How is pregnancy hypertension caused?4 major incentives, keep in mind that 7 diet tips can control blood pressure

Pregnant women may suffer from many diseases during pregnancy, including hypertension.Pregnant women may suffer from different types of hypertension, and hypertension during pregnancy is dangerous to mothers and babies.Therefore, special attention should be paid to whether it is diagnosed before or after pregnancy.

1. Obesity

Obesity before pregnancy, increased weight during pregnancy is a potential risk factor for pregnancy hypertension.

2. Sitting lifestyle

Pregnant women with moderate exercise are healthier, and pregnant women who have been sitting for a long time have higher risk of pregnancy and hypertension.

3. Hypertension before pregnancy

Women who suffer from hypertension before pregnancy will continue to suffer from this disease during pregnancy, and consult doctors how to control blood pressure during pregnancy.

4. Other reasons

Other causes of pregnancy hypertension include smoking, drinking and high levels of pressure.

1. Supplement vitamin D

Many people know the benefits of vitamin D on bones, but not everyone knows that vitamin D deficiency will lead to increased blood pressure. Active amount of vitamin D can help maintain health and naturally reduce blood pressure.Some foods are rich in vitamin D, such as sardines, eggs, milk powder and oatmeal.

2. Eat more diet that is good for the heart

A good way to ensure sufficient nutrition and maintain healthy blood pressure levels for the heart.Pay attention to diet balance. It should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, and try to reduce sodium, saturated fat, add sugar and cholesterol content, which is important for the heart and can prevent hypertension.If you need more dietary advice, please consult a doctor.

3. Eat more foods rich in potassium and magnesium

It is best to get vitamins and minerals from food.Potassium can help regulate the heart rate and reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure.Bananas, oranges, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, beans and nuts contain a lot of potassium.Magnesium is considered to help blood vessel relaxation and make blood easier to pass.Foods rich in magnesium include vegetables, dairy products, chicken, beans and whole valley.

4. Reduce sodium in diet

A simple way to reduce sodium intake is to eat less processed foods, such as lunch meat, hot dogs, bacon, etc.Most convenient foods, such as cheese, seasonings, pizza and other foods contain a large amount of sodium.Pay attention to reading the nutritional components of food and pay attention to sodium content.

5. Drink less

Drinking will increase blood pressure, drinking every day may increase the risk of hypertension and heart disease.

6. Drink less coffee

Drinking a cup of warm coffee every day is a good way to maintain energy, but the increase in caffeine intake can also lead to an increase in blood pressure levels, so it should limit caffeine intake.

7. Pickled food

Pickled food is one of the favorite foods for many people.Although it tastes delicious, the sodium content in it is very high, which may lead to increased blood pressure.If you have hypertension, be sure to check whether the food contains excessive salt.

Symptoms of pregnancy hypertension include rapid weight gain, headache, blurred vision, and swelling of the face.Although some high blood pressure risk factors cannot be controlled, such as family history or age, some measures can be taken to reduce the risk of pregnancy hypertension.When suffering from hypertension during pregnancy, the blood pressure level is needed to be closely monitored during pregnancy.One way to ensure blood pressure and pregnancy is to control blood pressure.

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