His mycoplasma is positive, but the doctor does not need to be treated?

Fan "Summer Shrimp" message: Dr. Fu, I am 29 years old, I want to prepare for a baby, I went to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy test.?Can you still prepare for pregnancy?Or must I wait for mycoplasma to turn overcast?

What is mycoplasma?

Mycoplasma is a primary microorganism of the size between bacteria and viruses. There are 16 species of mycoplasma that can be separated from the human body, 7 of which are pathogenic to the human body.The commonly related to the urogenital tract infection has the chlamydiac (UU), the human -shaped mycoplasma (MH), and the germ mycoplasm (MG).

The mycoplasma exists in the vagina, the outer mouth of the cervix, around the urethral opening, and the urine, which is mainly exposed to infection.Urinary reproductive tract trivial infections can cause or related diseases including urethritis, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, chorionic amnioxisitis and premature birth.

Are you a woman who loves mycoplasma?

The genitals have a high carrying rate, "prefer" women.After women are mature and sexually life, the detection rate of mycoplasma has greatly increased, especially UUs (Jieye Rings).Studies have proved that the more female sexuality, the higher the detection rate.But there is often no clear clinical significance.

At present, most clinical studies believe that patients who do not need to detect the primary (UU) of the reproductive tract during pregnancy do not need to intervene and treat them.

If the expectant mothers or women who are preparing to get pregnant, they checked the mycoplasma positive before pregnancy, such as the "summer shrimp" of fans.The principles of treatment of urogenital branches of chlamydia are as follows:

1. If both men and women have no related symptoms of urogogly tract infection, UU is positive, considering it as a carrier, there is no need to treat.

2. The symptoms and signs of the UU disappeared after infection. When the UU laboratory test result is positive, it should be considered whether it is transformed into UU carriers and no need to continue drug treatment.

3. If men are diagnosed with UU -sex urethritis, it is recommended to treat sexual companionship at the same time. Pay attention to avoid sexual intercourse during the period.

4. When the quality of men’s semen is abnormal and there is a need for fertility, both men and women recommend treating a course of treatment at the same time.

5. If the renovation mycoplasma can be performed, MG testing should be actively performed when urethritis and cervicitis are suspected.

6. When treating pelvic inflammatory disease, the mycoplasma may be considered to participate in the onset of pelvic inflammatory disease, and the antibacterial spectrum should be covered by the mycoplasma.

What are the diseases that can cause or related diseases of urogenital tract infections?

1. Urethritis: Mycoplasma is a common pathogenic microorganism of urinary infections. Urinary infections caused by mycoplasma are most common in infections. Others include pyelonephritis.

2. Cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease: A large amount of evidence proves that the renovation mycoplasma Mg is the cause of cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, male reproductive tract disease and fallopian tube infertility.

3. Vincular amnioticitis and premature birth: There have been many evidence that the antisubuchura can cause intrambone infection in the amniotic cavity.However, the uplink infection of the underlying infection of the undercariac is infected until the uterine cavity causes chorionic amnioticitis and premature birth.

4. The impact of the detection of Urinary Elemental Anti -chlamydia on the quality of male semen: There are many clinical studies that the solution mycoplasma may affect the sperm activity.produce.

5. The impact of the detection of the raw paths on the auxiliary reproduction: multiple studies have shown that the fertilization rate, fissure rate, clinical pregnancy rate, and abortion rate of men and women’s reproductive tract UUs on both men and women are not obviousThe influence is considered to be a pregnancy ending of the cervical cervical cervical mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma has the phenomenon of planting in the urogenital tract. A considerable number of mycoplasma carriers in the crowd have no symptoms and signs, and UUs are the most prominent.There is no need to treat these women.

Both patients with mycoplasma infection have different degrees of clinical symptoms. A few patients with severe patients have a vaginal falling sensation. When the infection spreads to the urethra, frequent urination will occur.

When the infection is limited to the cervix, it is manifested in the increase of leucorrhea, turbidity, cervical edema, congestion or surface erosion;

Infection expansion and urethral manifestations are flushing, congestion, and squeezing urethra. There are a small amount of secretions overflowing, but there are few tenderness;

The common complications of mycoplasma infection are tubulitis, and a few patients may experience endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Summary: Flimal infections are detected. Do not panic. You need to take the doctor to combine whether you have symptoms, physical examinations and related test test results, and whether you have comprehensive judgments such as your pregnancy requirements.

For both men and women, there are no related symptoms of urogogly tract infections. UU is positive alone. Considering it as a carrier, there is no need to treat it.It does not affect pregnancy.

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