How did you sleep during pregnancy?3 pictures take you to read the sleeping position of these pregnant mothers, making people cry

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Many Baoma who is just pregnant will worry about whether she will accidentally press her baby when she sleeps, so she will pay special attention to the sleeping position, because I have always worried that I will hurt the abdomen after sleeping.In a tight state, and then many help leave a message to help the mother say that they are tired, the quality of sleep has fallen seriously, let alone the mother of the twins and the polyza, it is even harder. Their sleeping position makes people feel distressed.Which picture below touches you?

In the picture, the mother who thought it was seven months pregnant, the hormones in the pregnant woman during pregnancy changed the corresponding changes, and it was easy to cause symptoms such as fever and sweating.In other words, at the same temperature, the body of the mother during pregnancy will be higher than that of the normal human body. The above photo vividly reflects the hard work of the mother during pregnancy during pregnancy.The quilt was all wrapped on her husband, while the pregnant mother pressed her feet to sleep on the right side of the bed.Seeing that the sleeping position like pregnant mothers is so hard, helping mothers have to remind you that the habit of sleeping in this kind of kicking quilt can easily cause mothers to get sick during pregnancy, especially when the indoor temperature is lowIf the quilt is kicked, the chance of catching a cold will increase greatly.

The sleeping posture of this photo during pregnancy, helping the mother advocate that the mother’s mother followed it. The couple in this picture cover a bed with two quilts. Although many pregnant babies are worried about their babies, they still want the baby’s father to accompanyI sleep myself, but I am worried that my husband will accidentally kick his baby, and he comes up to cover a quilt of two people. This will not only meet the needs of his wife and husband, but also improve the baby and the baby and the maximum extent.The freedom and comfort of the mother sleep.

The mother in this photo should be coming soon. Seeing a happy wife tightly clicked in the arms of her husband, as if asking his other half, he was as beautiful as before after pregnancy.The psychology of mothers during pregnancy is very fragile. They will think that the deformation of their figure will make the other half of their figure feel tired and afraid of losing her husband’s love.I even worry that my husband will only love the baby in the belly after giving birth to a baby, and will no longer care about love to protect himself and will lead to depression after the production of pregnant women.Accompanying his wife should take the initiative to take care of the baby after giving birth, communicate more with his wife and show that he loves his wife.

@: After seeing this group of pictures, I feel the first one is the first one. I do n’t know if this mother can recover in time after production.Great energy.

@Is so cute: I feel that the second touch is relatively large. Seeing that these two husbands and wives are still sleeping together, because many men are not willing to take care of after their wives are pregnant, but this husband, I think I still thinkfine.

The greater the month of the pregnant woman, the harder the pregnant mother is. Insufficient sleep, inadequate movement, severe constipation, and medium symptoms of legs and abdomen are becoming more and more obvious.In this group of mothers, I still hope that all pregnant mothers will be happy, and think about unloading the goods immediately, and soon they will meet the baby. This is fine.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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