How did you find that you are pregnant?Netizens’ answers are wonderful, and TV series dare not perform like this

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Recently, I watched several TV series in a row, and there were women who found their pregnancy.It is funny. In these plots, when all women were eating, they smelled the smell of oily on the table and couldn’t help vomiting at the toilet. The family saw this scene and laughed.The woman went to the hospital for an examination, but found that this is the case. The woman is pregnant …

In this regard, I can only sigh that the imagination of screenwriters is too limited.Women found that the plot of her pregnancy was too monotonous.However, this has also caused my curiosity. How do you find that he is pregnant?For this reason, I also solicited the experience of some netizens on the Internet and found that the answers of netizens are really wonderful. I dare not perform so on TV.

I suspect that I was seriously ill. I went to the hospital for an examination before I knew that I was pregnant

There was a mother who claimed to be a post -80s. She said that as soon as she found that she was pregnant, she was notified by the doctor to be in full time to prepare for hospitalization to have children.It turned out that the Baoma was very fat, and her menstrual cycle was also unstable. The waist that appeared during pregnancy became thicker, menstruation stopped, and occasional vomiting. She thought that she was not healthy, and she was looking for private remedies to regulate her body in private.Finally, one day, she felt that her stomach was very uncomfortable and suspected that she had a serious illness. She went to the hospital for an examination before she knew that she had been pregnant for a long time.

I have to say that this Baoma’s heart is too big and I haven’t found it for so long.Even if the scriptures were stopped, the body was uncomfortable for so long, and did not go to the hospital to see it. He blindly looked for the prescription in the folk, and he was afraid of eating various medicines to "condition the body" and think about it.It is recommended that female friends, usually notice that the body is different, it is best to seek medical treatment in time.

Husband and friends reminded that it may be pregnant

Another Baoma said that she was discovered by reminding people to know that she was pregnant.The mother -in -law and her husband had been married for more than a year without a good news.One day her husband took two male friends to eat, and asked when he asked for a child.The mother -in -law replied that there was never contraception after marriage, but she had never conceived.It is also mentioned that the recent menstruation has not come, I don’t know if it is the body.Her husband’s friend said that there were ten or nine.As a result, she measured the double bar on the pregnancy test.

When I was pregnant, I did not find my or her husband. Instead, other men were more sensitive. It was speculated that she might get pregnant. It really made people unexpected.Here, women are reminded that menstruation is a barometer of women’s bodies, which reflects the physical condition of women. It is necessary to check whether it is pregnancy or disease.

The Chinese New Year has won money, and the family speculates that it may be pregnant

In addition, there is a mother who found her pregnancy.When she was Chinese New Year, she always won money to play poker cards. Her family felt very abnormal because she lost money in the past, so she guessed whether it was good for good luck and whether she was pregnant.As a result, this Bao Ma tested, and she was pregnant.

The mother -in -law found that she was pregnant, and due to the superstition of her family, it was estimated that she was getting pregnant and found that she was pregnant. In fact, there was no scientific basis.However, it is really novel to find that you are pregnant like this. Presumably the TV series will not perform that.


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