How long does pregnant women eat folic acid?How much is the right way to eat folic acid and what is the role of folic acid?The answers are here

A friend asked, "How long does it take for pregnant women to eat folic acid? Do I need to eat the due date?" Does folic acid really eat for so long?Ningma has something to say!

Folic acid folic acid is usually eaten from 3 months before pregnancy. It has been eaten until the end of the first three months of pregnancy. There is no need to eat it afterwards, unless folic acid is extremely lacking.I didn’t eat much before pregnancy, and I didn’t eat it in the early stages of pregnancy, but I was always worried. Fortunately, I was shocked.

The purpose of eating folic acid is to prevent neural tube malformation. The critical period of neural tube development is 3-8 weeks.

After taking folic acid, you will not achieve an immediate effect. If you do not take folic acid before pregnancy, and then eat folic acid after pregnancy, the concentration of folic acid in the blood does not reach the specified level, and the effect of preventing neural tube deformities cannot be played.

After taking folic acid, after 12-14 weeks, the concentration of folic acid in the blood will reach a suitable state.Taking folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, the folic acid in pregnant women in about 3 weeks of pregnancy play a role in defense.That’s why there is the practice of eating folic acid 3 months before pregnancy.

Folic acid continues to take folic acid 3 months after pregnancy to ensure that the level of folic acid will not decrease.After 3 months, the probability of neurophard deformity is reduced, and the necessity of taking folic acid is not great.

Some studies have shown that the synthesis of baby DNA requires folic acid in the synthesis of placenta, mother tissue, and red blood cells. I believe that the entire pregnancy also needs to be supplemented with folic acid. I did not do so.There are also folic acid in a variety of vitamins and foods, which are generally not lacking in the later period.

Chinese residents’ dietary nutrition guide pointed out that pregnant women need to take 400Ug folic acid every day, and the maximum daily limit cannot exceed 1000U G.

1. Some pregnant mothers may have family genetic problems. If there are a baby with nervous defects in the family, the body is polarized and lacks folic acid. You can increase the dosage under the guidance of a doctor. Do not increase your own dosage.

2. Some pregnant mothers may have folic acid metabolism. After taking folic acid, physical discomfort, abdominal pain, abnormal ovulation, etc. can not be taken.If you don’t worry, you need to do a folic acid examination to clarify your physical condition.

3. In addition to taking folic acid, you should also pay attention to ingesting folic acid from food.Green leafy vegetables, bean foods, meat (the most liver liver) are rich in folic acid.Citrus fruits, kiwi and other fruits also contain folic acid.The method of supplementing folic acid with food is more desirable, safer, and not excessive. It is also necessary.

If you can eat green leafy vegetables of more than 200g per day, you can supplement 200UG folic acid.Therefore, you must pay attention to eating more vegetables during pregnancy to prevent folic acid deficiency.Because I was uncomfortable to eat folic acid, I was supplemented by eating more green leafy vegetables.

The main function of taking folic acid is to prevent neural tube malformations, that is, to prevent lip cracking, spinal spine, and brain deformed.

According to research, taking folic acid can also reduce the incidence of other diseases, such as urethral cracks, hydrocephalus, Chinatown syndrome, brain tumor, leukemia, autism and other problems.

In short, the time for normal pregnant women to eat folic acid is 3 months before pregnancy and 3 months in pregnancy. There is no need to eat the due date.The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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