His wife is ugly like a pig after pregnancy, a bad mood?What she has experienced, do you know?

A male netizen once went to post it anonymous to ask:

"My wife becomes ugly after pregnancy, and I am might when I see her, what should I do?"

Look at a Taobao buyer, she bought a couple love underwear, put on it with joy, and finally got a smile like a pig.It may be due to breeding children, labor and housework, and increasingly diverse figures. I plan to buy a love underwear home, welcome mergers and sublimate love.In the end, in addition to her anger, she was more sad.

One is the "ugly" of a man’s "ugly" after pregnancy, and the other is a woman willingly changed for her husband, but was smiled by her husband.I want to ask men, how much change has happened to women after pregnancy or after childbirth or how much sacrifice made by making?Women give you the most timely time. Once you are pregnant or after giving birth, you are not worth cherishing?Before having abandoning his wife’s figure, did he examine his six abdominal muscles and wide shoulders and narrow hips?

First of all, let’s take a look at what changes in women’s body after pregnancy.First: major changes in hormone levels. I asked the next generation. In order to protect the next generation, the body was unwell to change the woman’s body. The secretion of progesterone increased, and the fat began to accumulate. This was for the preparation of the arrival of new life.

Second: The uterus is continuously expanded, and the new life grows every day. The uterus is located in the pelvic cavity before pregnancy.This past is to expand a organ dozens of times, and the ligament muscles around them must be pulled and risk of sagging.

Third: the ability to withstand in the heart, pregnancy is a great process for women, the continuous changes of hormones and the discomfort caused by physical changes, which gives female friends a huge impact on physical and mental body and mind. Some may suffer from prenatal depression.Or postpartum depression.The production process can be said to be a pain that a woman cannot forget in this life and suffer huge pain.This is all men can’t understand.

Finally, say:

Those men because their wives are pregnant and have children, and they are divergent. They also think that she is very ugly. Seeing the aging of the other person’s appearance, no changes and pain in the wife’s body, and no other person’s love and giving for you.Do you have a substance that becomes beautiful?Even if the material cannot be satisfied, have you assumed parenting and housework with her to support her beauty?It is better to make your wife’s salary over the years.

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