How many of your cats have the characteristics of the six behaviors of the cow and cat?

Why did the cats in her house for the first time?

Figure self: The dodo

As soon as my cat, the takeaway brother pressed the doorbell, the TA disappeared …

Figure self: giphy

Maybe this is the difference between "Social Cats and Cats" and "Social Fear Cats" [DOGE].

What kind of cat does your cat belong to?Let’s distinguish it together ~

Social cattle and cats may have the following behavioral characteristics: courage

Don’t be afraid of strange animals/environment, even when you meet for the first time, start to "manually" …

It’s tall here, I like it

Figure self: Giphy

The cat’s psychological quality is very good, dare to challenge some new things …

Go down the stairs when slipping the car, little case ~

Figure self: giphy lively

Energy, full of vitality, and love sports.

oh, my favorite ball!

Picture from: Tenor likes interaction

Friendly, I like to interact with humans ~

Shooting and hands ~

Picture from: Tenor is smart (time of trial)

Can understand your environment in a short time, and judge and take action.

For example, cat coffee kittens know that you can change your gra for when you are close to humans …

Picture from: Pinterest is curious, full of exploration desire

Like to explore unknown things/scenes.

What kind of creature is this?Come and see

Picture from: Pinterest

The above research teams from the University of South Australia and the University of Wellington have a "extroverted" personality characteristics drawn on the characteristics of 2802 family cats in Australia and New Zealand.

These social cattle kittens are not afraid of it. It is the "social bandit" in the animal world. So how is such a character formed?

Cat’s social cattle personality may have the influence of the following various factors:

① Cat Dad’s character

This posture is born at first glance

Figure self: giphy

Starting from a small cat still a fertilized egg, the character of "Social Cow" can be seen, because this can be seen from the character of the cat’s father …

According to experiments by McCune and others in 1995, if the cat father is friendly to people, the kitten’s personality will be more friendly.

② The nutritional intake of the cat mother during pregnancy

Picture from: PET Keen

When the cat’s belly was bred, the cat’s food was rich in nutrition, which also laid the foundation for the cat’s cattle.

Dr. Sophia Yin believes that if the cat mother is malnourished during pregnancy, her kitten may have brain defects and eventually lead to abnormal fear and aggressive problems.

③ Cat’s variety

A survey of 5,726 cats of 40 varieties in 2019 showed that cats of different varieties also have certain differences in behavior tendency.

The degree of fear of strangers

Figure self: Citation 1/Cat Research Institute

The breed of strangers is the most afraid of strangers. Kenis rolling cats, Myanmar cats and Pomira cats …

The fear of novelty things

Figure self: Citation 1/Cat Research Institute

The most likely to adapt to novel things is Persian cats and Konis rolling cats …

These two Russian blue cats, which are both scared, should belong to the Ultimate Society Fear Cats …

Cat’s activity

Figure self: Citation 1/Cat Research Institute

The most active cat varieties are Konis rolling cats, Carat Cats, Leopard Cats, Abitynian cats, etc.

Among them, the Abynian cat shows higher social ability compared to other varieties, and the most potential to become "social cattle and cats" …

④ The social training of cats

Figure from: Tenor

The experience of cats’ 2-9 weeks will also have a certain impact on TA’s personality.

If at this time, cats have been in contact with people/new things after the correct social training, and cats are more likely to form an outgoing and loved ones.

Therefore, there are many influencing factors in the growth of Social Cattle Cat, and we can’t say which proportion is the heaviest, but the most affected by humans is the social training of cats …

Such cats should be the best in social cattle …

Figure self: giphy

Can the kitten of the community "correct correction" and become a social cattle and cat?

First of all, you have to discuss a question. Is there this necessary?

Most of the classic performance of cats in the society is:

When a stranger comes at home, a cat may not be able to adapt for a long time when you can’t find a cat or an unfamiliar environment or thing in contact with it …

Figure from: gifer

In fact, these are the normal performance of cats, and do not need to be corrected …

But there are some tips to help the community get close to strangers/things.Social fear kitten is close to training

In fact, there are more places here to cooperate with cats to make cats gradually familiar with.

▌Sttep 1 wait


Figure from: gifer

When an unfamiliar guest visits for the first time, please keep a reserved attitude and wait for the cat to actively appear because of curiosity or seduce the cat to appear by the owner through the "means".

一Stetep 2 in the same room activity

After cats appear, the owner interacts with TA to provide food or play. At this time, stay away from strange guests as possible.

If the cat’s state is relatively calm, then slowly shorten the distance from the guests.

猫Step 3 interacts with cats

Squatting or sitting will make humans look less

Picture from: Pinterest

Waiting for cats to adapt to playing around the guests, they can let guests try to feed foods or toys for cats.

In the interactive process, it is recommended that guests squat or sit down, keep the process quiet, and avoid direct vision with cats.

After a few minutes, cats may lose their interest and walk away or hide.

求 Don’t force the cat to stay at this time, go with TA, after all, "the strong twisting cat is not sweet" ~

The process of repeatedly playing/feeding, cats will slowly be familiar with strange guests. Maybe the cats will take the initiative to meet in the next visit ~

Do not force the cats in all the above processes. If you use tough means, maybe not only people will be injured, but the kitten may also evolve directly into autistic kittens …

Regardless of whether it is a cow and cat or a social fear of cats, it may be difficult to change after the character is basically fixed. Moreover, the cautiousness of the social fear of the kitten is also a kind of self -protection ~

[Interactive interaction in this issue]

Is your cat "social fear" or "social cattle"?


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