How many months will the pregnant belly become significantly larger?It is normal in this range, how many months are you

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I received a message from a pregnant mother in the background: Other pregnant mothers usually become larger in March and April, but why do I have a lot of belly in 2 months, and I am swollen because I am too thin, So it looks obvious, or because there is a problem with the baby?I remember that my colleague started to show up when I was 5 months pregnant. Why did I start to show my heart so early? Is this normal?How many months are everyone?

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is very concerned about the baby’s all. One thing is very worried about one thing that is different from others, fearing what abnormalities in the baby.First of all, from the aspect of pregnancy, in fact, the belly will increase significantly for several months of pregnancy. This problem varies from person to person.Ask the Bao mom around, some people have begun to appear in 2 months, and some people do not see much about it for 5 months.

What factors are related to pregnant belly?

The degree of pregnantness of pregnant mothers is affected by many aspects.First of all, from the individual of pregnant mothers, the height of the pregnant mother’s weight before pregnancy has an impact.After pregnancy, these factors also affect the size of the pregnant mother’s pregnancy:

1. It is related to amniotic fluid: If there are more amniotic fluid in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the belly will be relatively large.Conversely, if the pregnant mother has less amniotic fluid, it may not be very pregnant.

2. Related to fat: Pregnant mothers with different body shapes have different fats accumulated in the body.The amount of fat inside the belly is related to the size of the belly, and the fat in the belly will be more arduous.

3. It is related to the pelvis: If the pelvis of the pregnant mother is wide, the belly will not look very large; on the contrary, if the pregnant mother’s pelvis is narrow, the belly will protrude forward and it will look large.

How long will the stomach be up in the specific pregnancy?

Generally speaking, in the first three months of pregnancy, the abdomen is not obvious.On the one hand, because the fetal development is not complete, on the other hand, because the various pregnancy reactions of the pregnant mother are relatively strong, the body is weak, the appetite is not appetizing, and the belly increases naturally.

By the time of 4-5 months of pregnancy, the baby grew greater, the uterus became larger, the amount of amniotic fluid gradually increased, and the weight of pregnant mothers continued to increase. At this timeIt is the saying that there is an individual difference in this saying.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must go to the birth check -up during pregnancy. As long as the test results show that the baby’s development is normal, the pregnant mother does not need to worry about the size of the pregnant belly.

After a few months after pregnancy?


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