How does Li Tengfei become a ape, close to "compassion"

Not long ago, as the opening work of the "Unicorn Show" performance season of the 8th anniversary of the Gulou West, the unicorn "A Ape’s Report" starring the actor Li Tengfei completed the second round of performances.Essence

Li Tengfei virtue of this gorilla called "Hong Peter" vividly shows the stage on the stage, which evokes the audience’s thoughts on the social and free thinking of "people", which has attracted widespread attention.

"A Report of a Ape" is a unicorn co -created by Li Tengfei and Director Li Wang. He admitted that when he first saw Kafka’s original work, he was deeply moved and coincided with the director.

Recently, the actor Li Tengfei accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, talking about how he became the secret of becoming a "one ape", and because of his love, he resigned his work and devoted himself to the drama industry ten years ago.

Going out of the anxiety of "unicorn" by "others’ happiness"

Beiqing Daily: At first, how did you think of doing a unicorn? Is the whole process smooth?

Li Tengfei: In fact, I did not expect to do a unicorn at first, because for the actors, whether it is a choice or a script, it is basically a selected state.I thought, to be a work that I want to play and start from my heart.At that time, I thought of a little less, up to two or three people.Later, I slowly felt that I had accumulated some in the performance, so I wanted to try my unicorn to see if I could support it.It is equivalent to doing such a slightly ambitious and impulsive. In fact, it is accompanied by a lot of unconfident.

At first it was the book I was looking for.When looking at this book, I wanted to look for me to help me do this play.The two of us have known each other for ten years. When he studied in France, he learned a partial visual comedy. Our style direction is relatively similar, and his performance philosophy is also connected.But we are the first time as a director and actor as a director and actor.When I really operate, I also encountered a lot of bottlenecks. The performance I understood and the performance he understood would also have conflicts.Fortunately, what we want and the common direction are certain. For example, we have determined the stage, space space, and poetic expression to interpret this play.

In the first half of the first half of the rehearsal, we have been exploring, colliding, or even conflict, and it seems that it does not seem to be particularly thorough.Until one day, he said that your biggest point is that you have to find fun by yourself, and you can play with the motivation instead of making others happy.

I woke me up at this words.I think I have been in the industry for almost ten years. I have always wanted to meet the director’s requirements in the rehearsal. The director recognizes it. I will be very happy.Because I have been acting constantly, I do n’t know this kind of “happiness of others”.

Until the play, I looked at him and always said: I think you have always wanted to be a good student now, that is, I made a request, and then you use various ways to satisfy the director and be happy.But where is your inner impulse?Have you ever thought about what kind of expression you want to do?If you are really tired, you really don’t want to do this play, or even if you think the director’s request is very contrary to your heart, you can say no.What do you want to do it yourself?This is the joy of developing from the actor.

I feel right. The performance is actually PLAY. The most fundamental point is that it can produce creativity and creativity in playing. Only in happiness can make a lot of expressions.So in the rehearsal, what he told me the most is: Don’t be a good student.

Beiqing Daily: What is the state of this unicorn only one actor and one director. What is your dense work period?

Li Tengfei: At the beginning, we rehearsed very densely. Every day from 10 am to six or seven pm, it lasted for 20 days.At that time, the entire rehearsal field was both of us. All the problems seeing the problems, all the methods of solving the problem, everything was only faced with two of us.For the first time, I did this unicorn, which was very stressful during that time. We all had our own weaknesses and directions that we wanted to break through. There were contradictions, exploration, and improvement.

My personality is not particularly bold and cheerful, but he is always expressing his own opinion. Sometimes I feel a little crash, and he is also very anxious.One day he broke out, and he said straightforwardly that he would express his views more actively: If you agree, you are completely agreed. If you do not agree, you will tell me immediately and make it. You can’t say, "Oh, I, I am, I amThink about it, I think about it "such ambiguous words.

Playing a ape, the director knows me very clearly. He feels that I don’t need to make my body reach a state through the "body workshop" methods. More is to let me open myself, such as how to face the audience.Relax yourself and how to stimulate the original expression of original expression.Because the unicorn actor is standing alone on the stage, a person builds a stage, and one person completes the connection with the audience.

I always say that he just found a lot of "damage" to stimulate me.The next day we talked about the next day, he told me, OK, classmate, I decided to ask someone to see a person every day to see the rehearsal.In fact, many directors were not allowed to watch throughout the drama. We have broken a taboo this time.

Then there is another or familiar person every day sitting next to him to feel the aura.I really collapsed at that time, because this feeling basically shattered my psychological front.At first I was very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, but I had to pretend to be very adaptable.I thought to have a different person every day, it doesn’t matter, just look at it.But in fact, as long as one person is sitting next to you, no matter how easy he shows, he will have some kind of review.In the early stage of rehearsal, his a little move would make me very sensitive: he may just change his seat, insert his hand, and look at the phone a little bit, and even he has no great movement, so he watched you breathe deeply, so he looked at you deeply breathing.After a while, I sighed, and I would feel what happened to me just now. Is it particularly bad?

Slowly I don’t care about these things, let my heart calm down, and focus on what I want to do.

I think this is an eternal problem for me. Even if I have performed 12 games now, every time I perform again, I actually encounter the same problem, which is the process of playing with myself.

Beiqing Daily: It sounds like you really break through yourself.

Li Tengfei: Yes, yes.I am not nothing but the type of more crazy.When rehearsal, the more sensitive I will find the direction, the more depressed, and the more anxious. This anxiety will actually be converted into the thoughts of rehearsal, which will directly affect the purity of the rehearsal.And if you bring a lot of such things, it will be very difficult to pull the audience in when performing, and it will also make yourself very anxious.

Because of the impact of the epidemic, we have been divided into three stages of rehearsal. This kind of anxiety is often available. In the last stage, even on the road of rehearsal, I have reached the degree of heartbeat acceleration.Oops, how to perform, how can I break through this problem I mentioned yesterday? I have a lot of new things without doing … "I feel that it is wrong.During that time, I would meditate almost before I rehearsed every morning, and I would never do that before.Fortunately, meditation is very helpful to me, and I will relax after finishing, so that I do n’t waste my emotions in these things that do n’t happen, and do n’t get caught in this emotion.

One day after the performance, I suddenly felt that the play was really lonely and too lonely -you must know how to change, how to adjust, and how to continue.No one can help you.It’s so tired.

Look at the orangutan in the zoo, and it is also attracted by the people who look at the orangutan

Beiqing Daily: Many audiences feel that the "Report of a Ape" just reflects the thinking of people, self, self.Is this what you want to express through this play?

Li Tengfei: "A Report of a Ape" is adapted from the short story of the writer Kafka "Report from the Academy of Sciences".With the boat drifting across the sea, during the trip, it suddenly realized that the only way out was to join human society.The most important task this time is to tell this story, because the story itself is very direct. The point that initially moved me was also some choices for this orangutan to find a way out."Find a way out", I think everyone will have such situations.This story is not just about talking about cross -species and survival, everyone can find a bright point here.Maybe the audience will ferment with their own experience and life experience.

Beiqing Daily: Unlike the previous performances, they are all actors. Where do you start a ape?What experience has accumulated?

Li Tengfei: At first, I worked hard to move a lot of effort to see how apes walking and sitting, observing and imitating it.In fact, I have worked as an animal simulation workshop before, which was done with his teacher.During the practice, I realized that if people are classified, you will feel that the emotion of this person looks like a certain animal and the behavior of that person like a certain animal.At that time, I was very yearning for animal imitation and felt wonderful.I thought, alas, can I walk in this direction, and try what kind of performance is this performance?

When shooting this scene, in fact, imitating the action of orangutan is not the main direction, but it is more to show the animal nature of the orangutan.This is also what I kept talking to me, do not mechanically do the action of orangutan.He said that you really get into this orangutan’s body and have its animal nature. What will you do?In that case, everyone believes that you are a orangutan, and you will believe that you do whatever you want.

I just want to consciously enter the animal nature of the orangutan.The first is to let everyone believe that the second is that these actions are integrated, rather than deliberately doing action.Just like our cat, even if you just stay there, others will feel that you are a animal.As a person, although it is impossible to enter it completely, I tried to achieve no thoughts at that moment, completely in that situation without considering other things.

Beiqing Daily: It is said that when you go to the zoo to observe the orangutan, it is a day.Get a lot of special experience?

Li Tengfei: When I am going to do this play, I still go to the zoo to see the dynamics of these orangutans and go densely for almost a month.Look at their movements, physiological methods, and behavior methods.When I went some time ago, I saw a very different orangutan, which was also five or six years old. It was quite big. Maybe it hadn’t come out before. It was not like other orangutan., Will automatically block the attention of these people’s attention and tease its behavior.In a small cage, it has been lying on the glass to see all kinds of people, see how children eat, and see how adults take care of their children.I feel that this orangutan’s movement of humans outside is very jealous. Its eyes are very eager, curious, and very serious.

I felt curious when I saw it at first, but slowly I felt very sad.I think it is so curious about people, but it may not be fully aware that it can only stay here for a lifetime.I remembered the bridge section in Chekhov’s "Three Sisters": Hening saw that her family was on fire and went back to the fire.His two little daughters stood at the door of the house, and the mother didn’t know where to run, and looked at him particularly helplessly.Looking at his two children, he didn’t know how much helplessness would two children go through the world in the future, so he was particularly sad.

Later, one of my friends told me that, in turn, why isn’t it this in fact?I also stayed in a certain cage without knowing it, watched all the unknown things curiously, and I didn’t know that I would actually be in the cage for a lifetime.

I am very impressed. There are such teams in the orangutan. Among them, two old ladies. She knows each orangutan and can be named.Every time I come, I look at my own child, "Kiki, I’m here", and then talk to it, like his granddaughter and grandson.After these four or five people came to see it in the morning, they came to see it in the afternoon.I have been appreciating their mood.I think sometimes us are actually lonely.

After watching it for a while, I slowly found that people in the orangutan museum are particularly interesting, and I even think that I can do another show.Three or four -year -old children, children who are ten years old, couples, middle -aged people, young people … They come in to see the orangutan, everyone’s expression is different, and what they say is also different.Once, two girlfriends in their twenties came to see, they turned on the mobile phone camera to shoot orangutan, and then showed the screen to the orangutan, told it, did you see it?This is you.I feel that there are really many ways to interact.For example, when some people first came in, you would think he was very old -fashioned, but when he saw the orangutan, he seemed to have changed his personal. It was very close to interacting with the orangutan and very liberated.Some people came in disapprovingly, and then they were slowly attracted, and they didn’t talk about the phone. They kept watching them.I think these are all play, which is particularly interesting.

"Like" is the support of acting.

Beiqing Daily: Under normal circumstances, observing life is also the source of inspiration for you?

Li Tengfei: When I was a kid, I wanted to live in the forest. I longed for the environment where the vegetation was particularly lush, primitive, and was very close to nature.I always go to heaven, and I feel that everyone who goes there has the desire for nature, the love of animals, and communication.For example, there is an uncle, he takes a box of peanuts to feed the squirrel every day. He can know where the squirrel is, and when the squirrels come over for a while.He also knew that the squirrel was pregnant, how about the squirrel, very amazing.

As an actor, you will care about the actions and behaviors of the people you usually see, and the things in life will slowly enter your performance.

I had a teacher before that actors needed a kind of compassion.I don’t think I do it enough. I may still need to rely on this aspect in my life. First of all, my mind is pure to realize these most sincere emotions.In the drama and keeping this sincere emotion in the characters, it is necessary to keep some distance from society and integrate into the society. This degree requires actors to grasp.I think this is also a space that needs to be continuously improved. Don’t be diluted by life a lot, because a lot of time in life is boring and it will eliminate you.This requires the consciousness of each creator, to refine the story, refine character, and implies the meaning of each creator.

Beiqing Daily: After two rounds of "Report of a Ape", I saw a child say: That person is very much like gorilla.How will the audience you gain?

Li Tengfei: This play appeared in the form of scientific reports from the beginning. We also wanted to justify it. Under the consideration of the director’s consideration, it was changed to such a rhythm.Our show is not a children’s drama, but I did find that children love to watch this play, and they watch them very quietly, and I feel quite grateful to them.One day a mother took two or three children and told me after watching the show that the children watched very seriously.I am particularly happy and I feel very surprised, because I think they can’t understand those words, and I also want to know where they are serious.

I remember when the first and second games were started, the audience had two reactions.One was not daring to move, and was scared.It was scared because he felt that this creature was really a chimpanzee, and believed that the chimpanzee was only 50cm away from himself.I believe it is an orangutan standing in front of it, not an actor, which makes me feel particularly gratifying.The other is that young audiences are not afraid, and even interact with you.

Beiqing Daily: When interacting on the spot, what are the things that impressed you more?

Li Tengfei: Every time I arrive at the interactive point of the rhythm, I actually am also very embarrassed. I don’t know what the audience is.Fortunately, every time I see them, they are curious.Once I went down to interact, I said a fixed set: I learned to shake hands, but when my life trajectory reached its peak today, in addition to shaking hands, I can also tell you a few frank words … At this timeOne person next to him patted my hand, and some people touched my head, just like touching my own Husky, I felt very fun.When they were accepted by them, they were particularly happy.

Beiqing Daily: Can you share it? What motivation can you quit your job before and choose to be an actor.And what creative plans will there be in the future?

Li Tengfei: First of all, I like it, I feel interesting.For me, this can achieve your own value or significance.

For selfishness, if you want to have a mask, there is a channel to let yourself release it. This is my own most important idea.

My family is a civil servant family. Children from a small hospital have been honest and growing up to work in the system.In the small town in Anhui, we have learned broadcast hosting and arts. We have never encountered learning performances.I studied art design in Nanjing, and I liked drama clubs in universities. I participated in the drama agency and musical drama clubs. I slowly felt that this was particularly interesting.I graduated from Beijing in 2011. The first job was the night shift of the newspaper.At that time, in addition to watching the drama during the day, I went to participate in the drama workshop.For the first time, I officially appeared on stage in 2014, and I applied for "Thunderstorm", which entered the West of the Gulou to play the Luda Sea.Later, he resigned and learned to play.

In the final analysis, it is still "like" that supports yourself.I think that if I can support myself through this, I can always act on the stage, which is the greatest happiness for me.

Text/Reporter Li Yan’s picture/Nika

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