How many of the 7 symptoms of pregnancy in the 10th week of pregnancy?

Now you have been pregnant for 10 weeks, and you may stop and want to know when you will start pregnancy, because it may be correct now!While shopping, it stores some new more loose clothes -maybe your first round of maternity leave.As your body is constantly changing, you will want to get more necessities along the way.Remember, you still have seven months of physical changes.

Week 10 of pregnancy

How big is there in 10 weeks?

In the 10th week of pregnancy, the baby is as large as strawberries, about 4 cm long, and weighs about 10 grams.Your 10 -week baby’s body length almost doubles in the next three weeks.

10 weeks of pregnancy symptoms

Want to know what will be within 10 weeks of pregnancy?As your baby grows, your ligaments and muscles begin to stretch in your 10 weeks of pregnancy. Your breasts are getting bigger and bigger, and some other fundamental changes may occur.Here are some of the most common 10 weeks of pregnancy symptoms:

1. Bad ligament pain.Don’t be surprised, if you start to feel some pain in your abdomen, because it extends to adapt to your growing baby.Although some mothers do not really get or notice them, others will find these feelings -called "round ligament pain" -the completely painful.If you are pregnant for ten weeks, the pain of round ligaments may be more obvious.Let your doctor know if your discomfort is nervous, or you worry about your 10 -week pregnancy symptoms in any way.

Week 10 of pregnancy

2. Growing breasts.Your breasts may become greater in the 10th week of pregnancy, because they are ready for breastfeeding for weeks!

3. Morning disease is very common at 10 weeks of pregnancy.The good news is that after the middle of pregnancy, they will soon fade away.

4. Emotional fluctuations.The change of your hormone may be over -emotional fault.

Week 10 of pregnancy

5. Fatigue.You are beaten. This is why: not only your body is really difficult to grow, but your sleep may be disturbed by some very strange dreams.

6. Increase vaginal secretion.Increasing blood flow to your vagina, and the production of estrogen may cause more clear, tasteless discharge, called leukemia.It may look a bit rough, but this substance just gets rid of the bacteria by nature.If it is colorful, blood, evil odor, or discomfort, but call your doctor.

7. It can be seen that the blue stripes of the vein plays an important role: they carry a large amount of extra blood for the baby.

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