How many people can do regular health check every year?Anyway, the last time I should be pregnant …

Since the reunion, I have never had a physical examination.It’s the fourth year now.However, now I feel that I still have to pay attention to health, and then send the reunion to the school to make a simple makeup.I also brought a gray pupil today. Doesn’t it feel like me?The hair was scalded a little, and this time I made an appointment last week.Because he was on an empty stomach, he tried to try to get earlier. I was almost 9:30 in the past half an hour, and I could start before 10 o’clock.Fortunately, I have the habit of not eating breakfast.When we were pregnant, we had to take blood on an empty stomach, but I wanted to conceive the twins.At that time, I was hungry at that time. Can you understand that pain?Especially when you test sugar, you really have to be hungry, and you can’t drink water until the afternoon.I thought of that taste too uncomfortable.Each pregnancy test is really a suffering for pregnant women, and it is very tested.Just roll a little.Do you all do health checks regularly?Sometimes there is a mentality that I am afraid of going to the hospital for examination, and I am afraid that I ca n’t accept what I check out, so I just do n’t go.I don’t know if anyone is the same idea as me.But my mother did a good job. She really had a little uncomfortable a little bit, and they immediately went to the hospital for examination.But I ca n’t do it. I think I can carry it. I ca n’t carry it. I ca n’t carry it. I have formed hypotension.I thought of treatment.Before I could bear it, I couldn’t sleep at night and breathed with my mouth.If you don’t think you can pay attention to it, you can’t sit still.Others of your body will not help you, nor will he remind you, only you value it.Chat.I like it naturally, so I don’t like the rolling too much. This place is a bit flat, but it rolls up.The new pants I arrived yesterday were worn like this.I’m going to do a health check.

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