How did you find that you are pregnant?Is the experience of netizens the same as you?

My friend sent me a WeChat: I found that sauerkraut fish is delicious than braised fish.She hated sauerkraut so much before, and suddenly said that sauerkraut fish was delicious?I joked, wouldn’t you get pregnant, right?

She didn’t mean to say: Yes, just tested yesterday, she was really pregnant!

God, you must know that in order to make so many preparations for her children, she is finally pregnant and is overflowing with the joy of words.

Sometimes the news of pregnancy is suddenly and even silent. For example, the experience of these netizens below:

@小: I was finally admitted by the Intragon Hospital I liked. When I went out to celebrate with my husband, I ordered a lot of dishes I like to eat, but I found that I did n’t have any appetite.Don’t think about it, but recently feel that your chest is uncomfortable.So he discussed with her husband and decided to go to the hospital for examination on the weekend. As a result, she was really pregnant.Although it is good news, he was just accepted by the hospital and was worried that the news of pregnancy was known if he knew if he would not want me.

@小: a cold, continuous low fever; irritable mood, always feeling tired, thinking that the menstrual period is approaching; one day, when you buy something you want to eat, you suddenly feel difficult to swallow.pregnant……

@: The holiday has been inaccurate. Suddenly I want to eat peppers. There is no kind of spicy or unhappy. Go home dogs and dogs always call me. I dream of a snake at night. The old man asked if he was pregnant …Elastic

@Don’t look at me from your perspective: I do n’t have to have a polysside in my menstruation. The doctor said that it is difficult to get pregnant. I did n’t look good after watching it for several years.One day my husband suddenly said that we had no that for a long time. I remembered that I went to the hospital to find that I was pregnant for two months.Alas, my careless personality is also drunk.

@小: My dog especially likes to rush to me. One day I sat on the sofa, and it had been smelled by my stomach for a long time. From that day, it would not hug me anymore, and I didn’t pounce on me, but to me, but to me, but to me, but to me, but to me, but to meThe family was still hugging as always. At first I thought I was angry with it. Later, I thought that my aunt hadn’t been here for ten days.The pregnancy test stick … really pregnant!

@Don’t forget me: I said weird.During my pregnancy, I didn’t know, but the dogs of the neighbors saw my tail shaking at first glance. I couldn’t stop. I especially liked me. Then I went to test it. I was really pregnant!

@: I never faint, go out with my husband to take a car.After testing, I didn’t want to think about it. Then I thought about it. I went to test again. Two bars, secretly happy, went to the hospital to determine, and told me that when I sent the report to him, my husband was also excited.Essence

@: My menstruation is similar to my girlfriend. My girlfriend has been here for a week. I haven’t come yet.One, thinking for the last time, it is impossible to have it. I didn’t expect to have measured. I was so happy. This is my best gift.

@小: I always feel that my life should be poetry and distant place, so I refuse to give birth.My mother’s thief is tight. I think about it or not, so that the old lady can not be sad, so I bought folic acid to eat, and I was disgusting as soon as I was eaten. I thought I was allergic to folic acid. As a result, I checked for a month.

Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing for some people. It may be more afraid of some people because they are not ready because they do not have the ability to raise children.

But anyway, since you know the baby’s existence, take care of yourself, take care of the baby, and let him be born peacefully ~

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