How many do you know about the method of detecting the gender of the fetus?

After pregnancy, most pregnant moms will be curious about the gender of the baby, but non -medical use appraisal fetuses are not allowed by the law of our country. This is the balance of the proportion of men and women.Respect for life.We believe that most families will like male baby and female baby. The gender of the fetus is purely an expectation. Today, let’s take a look at the characteristics of how long the fetal gender difference can appear.

First, when pregnant Mummy is in the middle of pregnancy, Mummy can detect the gender of the fetus, that is, about the sixteen weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the reproductive organs of the fetus have gradually developed.Seeing the actions and limbs of the fetal baby, but at this time, the doctor would not tell the sex of the pregnant mummy fetus, but only check whether the fetus has abnormalities.

Second, the gender of the amniotic stab can know the gender of the fetus, but unless it is the puncture made by the doctor’s use, it is generally not recommended that parents do puncture in order to know the gender of the fetus, because although amniotic fluid puncture is small, it is not said that the fetus is right to the fetus for the fetus.Growth has no effect at all. It will increase the risk of abortion. If it is just to know the child’s gender, it will affect the normal development of the child. It is actually completely unnecessary.This examination is to determine whether the fetus has congenital malformations, such as Tang’s syndrome.

Third, determine the gender of the fetus in some European and American countries through the blood test. After finding the blood of the pregnant mummy, the sex chromosome sequencing is used. Compared with other examinations, the fetal genderRisk, he can know the gender of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy, but some doctors are worried that this gender test will make people easier to terminate pregnancy.

Summary: To understand the gender of the fetus during pregnancy, the gender of the fetus can only be used as a adjustment of life during pregnancy. It is not an excuse to terminate pregnancy in advance. Whether it is a male or female baby, it is worthwhile.Get the best care.


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