How can you come to "pregnant"?

Some expectant mothers are obviously pregnant, but menstruation is still on time. It is really scared for expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.But when you are pregnant, why do you still have menstruation?

One: Reasons for menstruation for pregnancy

Evil eggs are not stable in bed

Because the fertilized eggs are still unstable, the placenta has not formed, and the time is when the menstruation is coming, and the body will still discharge mature eggs, and then fall off with the endometrium. ThereforeEssence

Uterine endometrium falling off

Because everyone’s physical condition is different, some expectant mothers have sex hormones secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, especially progesterone levels, which are lower than normal levels, causing a small part of the endometrium of uterine to continue to fall off, so expectant mothers will still come.Menstruation is only very small.

After three months of pregnancy, the placenta is formed. When the estrogen and progesterone in women are relatively high, the endometrium will no longer fall off, and menstruation will no longer come.

Ovarian continuing activity

The chorionic gonad hormone produced by pregnant women cannot convert ovarian luteal into pregnancy luteal, and ovarian function continues to move, which forms a small amount of vaginal bleeding on a monthly basis. After 3-4 months of pregnancy, there will be no longer periodicity.Bleeding.

Too much

If pregnant women are too tired and stressful in work, they may also cause a small amount of vagina bleeding, so they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Two: alert to bad signs

Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy means that the essence eggs have been combined, but they did not swim in the uterine cavity, or they did not succeed in bed, called "hidden abortion".Generally, in the abortion within 5 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG elevation can be detected in the blood beyond normal values or positive urine pregnancy tests. However, the ultrasonic examination does not see the gestational sac, which is also known as "sub -clinical abortion".Patients usually have no other symptoms, just like a holiday sample, so they are often ignored.

Threatened abortion

If menstruation has stopped and early pregnancy testing is positive, vaginal bleeding occurs at this time. At the same time, symptoms of abdominal pain and backache may be a threatened abortion.

Embryo development abnormal

If the fetal development is abnormal, most of them are chromosomal abnormalities. There are data that 50-60%of the cases of abortion or fetal stop during early pregnancy are chromosomal abnormalities.Experts suggest that if brown secretions are found, after eliminating abnormal or lesions such as cervix or other goggles, let it go, do not protect the tire at will, otherwise there will still be greater problems in the later stage.

Cervical abnormalities

The most common cervical erosion. If there is sex (many people do not know pregnancy), brown secretions will occur the next day, and cervical erosion should be considered.Secondly, cervical polyps can also cause bleeding, and it will continue. It should be noted more about molten polyps. It is unique to polyps after pregnancy and is more likely to bleed more than cervical polyps and last for a long time.Removal, otherwise it will cause abortion or bleeding.Therefore, brown secretions during early pregnancy, first go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to see the cervix.

Dibura or residual horn uterus such as malformations. After normal uterine pregnancy, the abnormal endometrium will occur with a small amount of bleeding with thickening. Therefore, pregnancy bleeding during early pregnancy and ultrasound examination are essential.


The abortion of hydatidosa generally begins within 2-3 months of amenorrhea.Bleeding is mostly intermittent and a small amount of bleeding, but some may have repeatedly bleed repeatedly.

Ectopic pregnancy

It refers to the abnormal pregnancy process developed in the uterine cavity in the outer bed.Ectopic pregnancy often has irregular vaginal bleeding, dark red, small amount, and endlessness. Generally, it does not exceed menstrual flow. It can be discharged from the molt tube or fragments with vaginal bleeding.The harm of ectopic pregnancy is extremely harmful. The fertilized eggs can not only develop a normal fetus. If the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy can not be found early, it may be life -threatening.

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