How can I stop itching without scratching stretch marks?

Breeding a new life is a joyful and hard -working process!If you ca n’t eat it, you ca n’t sleep well. There are also very annoying stretch marks, full of belly, thighs, etc. Some will be itchy and unbearable.

Stretch marks are a pink or purple -red wavy pattern that appears on the skin during pregnancy during pregnancy.The main reason for its formation is that the grew of the fetus caused the abdomen to bulge, and the elastic fiber and collagen fiber of the skin were damaged or broken due to the exogenous force of the external force, resulting in thinning the skin and thinning.

With the growth of stretch marks, some pregnant mothers will also have itching belly, which is mainly caused by the larger uterus and the weight gain of pregnant women, resulting in dry skin and lack of water.

When you encounter stretch marks itchy belly, do not scratch the pregnant mother. Correct care is to stop itching and correct posture!

Daily diet

It is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement rich vitamins and minerals, and take more foods rich in protein and collagen, such as Tremella, trotters, glue, meat skin, etc. to help increase skin elasticity.Eat less oil, too sweet, and too salty foods, and strictly control weight, avoid eating and drinking, so that the weight will be excessively increased.

Pay attention to environmental humidity

In winter, pregnant women feel itchy skin, so pay attention to regulating the humidity of the surrounding environment. In an environment with a relative humidity of 45%to 65%, the human body feels the most comfortable.I feel that the room is relatively dry. You can put a humidifier or green plant, fish tank, etc. at home to adjust the humidity of the surrounding environment.

Pay attention to skin care

Remember not to use hot water during bathing, otherwise it will destroy the sebum film, causing small damage to the skin, and it will aggravate itching.Don’t be too cold in bathing water, so as not to cause a cold. Use weakly acidic non -irritating natural washing supplies when bathing.

From the beginning of pregnancy, we have to start using moisturizing and non -greasy skin care products in the morning and evening, such as natural olive oil, aloe vera cream and other products.Apply and massage properly until the product is absorbed by the skin.Keeping the skin is moist enough to enhance the ductility and toughness of the skin and prevent itching.

Rely on topical drugs

If the stretch marks itchy phenomenon is more serious and the above methods cannot be improved, you must seek the help of a doctor to eliminate itching caused by the disease., Danol ointment or vitamin E ointment.

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