How long can I do when I do a flow of people?

The patient asked: How should I choose the appropriate flow surgery time after I get pregnant?

Experts answered: abortion surgery will cause certain damage to women’s health, so female patients must be fully prepared before abortion surgery.Many female patients will ask how long can they do when they are pregnant?We believe that the choice of artificial abortion time is very important, and it is advisable to be within 42 to 56 days of women’s pregnancy.If female patients have premature flow of people, the embryos are too small and prone to abortion; if female patients are too late, the fetus will increase the difficulty and time of surgery, and the amount of uterus will be more in the uterus after surgerytrauma.

The patient asked: How do I choose the appropriate way of flow?

Experts answered: The method of choosing a miscarriage should be cautious. Compared with the abortion of artificial abortion, the abortion surgery is relatively large for female patients’ pregnancy time. It is suitable for women from 42 to 80 days of pregnancy.With less, the bleeding time is short, and generally stops within ten days after abortion.However, there are certain risks of abortion surgery. There may be multiple complications after surgery, such as female uterine perforation, cervical laceration, postoperative infection, irregular menstruation, cervical adhesion, etc. Therefore, Immediately go to the hospital for treatment.At present, artificial abortion can be divided into two types: ordinary abortion and painless abortion according to the different anesthesia methods during surgery, but the surgical process is the same. The difference is the use of anesthesia during the operation.The method of ordinary abortion is a local anesthesia method. The anesthesia effect of the two is different. The painless abortion can achieve completely painlessness. The ordinary flow can only reduce pain.

Patients ask: Since the abortion surgery has a certain health risk, how long will the abortion usually minimize this risk?

Experts answered: When our female patients have determined to be pregnant and choose abortion surgery, they must go to the hospital for gynecological examination to see the size of their pregnancy capsules, and then judge the appropriate surgery time.To exclude various possibilities of unexpected situations such as ectopic pregnancy, and increase the safety of female patients’ abortion surgery.Generally speaking, the gestational sac can perform abortion surgery greater than five millimeters, but due to the differences in individualization of female patients, the exact time should be determined according to the size of the gestational sac, so that it can be played to reduce the risk of surgery.

How long can I do when I do a flow of people?Through the communication between the above patients and experts, we can already have a certain understanding and understanding of such problems. I hope that our female friends will not panic after the accident.

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