How many months can Big Bear Dogs get pregnant?What should the owner make?

We often hear the "pregnant October", which is about the time required for human pregnancy.Dogs are also mammals, so they also need to be pregnant to have children. The cycle of dog pregnancy is different from the cycle of human pregnancy. The cycle of dog pregnancy is shorter than humans.So, the Bichon dog at home is unexpectedly pregnant, and it takes for a few months to give birth?

The pregnancy cycle of the Bido dog is similar to the pregnancy cycle of other dog breeds. It takes about two months to have a small puppy.So, what preparations should the owner find that your dog should be pregnant?

1. Prepare a comfortable environment

In the early days of pregnancy, the dog should avoid the cold of the dog.Therefore, during this period, the owner must prepare a particularly warm and comfortable dog house for the dog, spread a softering cushion in the dog house to increase the sense of comfort.

2. Prepare suitable food

Don’t prepare a lot of meat foods, or a lot of foods with high fat content because your dog is pregnant. Optical overeating will only cause the dog to be too fat during pregnancy, and it is not good for later production.You can’t use unscurable meat for your dog. You must cook meat to be cooked, so that it is the healthiest for dogs.

At the same time, you cannot feed some unavailable foods. If the dog’s digestion is not good, you cannot absorb nutrients in time.Therefore, to prepare some foods that are easy to digest and nutritious, it is the best food for foods that are suitable for safety during pregnancy.

3. Take your love dogs to go out regularly

Dogs will become relatively weak after pregnancy, but they must not allow dogs to stay at home. Dogs during pregnancy also need activity. Proper activities can make dogs healthier, of course, it is not appropriate.

You can also allow your dog to move under the sun, and the sunlight can also make the dog better supplement the various elements needed by the body.At the same time, sun exposure can also eliminate some bacteria on the hair of the dog hair, and can also prevent the growth of the Ai dog parasitic, which is very good for the dog.

Fourth, supplement the protein required for pregnancy

After pregnancy, the little dog should replenish various nutrition in time.Especially in the later stages of their dogs, the protein they need to increase will increase.At this time, we must make up for protein in time to give them some dog food with high protein content, or directly supplement protein powder, or feed some eggs.

Of course, you can also drink some goat milk powder directly for the pregnant dog. The nutrients in the milk powder are relatively high, and the protein contained in it is relatively easy to absorb, and the effect of supplementing nutrition will be better.

I found that the dog in the home was pregnant, and the feed mainly gave the dog more care and care, and after two months, you can gain more cute little puppies.

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