High fever in February of pregnancy, the hospital diagnosed the child to keep it, and I do this more stronger than the cow

The physical fitness of expectant mothers during pregnancy is really difficult to say, a cold, stomach pain, diarrhea, and diarrhea may be found to find you.Can’t take medicine, but I can only say that it is the most worried about whether the baby has an impact.

The happiness of expectant mothers is unspeakable

I suffered from heavy colds for more than two months, and the hospital diagnosed was unable to keep the children, and I did this.

I started to have a fever in the morning and accompanied the symptoms of vomiting. My family cooked ginger soup and spit it out.I really couldn’t help going to the hospital. When I went to the hospital doctor to test my indicators, the baby’s condition was also detected.The baby’s heartbeat was monitored because I continued to have a high fever of 38.5 degrees, and the baby’s heartbeat was much faster than normal.

I then responded to the doctor’s pain in the waist. The doctor suspected that there was a problem with my kidneys. After a series of examinations, the gynecology said that the baby had no problem, but the heartbeat was very fast, which was caused by my high fever.

There is no problem with my kidneys, and the cause of the drama of the waist is unknown.When I went to the Department of Internal Medicine, I read the indicators in the Department of Medicine and said that my white blood cells exceeded twice the normal people. The child’s heartbeat was too fast and needed medication.However, medication can cause malformations or abortion. Without medicine, I will be in danger of life due to high fever. In the end, the baby will also die.I don’t want to use medicine, because the month is too small, it is too big to hurt the baby.

I strongly consulted whether there was no effect on the baby, and the answer was no.It is said that the baby is still very fragile for more than two months. My heart is completely cold. When I just checked, I heard the baby’s strong heartbeat, so warm, just like it was around me.Son.Essence

When I asked what was going on with low back pain, his answer: "Maybe a precursor to abortion"

I was completely panicked.

The man has tears and does not bounce lightly

Her husband has been unable to feel at ease and call a relative of a hospital for consultation. Of course, no one dares to take you any responsibility. They will only tell us the worst results.The result is that I will have a miscarriage soon, the baby can no longer be saved, and the mother will not be able to keep myself without taking medicine.

After listening to her husband, she secretly wiped tears, and I could see his overwhelming.Finally, I went to buy me medicine.The family was frightened and asked me to take medicine quickly.At that time, I had only one voice in my heart, "I won’t give up this child, I want to keep him." I believe that my mother will be strong, and I never take medicine.Maybe it’s my psychological effect. I started to eat and don’t vomit.

Maybe it was scared, or the body’s immune system began to work.I feel a little comfortable. In order to make everyone feel at ease first, I said that I have a lot better, and wait.As a result, the body temperature really dropped from 38.4 degrees to 38, and from 38 to 37.5 degrees.Everyone is happy.I am really pleased, because your baby really hear what I have in my heart.

Throughout the night, everyone was still worried that I would have a miscarriage at night, but I always felt that my baby and I were fine.

In the early morning of the next day, the first thing was the body temperature, and the result was as expected as I wish.Except for throat pain and cough, other symptoms are gone.After that, the cough lasted for about a week, and I fell asleep every night when I was coughing. Finally, I was so comfortable that I needed to sit up for a few minutes to be comfortable.I still drink warm water, eaten pears to relieve it little by little, and I haven’t taken a medicine.The results of the review were just a little bit taller, and it was not serious, and other indicators had returned to normal.

A reasonable diet is the first line of defense against foreign infringement

Now that the child is more than two years old, she usually has a dietary law, a balanced diet, a reasonable amount of exercise, a very healthy body, and a higher immunity than other children.Looking back, my usual diet also pays attention to it. Sleep rest is ideal. Maybe I have the protective wall of this disease.

Eat a balanced, healthy weight

So I want to share my personal experience and tell every expectant mother who is sick during pregnancy. To believe that you believe in your baby, your mentality is very important.Mother’s emotions for the baby in the belly, no one knows you better except yourself.In addition, your own diet must be improved, and physical quality is prerequisite.With these, we will definitely overcome all problems.

If the situation is serious, seek medical treatment in time.

In this era of unbelievable experts, we are welcome to pay attention to discussing together. We share with each other’s parenting experience.

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