the side effects of emergency contraceptives are not very serious.

1. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue.About 20 % of people will have this situation. This feeling is like the symptoms of early pregnancy. Of course, it is not ruled out that some people are the influence of psychological factors.And psychological pressure is even greater.

2. Menstrual disorders.Because the ovulation time is delayed, it affects the rule of menstruation.Generally, it will affect the menstrual conditions of the next 3 months to 4 months. Sometimes there are some irregular bleeding, which contains retreat bleeding, but generally it can return to normal without treatment.

3. Affect pregnancy.In fact, it is because the drug affects the ovulation period, causes no fixed ovulation period, or simply affects the normal ovulation of the ovaries, and cannot arrange the same room, so it affects pregnancy.

4. Low success rate.Needless to say, the success rate is there. Compared with conventional contraceptive measures, it is definitely not high, so it can only be made up as a dead sheep after the failure of conventional contraceptive measures.For consequences, such as being abortion, this is also a side effect.

5. Ectopic pregnancy?The meaning of this side effect is not clear. Although some drugs are reminded that if the vaginal bleeding occurs with irregular vaginal bleeding, the possibility of foreign pregnancy should be considered, but foreign literature and research show that there is no such thing … so so there is no such thing … soI can only be objectively stated.

How many times can I eat?

In fact, from the perspective of pharmacy, drugs have no restrictions. As long as there are indicators, it can be used.Still, even if you know that there are side effects, do you still have other choices?In order to avoid pregnancy, don’t you still have to use it?

Therefore, there is no so -called saying that you can only eat three times a year. You can think about it. After eating it once, the menstruation will be irregular. If you don’t take contraceptive measures, would it be easier for the swaying ovulation period.You hit it?

So I have to eat again, and the result is that the more menstrual disorders, the more you need to eat, the more disorders you eat. Each time it affects four months, it is basically covered by this year.Emergency contraceptives are cheap and much worry -free …

Moreover, even if you eat a few times in a menstrual cycle, it may not necessarily happen the above side effects. Even if it happens, you have no choice.The fixed quota is using emergency contraceptives, but is used according to needs.

However, in terms of moral perspective, we all hope that women will never need to take emergency contraceptives, do not need to bear a 15%failure rate, and do not need to bear the psychological pressure of menstrual disorders …

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve this goal. You also have a variety of conventional contraceptive methods such as condoms, short -acting contraceptives, upper rings, ligation.

Really, don’t let yourself be in this dilemma anymore.

Sorry (hand in hand ~ bangs ~), I am out of control.

Let’s talk about it today.


After writing this article, I worry that someone will think I am encouraging everyone to use emergency contraceptives.

Because, after breaking the rumors of "eating up to three times a year", some people are likely to be even more presumptuous.

However, I hope you can understand what I want to express. The side effects of those emergency contraceptives do exist. Although it is not very serious, there may not be bad consequenceWhat about these unnecessary risks?

Do you understand?

There is a fire pit here. When you have to jump, I tell you rest assured that you can’t burn, but if you can, I hope you don’t have to face the choice that must be jumped.

Okay, that’s it today.

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