How long can the cat be produced after pregnancy, how to calculate, and what other matters that need attention

The cat’s pregnancy period is 56-71 days, which is slightly different depending on the variety. Generally, some purebred cats such as Persian cats will be slightly longer, but the average is 65 days.Those who are less than 58 days of pregnancy are premature birth, and more than 71 days of pregnancy will lead to too large fetal fetuses and cause dystocia.

Calculate the method and some precautions.

Generally, cat’s pregnancy is about 65 days. The calculation time starts from the day of the successful mating until the day of the baby.However, it is possible to produce at any time within one week before and after childbirth. The kitten born as early as 58 days is a premature fetus, and it is easy to die or weak during childbirth.

The kitten born later than 71 days may be larger than the normal kitten, and the fetal position is not right, which may cause the mother cat to be difficult to give birth, and cause the fetus to die.Once the female cat is found to be full during 71 days of pregnancy, but there is still no signs of delivery, it is necessary to attract attention. Once difficulty occurs, you should consult a pet doctor.

The pregnancy process of quasi -cat mother is as hard as humans, and the owner must take care of it carefully.

After the successful mating, the female cat will not make a spring. It will raise the fetus with peace of mind and prepare to give birth to a baby cat until the kitten is full of moon.

The cat’s body will be very weak after giving birth to a kitten. The owner can feed it some nutritious paste, canned cats, formula cat food and other nutrients, taste, and easy to digest.Slowly adjust your body, you can also cook some fish soup for it for it. Remember not to add salt and condiments.

The owner does not have to worry about the cat’s nest that is stainless because of insufficient physical strength and unable to clean the excrement due to postpartum. The cat mother will instinctively keep the cat’s nest and the cat child’s cleanliness and cleanliness.It won’t be tired.

After the cat’s mother has a child, the owner should pay attention to letting its male cats isolate, even the male cat that has been raised together from an early age is no exception.Because the mother’s mother’s sex after giving birth to the kitten is stimulated to the greatest extent, after the kitten is seen by other cats or strangers, some cat mothers will transfer the kitten to the place where it thinks it is safe to hide.Mom even bite the whole nest kitten.

Therefore, the owner is better to let the cat mother separate from the male cat, and do not bring strangers to see the kitten. At least, wait until the kitten is full.

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