How long can I get pregnant after stopping contraceptive measures?

With the liberalization of the "two -child" fertility policy, the number of couples who went to the hospital to consult with recreation significantly increased.Some of these couples use oral contraceptives or contraceptive contraception. They want to know how long after stopping contraceptives to get pregnant.Let’s answer this question for couples in need.

Oral contraceptives are divided into long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives and emergency contraceptives.Long -acting contraceptives are similar to short -acting contraceptives. Because long -acting drugs need to be placed in the body at one time, the amount is relatively large, and there may be a certain accumulation after stopping the medicine.Pregnancy for more than a month.

Short -acting contraceptives, the earliest dosage in my country is high. At present, the dose of short -acting contraceptives widely widely used in China is only 1/4 of the original dose. It is generally considered to be quite safe.For oral contraceptives for third -generation and fourth -generation, such as compound oxygenne (Momfolon), compound acetic acid ring propactical (Ying Ying 35), compound gestaline (sensor), alcohol ketoneEsolol tablets (You Siming) can be pregnant the next month; but after oral contraceptive pills No. 1 and 2, they still need to stop the medicine for 6 months to get pregnant.Of course, it is best to consult a genetic eugenic experts and make comprehensive judgments in combination with their own conditions.

Emergency contraceptives include unilateral progesterone, and the ingredients are mostly left -germidone. Among them, it is represented by New Sinos Pills and Yuting., Biyun Capsule, Huadian Film, etc.This type of unilateral progestin contraceptive has no effect even if unexpected pregnancy is taken during taking.Studies have shown that some women have taken emergency contraceptives of unilateral progestin without knowing pregnancy without increasing birth defects or other problems.Pregnancy.

How long can I get pregnant after taking out the contraceptive ring?Generally speaking, the genitals are not infected after the ring, and the menstrual rules can be pregnant.However, it is recommended to take the ring out 3 months before the plan to be given to give the endometrium a more fully recovery time.Because the contraceptive ring can cause aseptic inflammatory response in the endometrium, the cervical fluid changes, which makes it difficult to fertilize; in addition, the copper contraceptive ring can also release copper, which is not conducive to fertilized eggs in bed, affecting the development of the embryo sac, which affects the development of the embryo sac.This is not good for the growth and development of embryos or fetuses.During the transition period, it is best to choose a condom contraception.

(Chief Physician of the Comprehensive Treatment Department of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital-Li Xueying)

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