How long can I use test strips?

How long can I use test strips?

If you measure your pregnancy, if you use the test strip for testing, the time is too early, and the test must not be pregnant. Time is too late. You may know that you are pregnant but don’t want it.Whatever the situation is encountered, female friends are easily caught in anxiety.So, how long can I use test strips after pregnancy?

The working principle of early pregnancy test strips is to determine whether women have pregnancy by detecting the HCG value (the value of the human chorionic gonad hormone).Although many early pregnancy test strips stated that women can test whether they are pregnant after a day delayed menstruation.But in fact, human chorionic gonad hormone began to be secreted by the placenta 10-14 days after conception.

In other words, if it is tested too early, due to the small amount of human chorionic gonadotropin at this time, the measured results will be inaccurate.Even if you are pregnant, it is difficult to be tested by early pregnancy test strips.

Therefore, if you are not sure that you are pregnant, but you do not want to go to the hospital for examination, choose early pregnancy test strips for testing, you should be tested after 1-2 weeks of menstruation.If you are pregnant for early pregnancy test strips, you should go to the hospital for further confirmation for the sake of insurance.

How to use early pregnancy test strips?

After menstruation is delayed, some female friends will first wonder if they are pregnant.However, because going to the hospital for early pregnancy check -in and money, it may cost money. Most female friends will choose to use the early pregnancy test strip to test at home.So, how to use early pregnancy test strips?

The first step is to prepare a disposable urine cup or other clean containers to collect your morning urine.This is because morning urine concentration is high, and the hormone level is high.

The second step is to tear the packaging bag of early pregnancy test strips and test according to different types of test strips.

1. Book test strip: pull out the cap cover, pour the urine in the additional area, and pour for 3 seconds in a row.Be careful not to pour urine in the test area.

2. Strings test strip: immerse the test strip with an arrow logo into the urine.

3. Card test strip: You need to use a straw to absorb 3-4 drops of urine to the additional area.

Step 3: Put the test strip flat, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then check the detection effect.

1. Positive description of pregnancy: two colors appear on the test strip;

2. Unexplained instructions are not pregnant: only a color rod appears on the test strip;

No response instructions are invalid: if you can see anything on the test strip, the test strip is invalid.

Is the early pregnancy test paper accurate?

Although the early pregnancy test strip is a way for many women to test pregnancy, its accuracy is large.This situation allows many women to doubt its accuracy before using test strips.So, is the results of the test paper testing early?

In fact, in addition to going to the hospital with instruments for examination, many other ways of self -test pregnancy may have inaccurate situations, and the probability ranges from 50%to 98%.The main reasons for the results of early pregnancy test strips are the following 5 types:

Test time is premature: Early pregnancy test strips require the HCG value in the urine to reach a certain degree before being measured.And women have sex, and menstruation can only be detected after 1-2 weeks.If the test time is too early, or the menstrual cycle is not allowed, false negative results may occur.

Test at night: Generally speaking, the urine hormone content in the morning is high, and the measured results are more accurate.In the evening, if you test the test strip at night, there may be inaccurate.But this situation is not absolute.

Dilute urine: Drink too much water before collecting urine, causing the urine to be diluted.

The detection method is wrong: During the test, the test strip of the test area is also immersed in urine, making it difficult to judge the results.

Other cases: If ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal or chorionic cancer, etc., you may not be detected by test strips.

What are the pregnancy testing methods?

In our lives, if you want to test whether women have pregnancy, in addition to using early pregnancy test strips, there are some other methods for more accurate testing.Let’s briefly introduce what the way to detect pregnancy.

1. HCG testing of blood or urine

This method is actually similar to the principle of early pregnancy test strips. It is to determine whether women are pregnant by detecting blood hormone values in blood or urine.It’s just that this test method needs to be performed in the hospital, and the test results are more accurate.

2. Basic body temperature measurement

Women will increase significantly after pregnancy.This is because after conception, the level of progesterone is relatively high, resulting in higher body temperature.If the body temperature continues to maintain a high level of more than 18 days, it may be pregnant.

3. B ultrasound

This is the most accurate way to detect early pregnancy. Generally, you need to go to the hospital for examination. Through the B -ultrasound detection instrument, you can detect the fighting of the fetal heart.If you can see obvious and regular fetal heart beating, it means that you are pregnant.

How long can I test men and women?

Many husbands or parents -in -law learned that their wife or daughter -in -law was anxious to know whether it was a boy or a girl.There are also some female friends who want to know themselves. They always want to measure the gender of the child in the belly through some methods.So, how long can I test whether the fetus is male or female?

1. B ultrasound: about 4 months of pregnancy

After 4 months of pregnancy, the fetal genitalia has developed. If the fetal position is normal, you can check the gender of the fetus through the B -ultrasound.However, in addition to the influence of the fetal position, this method of measuring a fetus is also affected by the doctor’s experience.

2. Polynal puncture: 4 months of pregnancy-5 months

It can detect whether the fetal chromosomes are abnormal through amniotic stab, and the gender of the fetus may also be seen.However, the main thing to note is that amniotic stabbing is a kind of creative examination with risk of abortion.

3. Velvet sampling: 2 and a half months of pregnancy-3 and a half months

This is also the same surgery to detect whether the fetal chromosomes have abnormalities. Although the fetus is a male or female, the risk is extremely high, it is easy to hurt the fetus, and even cause abortion.

In any case, it is not recommended to use the three ways to detect the sex of the fetus, because in my country, it is illegal to check the sex of the fetus during pregnancy in China.The most important thing is that the risk of detecting the sex of the fetus to the fetus is harmful to the fetus.

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