How many days of pregnancy are the best time to do drug flow?

Under normal circumstances, early pregnancy is suitable for drug and abortion, and it is best to conduct a drug abortion within 49 days of pregnancy.If you are pregnant for more than 49 days, the pregnancy sac in the uterus will gradually grow, and the longer the pregnancy time, the larger the pregnancy sac.Therefore, the drug cannot completely discharge the pregnancy sac, and it is easy to cause major bleeding. Once more than 49 days, it is not recommended to use the drug flow.During the period of drug flow, there will be a certain adverse reaction, nausea, abdominal pain, and a few women will also have spasm abdominal pain, which will have a certain impact on health.Therefore, painless abortion surgery is also a good choice.Of course, the abortion of drugs does have its own advantages, but do not miss the best time for drug abortion.

In addition, young first pregnant women or unpaid women; heart, liver, kidney, reproductive, endocrine system diseases, tobacco and alcohol hobby;Pregnant women who are in the history of palace, pregnant women who are in postpartum breastfeeding, uterine malformations, or merged uterine fibroids are not suitable for medicinal flow.Therefore, if accidental pregnancy is found, it is recommended to have painless abortion.

What is suitable for medication and abortion

1.The menopause is within the 49th and is diagnosed with early pregnancy. Healthy women who are under 40 years of age and voluntarily ask for pregnancy to end pregnancy.

2.High -risk pregnancy that is not suitable for abortion, such as postpartum, recent cesarean section, recent artificial abortion, continuous abortion, abnormal uterine position, reproductive tract malformations, having a history of uterine perforation, pelvic spine abnormalities, but not being able to be deformed and not possible.Take the position of the shot of the stone.

3.Women who are afraid of abortion of surgery.

The method of drug flow science is to go to the hospital to check first, and then standardize the medication. In order to ensure the safety of the abortion of the drug, shorten the bleeding time, and learn more about the drug flow -related knowledge.Women who are pregnant in the palace), need to go to hospitals with emergency treatment, curettage conditions and blood transfusion and infusion conditions., B -ultrasound examination before taking the medicine to understand the size and location of the embryo sac, to help determine whether it is suitable for drug abortion.

Note after the drug flow:

After abortion, you can take blood circulation and stasis Chinese medicine. The bleeding time can go to the hospital for more than 10 days. After abortion, rest for at least 3 to 5 days after abortion. No matter how much bleeding after surgery, sexual life is prohibited before menstruation.Because the cervix mouth is relaxed during the abortion of drugs, the role of tissue bacteria enters the uterine cavity weakened.At the same time, the embryo tissue is open after peeling off the blood sinus, which is easily infected by bacteria.Do not take a bath within one month after the drug abortion, do not rinse vagina, and prohibit swimming.The use of sanitary napkins and toilet paper should be used for qualified products. The sanitary napkins should be changed hard. They do not wear chemical fiber fabric underwear.

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