How long does it take to check in after decoration? Is leukemia and decoration?

The white sick clothes, because of the smooth scalp of chemotherapy, can only look at the parents who are close at hand across the glass window …

In the inpatient ward of leukemia, such children account for more than half.

In my country, the rough incidence of leukemia can be as high as (3-4)/100,000, which is the most common malignant tumor among children and adolescents.Dr. Haixin often receives some private messages, "My child has leukemia, is it related to the decoration of the family? Is it related to the decoration house in my family when I am pregnant?" Or "I have been renovated for a while, I can live in it, can I live inWill it get leukemia? "

Today, Dr. Haixin analyzes and analyzes this old -fashioned topic -leukemia and decoration.

1. What is leukemia?What is the cause?

The so -called malignant tumor cells are abnormal growth cells, which are constantly dividing and developing. The lump that formed is a more common physical tumor.Hemorrhoid tumors are the same, and the abnormal growth of white blood cells accounted for bone marrow and blood vessels, forming leukemia.

Like other tumors, the occurrence of leukemia is mostly related to genetic mutations. Therefore, in environments that are prone to genetic distortion for a long time, there are higher risks to suffer from leukemia.Environment, long -term contact with the environment of benzene, its derivatives, and ethidine derivatives.

The reason why family decoration has been accused for many years is related to the occurrence of leukemia, mostly related to the chemicals contained in flooring, furniture or glue. So which substances are the pushes behind the scenes?

1. Formaldehyde

In 2009, the International Cancer Research Institute (IARC) regarded formaldehyde as a pathogenic leukemia based on the results of existing epidemiological research. Not only that, it may also be related to the onset of multiple malignant tumors such as intracranial tumors and prostate cancer.

In home decoration, formaldehyde is stored in a variety of decoration materials, including furniture, curtains, wallpaper, floor, sand publishing, sheets, carpets, glue, adhesives and other materials. It is an undoubted killer.The release period of formaldehyde is very long, and it can even reach 3-5 years. It is difficult for formaldehyde to be completely volatilized within 1-2 years after the interior decoration.Therefore, no professional air purification treatment is not carried out after decoration, and the risk of check -in within half a year is very large.

2. benzene

Benzene is widely existed in the liquid required for various home improvement, such as solvent -type paint, cleaner, solvent -based glue agent, etc.It is considered to cause bone marrow damage at multiple levels such as genes, chromosomes, and cells.In the process of metabolism in the body, a substance called hydrogen is also produced. A large amount of hydrogen can promote the proliferation and updates of hematopoietic ancestral cells in the early stage of leukemia, and accelerate the progress of leukemia.

3. 氡

研究 is a carcinogenic factors recognized by the International Cancer Research Agency. Although it is not famous, it is the second approximate lung cancer that is second only to tobacco.

The energy that contains radioactive elements contained in architectural materials or indoor decoration materials to continuously release the energy of bone marrow and hematopoietic cells when it is declining.

In nature, the soil in the mine is the main hiding place of the 氡. Correspondingly, some miners and construction workers have risked the risk of acute myeloid leukemia due to professional exposure.Three times, it can be seen that the lethality of the cricket is no less than that of formaldehyde and benzene.Generally speaking, the indoor concentration ≥4.0 PCI/L is an excess, which will increase the incidence of various cancers including hematological tumors.

In addition, there are still a variety of chemicals in home improvement materials, but the carcinogenicity and lethality have not yet been concluded, so I won’t go into details here.Causes of chemicals.

Second, can you move in immediately after painting?

In theory, my country stipulates that environmentally friendly paint cannot add additional benzene, formaldehyde and other substances, but it cannot be added, which does not mean that the raw materials itself does not have these substances.As long as the amount of these chemicals is small enough and the pollution released during the volatile process is small enough, it is environmentally friendly paint that meets the requirements of the state.

Although it is less harmful, it is still not recommended to check in immediately.

At first, it is not unreasonable that "every glue must contain aldehyde, and it will contain benzene in every painting.

Even if the content is small and the risk of carcinogens is small, it is easy to cause symptoms of allergies, manifested as dizziness, asthma, tears, and rash.And many substances are not only available in paint. New furniture, flooring, etc. are invincible, or it is better to put it for a while.

Second, children at home should pay more attention.

Children and adolescents are in the growth stage of growth. The cells metabolize are fast, the organs are not completely mature, and the immunity is weak. Under the influence of external factors, it is more likely to cause distortion.And younger children may also be ignored by parents because of insufficient expression ability, leading to the best time to delay the best treatment.Such as children with sudden fever, general weakness, bones (especially sternum) pain, or bleeding tendencies, and skin ecchymosis should be paid attention to.

3. How long does it take to check in after renovation?

In fact, this question is difficult to answer.

Because the materials used are different, the decoration is different, and the divergence time is different.A substance like formaldehyde can generally volatilize in about 2 months in a free -free state, but the formaldehyde release time in the combined state is relatively long, and it may take several years.The volatilization of toluene and dyshane like benzene and its good brothers is generally 7 days to 45 days.

Therefore, in general, even if it is really anxious, try to make the house completely ventilated during this period after 15 days after the new decoration of the house; if not so anxious, it is best to recommend ventilation for more than 3 months.But this is not the most secure way. It is best to ask a professional formaldehyde company to clean up after renovation, and use activated carbon, etc. to adsorb the substances that can dilute the harmful gases to purify for a period of time before moving in.

The joy of moving is worth celebrating, but the hidden dangers behind must be resolved first.It is recommended to try to choose a guaranteed brand furniture during decoration. You can ask a professional aldehyde removal company to remove it in time. For long -term ventilation, you can place an appropriate amount of green plants at home, so you can rest assured to live.

Do you have a decoration experience?What do you have used to remove formaldehyde?You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area to participate in the interaction. The high -quality message will have the opportunity to get the star currency reward ~

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