How do you know that you are pregnant?Real story is comparable to TV series

In the early pregnancy, many mothers may not be aware of their pregnancy, but in fact, the baby has given the mother some reminders … How do you know that you are pregnant?What reactions are there?Come and see the sharing of mothers.

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How long do you feel when you are pregnant?What are the symptoms?

@Call me Teacher Chen

Although you plan to let it go after marriage, you will no longer take contraceptive measures, but this is too fast!I was a wedding on October 12, 19, 19, and went to the hospital for emergency treatment in the middle of the night.The reason is that after the banquet, wearing a toasting suit stands out of the outdoor guest, plus nothing to eat for a day, and drinking a lot of juice when you are toasting, which directly becomes acute gastroenteritis.

The three -day wedding leave was over soon, and I started to get off work one by one.I always felt very sleepy at work in those days. At that time, I was chasing the drama. I thought it was the reason why I stayed up late to chase the drama.But the play has been chasing for several days, and I am still very sleepy. When I saw the aunt towel in the trash can when I went to the toilet on Friday, I was shocked: "I will not be a recruitment."Although I thought it was impossible, I still came to menstruation on the day of my marriage, but I still placed an order in the pregnancy inspection stick silently in the takeaway software.

The next day I woke up without light. At 4 o’clock, I wanted to get up immediately to check for a test, but I remembered that I said "morning urine" in the manual.If you want to say, wait, wait, it’s dawn. I will go again.However, you know, where you can sleep in your heart, or whether to tangle or not to test it immediately.

The pig teammate next to me slept down and told him the night before, "You might be a dad." This sentence forgot to do it.I really couldn’t wait, and immediately got out of bed and went to the toilet.Show "3 weeks+"!

From Lilac Mom Planet "I became pregnant for more than a week after getting married!"

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At the beginning of March this year, I felt breast tenderness. I checked the encyclopedia related to the symptoms, so I wanted to do an exclusion method, first look at the results at home with the pregnancy test stick, and then see if I went to the hospital to check the breast.

But I didn’t expect!There is an extra red bar that is not particularly obvious on the test strip!

Immediately sent the photo to his husband. He didn’t seem too surprised. It seemed like something unexpected. He said that let me go to the hospital for further examination to see the results.I went to the hospital for examination that afternoon, and took a few tubes to test or test. The next day took the results to review, followed the B -ultrasound, confirmed the result, and calculated that the baby was about 5 weeks.

God, I did not expect to have a baby for only half a year when I tried it naturally.

I did not have imagination of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, but I started to feel nauseous about some original meat after learning of pregnancy. Originally, I loved meat … I don’t know if it is psychological or normal.In the week after the first examination, I traveled outside. The hot pot, beef balls, and seafood on the street could only be discouraged. I felt that it was a good trip.

From Lilac Mom Planet "The first baby is about to welcome the first baby, it can be regarded as an inadvertent insertion!"


If you start your appetite for a day or two, will you care?

My answer is: No.Because I ate too much dumplings in the winter solstice two days ago, I felt a little top -up recently and had no appetite.But the two pregnant women colleagues who got along with each other intuitively I was pregnant. You must know that last month, I saw the doctor to check six hormones because of the non -menstrual bleeding. The doctor told me that low progesterone was not easy to conceive, and then in December 2020On the 23rd, I used the pregnancy test strip for the first time under the "holding" of two pregnant women’s vowing "holdings", and I tested two bars.

I was shocked because I really never thought that I would get pregnant, and when I had no pregnancy conditioning, my dysmenorrhea, my aunt’s period was inaccurate, and even the lower progesterone was still pregnant.I did n’t come to my aunt for almost 2 months, but I have had it before, so I did n’t care).I quickly took a picture and sent it to Mr. Li. He was quite calm. He called me and took me to the hospital to check. The next day we went to the city maternal and child hospital to determine the baby’s existence.

From Lilac Mom Planet "Winter Solstice, You’re here too"

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On November 24, 2020, the company’s medical examination.At that time, I hadn’t come to menstruation for a month, and I had a general guessing with my teammates, and I planned to confirm during the medical examination.So the hospital staff was asked to replace the chest through the HCG test.

When you do an abdominal color cylinder, the doctor told me: You are pregnant and you see the pregnancy sac. Do you want it?I was a little unexpected at the time and felt that it was relatively calm. Of course, I answered the doctor.The inspection room immediately sent a message to tell teammates that the two were not happy and discussed where to build files.

After discussing with his teammates, he decided to continue to work. If you can’t eat your body, go home and rest.However, I did not expect that life during pregnancy was relatively smooth, and I had been at work until 15 days before giving birth.

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My husband and I were super late, and I had undergone fibroid surgery. Although the doctor repeatedly emphasized that this operation does not affect pregnancy.But for whether you can have your own baby, there is really no bottom.

We held a wedding in December 2020, and in a blink of an eye to the Lunar New Year. I cleaned up at home and felt back pain and dizzy. I also told my husband that it was expected to be

At noon on the first day of the first day, I came out of my aunt’s house. My husband suddenly asked me, "Did your auntie come? Will it be?" I said, "No, it was only two days later, and the busy years were tired."Go to the movie at night, and my husband asked me like Mo Yan again," Will there be? "Ask me, then find a place to try a pregnancy test stick to try!As a result, the two fools wandered around at the middle of the night to find a shop that did not close the door, and finally remembered that there was an online shopping method and decisively placed the order.

I laughed at him stupidly. The next day I watched the two bars on the pregnancy test stick, and expressed great admiration for his sixth sense!My baby came suddenly!I found it at 28 days!At that moment, we were so excited that they were shaking.

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How do you know that you are pregnant?

What reactions are there?

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