How long can I prepare for pregnancy?These 5 points, many people are unclear

After female friends have miscarriage, if the body is not recovered well, it will cause habitual abortion. If you want to continue to prepare for pregnancy after abortion, you need to pay attention to avoid the tragedy again, bringing pressure on the family.Abortion hurts a lot of physical damage to women. It takes a period of time to recover. How long is it the most suitable?

Female friends with natural miscarriage are traumatized. It takes a certain time to repair it. Mooming is also a small confinement. Pay attention to diet and schedule.

How long can I have a pregnancy in abortion? This depends on personal circumstances. It is generally recommended that patients recuperate for about 3 to 6 months to prepare for re -pregnancy. Do not rush to get pregnant again after the abortion, but it is not the longer the time.

What should I pay attention to after abortion?

1. Choose time

If you have to get pregnant again after a natural abortion, the husband and wife must choose time. It is best to go to the hospital for some related physical examinations before preparing for pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to rest

In the early stage of pregnancy after natural abortion, you must pay attention to rest and not exhaustion, so as not to induce abortion; you must also pay special attention in diet. For foods that help contractions or abortion, you must not be eaten and stay away.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

After pregnancy, be sure to pay attention to hygiene and safety, pay attention to the cross infection of bacteria and bacteria, try not to go to public places, do not contact pets, do not eat spicy and cold foods, so as not to cause abortion

4. regular menstruation, the indicators can be pregnant normally

In general, for women who have mild natural abortion and have not performed clearance, in fact, the endometrium has a relatively small trauma, and the impact on the gland axis is not great. ThereforeAfter a regular menstrual cycle, and no other abnormal indicators, the second month can be prepared again in the second month.

5. Find the cause of miscarriage and do a good job of pre -pregnancy recuperation

After abortion, it is very important, but it seems that the root cause of abortion seems to be more important. Finding the cause can be treated targeted and prepared for the next birth.

Therefore, before you prepare for pregnancy, you can first see if you meet the conditions of pregnancy and prepare for new life.

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