How dirty is the swimming pool?Can ordinary swimming pools contain 49 liters of excretion, can it cause pregnancy?

A few years ago, there was such a message on the Internet. In a swimming pool in Sanya, a man solved his own physiological needs, which caused 10 women in the pool to get pregnant unexpectedly. As soon as the news shocked the world, he began to worry about himself.After walking, the dust.

However, some experts later confirmed that this was a rumor.

As for why this kind of thing does not happen, we can consider from the following aspects:

The first is the temperature of the swimming pool. Human sperm survival temperature is 32 ° C -36 ° C, and the water temperature of the swimming pool is generally 23 ° C-30 ° C. This is not suitable for the survival of sperm. SecondThe survival time of sperm in the seed environment will be greatly shortened, ranging from half an hour to 1 hour.

In addition, we can think about what Nuo Da’s pool will dilute sperm into. Even if you can survive, you can not have physical strength to swim to women, and to ensure that women are in the ovulation period, soIt is impossible to get pregnant in the swimming pool!

Although this problem cannot happen, there are more terrible things in the swimming pool compared to accidental pregnancy!

If you drink the urine of others during the swimming process, will you feel nauseous?

The parasitic bacteria and viruses in the swimming pool are unable to see it, but the feces and urine in the pool water have specific data statistics, especially when those babies are swimming, he cannot control his urinary system.Babies can produce more than 10 grams of shit in the pool water, which is the phenomenon that he is unconsciously produced by warm water.

And don’t think that this is something that children can do. This is actually a normal reaction of human beings. Charles, a microbiologist at Arizona State University in the United States, did a study. In the natural process, swimmers would be unconsciously unconsciously unconsciouslyExcluding 0.4 grams of feces, when relaxed, swimmers emit 50 ml of urine and sweat per hour.

Many professional athletes have not avoided this. They also bluntly said that in the process of training or competition, urine is a very common phenomenon in the swimming pool.Former NASA engineer Mark Robben experimented about the urine content. He found that during the summer peak period, the average person would leave 4.5 liters of urine in the swimming pool, thereby calculating a normal -sized swimming pool containing urine capacityIt reached 49 liters!So do you have the courage to go into the water?

The number of people swimming in the public swimming pool is what we can’t imagine. We can often describe the number of people in the swimming pool, and we will say that this person is the same as dumplings, but in fact, people in the swimming pool are more than dumplings in the pot in the pot.Too much, in the swimming pool, you can’t be sure if you swim with you or a swimmer, whether there are some skin diseases, or whether there are some bad hobbies.

Although these things will ideally imagine it as a small probability event, even if it is a small probability time, and the huge human base in the entire swimming pool, no matter how small it will be amplified.

But if the managers of the pool do not clean, let alone those bacteria and viruses, that is, we can see that the pool starts to become dirty with the naked eye, so the public swimming pool will be cleaned, and most of our domestic swimming pools are disinfected by disinfection.At the time, the chlorine solution is used for disinfection. The content of chlorine solution in a swimming pool is scientifically based in the state’s relevant regulations on the swimming pool, which should be maintained between 0.3 and 0.5.

If the chlorine content in the swimming pool is less than 0.3, it will disinfect its disinfection, which will greatly increase the content of bacteria in the pool water and let the bacteria grow crazy in the pool, but if this concentration exceeds 0.5, then then it will then then thenIt will cause harm to the people in the swimming pool, which has corrosion effects on human skin, eyes and hair.

At the same time, the pH value of the pond water should also be maintained between 7.4 ~ 7.6. Poor acidic water can allow the water of the swimming pool to maintain the effects of disinfection and sterilization in theory.This concentration content only has theory, because as people in the swimming pool continue to enter and exit, the solution content of the swimming pool is constantly diluted, and it is always in a dynamic state.

We can also imagine that when you enter and exit the pool alone, you will always bring a water. In the amount of the public swimming pool in the day, we have no way to imagine it. This will cause the concentration to continue to fluctuate.You have no way to keep the pond water always maintaining disinfection effects.

When we return to this chemical element itself, chlorine will be decomposed into two chemical components: hypochliparium and hypochlorite, and this chemical component can disinfectThe two chemical components can destroy the protective layer of microorganisms, but microorganisms are ever -changing, although it can eliminate part of the microorganisms, but there is another part of the microorganisms that cannot be destroyed by chlorine.

For example, the gonorrhea that is easy to cause gonorrhea, the syphilis spiral body that can easily cause syphilis and the human papilloma virus that causes condyloma acuminatum. Here you may say that these diseases are relatively small diseases.Come on, but E. coli that causes enteritis exists in our living environment. This is why some people cause diarrhea after swimming. You are likely to be contaminated with this virus.

But don’t worry too much, these sexually transmitted diseases mentioned above are only a very small probability, because the dilution of swimming pool water will make the content of these live bacteria particularly low. This is just a awakening for everyone.

However, the probability of dyeing sexually transmitted diseases through swimming in real life is very low, but this does not mean that the water of the swimming pool is safe.Virus, it can cause inflammation and cysts, as well as some germs similar to him, which will cause a symptom that many people often occur after swimming. It always feels uncomfortable after swimming, and the skin starts to appear after swimming.Itching symptoms such as itching are the role of microorganisms in the pool water.

In addition to the uncomfortable phenomenon of some of the skin mentioned above, many people will have diarrhea after swimming. This is the parasites in the swimming pool., Vomiting, low fever and other symptoms.

In 1993, Wisconsin, USA, caused this parasite to explode in the United States due to tap water pollution, which caused 403,000 people to be infected and 70 people died.This dangerous parasite exists in the pool, and there is no way to completely remove it even through chlorine disinfection.

The dirt of the public swimming pool is obvious to all. Generally, the swimming pool must take a bath before launching the water, but there are always some people who have no quality that they do n’t need to take a bath when they get water.Please bring a swimsuit swimming hat, carefully observe the qualifications of the pool, determine whether it is safe, and then take a bath in time after the swimming pool is out to prevent bacteria from staying on the skin surface for a long time.

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