How long can I have the same room after taking the "two treasures"?Bao Ma Bao Dad, don’t be too anxious

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Many Baoma will use a safe and effective contraceptive ring to contraception after giving birth to a baby. As the second child policy is open, if Baoma has an intended to be two treasures, she needs to consider picking the ring.So for women with rings, how long can I have the same room after the ring and how long can I prepare for pregnancy, many Baoma may have no mature experience.

If the husband and wife discuss the "planning plan", you can go to the medical institution to find a professional person to take out the ring.Generally speaking, the contraceptive ring will cause varying degrees of damage to the uterus. The delicate uterine wall of the uterine wall during the ring is pulled and collided, and mild bleeding may occur. This bleeding will not last long. Generally, it will not last for a long time.Can recover.Therefore, the same room can be used in about 15 days after taking the ring, but to ensure that the female lower body secretion has no blood leucorrhea or bleeding phenomenon.

The purpose of most women to take the ring is to "make people as soon as possible", so she wants to conceive as soon as possible after taking the ring, but for the health of Erbao and the body of Baoma, the pregnancy time should be selected.Generally speaking, after taking the ring from 3 to June, you can conceive. If a woman is produced in nature, the uterine wall is developed well, and it can be advanced to three months.Take the ring one year before pregnancy, so that the endometrium wall is fully recovered.

Doesn’t the ring hurt?

Many women have felt similar or even surpassing the pain of giving birth, so when taking the ring, they are often more nervous when taking the ring.Is it painful to take the ring?In fact, it is different from person to person. Many Baoma is always careless and feels that the ring is the same as the injection, so the mentality is relatively relaxed, and the doctor is relatively fast when operating. In this way, Baoma may not feel pain at all.Conversely, some Baoma is more sensitive to pain, and it is more nervous, so it often occurs repeatedly when taking the ring to remove it several times. When this happens, women’s pain is naturally heavier.

At the same time, the pain of the ring taking the ring is also more related to the length of the placement. Some contraceptive rings have been placed in the body for more than ten years, and the difficulty of taking the ring is difficult.On the contrary, those who have been placed for a year or two are very easy to remove, and the pain is naturally small.

1. Pay attention to rest: within one week after the ring takes the ring, do not work hard or make yourself too tired, pay attention to rest.

2. Keep warm in the uterus: After taking the ring, try not to let yourself be cold, especially pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

3. Follow the doctor’s advice: Do not rush to get pregnant or in the same room after taking the ring. You must follow the doctor’s advice according to the actual situation of the female body.

4. Diet: Pay attention to increasing nutrition and eat more foods that can replenish blood, such as fried pork liver, mutton soup, eggs and soy products.

In order to ask the baby’s precise mother, before taking the ring, you must first adjust your mentality to relax yourself. After the menstruation is clean, a regular medical institution will be taken out of the regular medical institution.After the small surgery, you must get a full rest and pay attention to the warmth of the uterus. You should also pay attention to the secretion of the lower body. If you continue to bleed in about a week, you need to do a related examination in time to see if you induce other inflammation.At the same time, the choice of the little couple’s conception must be appropriate to ensure that the female uterus has received better recovery before starting the "human -made plan".

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