Hot search!Can I eat the ice cream that is not at high temperature?Expert explained doubt

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"Zhong Xue Gao’s 31 degrees Celsius at room temperature for 1 hour" has recently rushed on hot search, which makes many consumers worry: Ice cream will not melt, whether a large number of preservatives and coagulants have been added, and the ice cream that will not be turned into the ice cream will not be turned.Can you eat it?The reporter learned from the market regulatory authorities that the use of food additives is safe as long as it is used in accordance with laws and regulations, and it will not threaten consumers’ health.It is recommended that when choosing food, do not be fascinated by the additives of "unknown", but you should pay more attention to the nutrients contained in the food.

In response to the doubts of netizens, Zhong Xue Gao posted a response saying that "there is no non -melting ice cream." The main ingredients in related product formulas are milk, and the content of solids is about 40%.It turns into a water -shaped water, and the solid can not become water anyway.Zhong Xuegao said that the product only uses a small amount of food emulsion thickened agent, which are strictly added in accordance with relevant national standards.

In this regard, Zhong Kai, a doctor of Nutrition and Food Safety of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, and Director of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, said through its Weibo that the speed of melting ice cream and ice cream is not the standard for judging its quality.In theory, the more "dry goods", such as lactoprotein, lactat, lactose and other solids, and the more slower the ice cream and ice cream are melted.And the popsicles made of "three fine water" such as sugar, pigments, and flavors have melted quickly.The thickener itself is very safe, and it can change the shape of the ice crystal and participate in the formation of ice cream and ice cream.From the ingredients of Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream product, it can be seen that the Kara gum, sea alginic acid, locust bean gum, and Guaer gum used are naturally soluble dietary fiber.Zhong Kai said that as long as the manufacturer meets the standards of food additives prescribed by the state, it is reasonable to be reasonably added according to the scope of use and limited use, which is not harmful to human health.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering of China Agricultural University and a doctor of food science, also pointed out that whether food is worth eating is how it is.As for whether it becomes a liquid state, it is not an evaluation indicator for whether food is safe.Jelly does not turn into liquid at room temperature, and the skin jelly does not turn into liquid at room temperature, which does not mean that they are not safe.

Is food additives harmful to health?In fact, people do not need to talk about "doses" color changes.The State Administration of Market Supervision has performed popular science on the safe use of food additives.It is pointed out that food additives have played an important role in preservation of antiseptic and fresh, taste color increase, and facilitated processing.

For example, the baking soda used by steamed buns is a kind of pouring agent. The red song in the red rot milk is pigment, the brine of the tofu is a coagulator, and the Luo Han Guo soaked in water is a country implements a strict whitelist supervision system for food additives, and strictly reviews the safety and necessity used in use. As long as it is used in accordance with laws and regulations, it will not be threatened to consumers’ health.The behavior of the use of food additives in super -range and ultra -limits has always been the focus of market regulatory departments.

In addition, the additives in food are not less used or not used.For example, without adding preservatives, it is necessary to have stricter sterilization temperature and longer sterilization time. It will inevitably increase nutritional losses, and improper storage is also more likely to cause pollution of microorganisms and cause food -oriented diseases.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers do not be fascinated by the additives of "unknown" when choosing food, but also pay more attention to the nutritional content of food.

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