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The first two or three months of pregnancy is an important period of embryonic development, and it is also the most prone to abortion. Therefore, precautions in the early stages of pregnancy are extremely important.What should be noted in early pregnancy?The precautions for the early stages of pregnant women have the following points:

Early pregnancy diet

1. Supplement folic acid

In order to prevent fetal malformations, pregnant women start from early pregnancy (preferably starting from planning to be pregnant), and folic acid needs to be supplemented.Folic acid -rich foods include red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apple, citrus, etc.

2. Do not advocate a big tonic

In the early stages of pregnancy, the symptoms of joy may affect the appetite of expectant mothers to a certain extent.In diet, it is generally not advocated to supplement nutrition, mainly based on your own preferences, and eat whatever you want.The more powerful pregnant women should pay attention to eating some light and easy -to -digest foods.When you enter the second trimester, the pregnancy reaction disappears, and then the nutrition is too late.

3. Eat if you want to eat

Many expectant mothers always feel hungry since pregnancy. This kind of hunger is different from the feeling of empty stomach.After pregnancy, the taste and appetite of expectant mothers will change.In the early stages of pregnancy, many moms became "love to eat", which did not have much to do. If you want to eat, you do n’t need to suppress your appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.However, food is best mainly to be light and easy to digest.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can bring some food with them and feel when they are hungry.

Precautions for early pregnancy

1. Avoid too tired

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are often tired, so they need to rest properly. Excessive work can easily lead to abortion in pregnant women, especially those pregnant women who have a history of abortion and have some chronic diseases. They need to pay special attention to rest.Avoid excessive work, strenuous exercise and emotional excitement in the early stages of pregnancy, and must be gentle when squatting or bending down, avoiding too strong and causeing abortion.And maintain a good mental state as much as possible.When the first three months of pregnancy, it is actually the most prone to abortion in the fetus. Therefore, be careful not to go to a place where there are many people, but also pay attention to things that cannot be heavy. If you like to wear fine heels, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this timeYou should also pay attention not to wear it, it is best not to sit on the bus.

2. Pay attention to adjust the mentality

After pregnancy, pay attention to your own mentality, maintain a cheerful and sunny mentality, and do more prenatal education. After pregnancy, because the fetus’s growth and development and pregnant women itself need nutrition, so you must supplement sufficient nutrients from the diet.The nutritional or bad of pregnant women not only has a great impact on the growth of the fetus and the development of brain cells. It is also very important for the intellectual development of the baby. If the malnutrition of pregnant women is malnourished, it can also lead to premature birth, abortion, fetal malformations, or dead tires, etc.Essence

3. Don’t exercise vigorously

In pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to maintain proper exercise.However, in the early stages of pregnancy, the development of the fetus was unstable, and the physical condition of the pregnant mother was unstable. At this time, pregnant mothers should not be busy with severe exercise to avoid abortion.

4. Let yourself rest well

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant moms are easy to feel tired, so they need to rest properly.Moreover, excessive fatigue can easily cause abortion of pregnant women, especially those who have a history of abortion, have a history of abortion, and have some chronic diseases. They need to pay attention to rest.

In these three months, pregnant mothers should maintain an 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Do not let yourself be tired, avoid strenuous exercise, avoid emotional excitement, and keep you in a good mental state.

5. Do not contact the tobacco and alcohol, do not dye your hair or perm

Do not contact the tobacco and alcohol, not only does it mean that you do not smoke or drink, but also include staying in the environment for a long time, and passive smoking will cause harm to your child.In addition, pregnant women should not be dyed, perm, etc.

Scientific breeding and happy delivery are Hila’s pursuit.It is hoped that this breathing method can help all pregnant mothers to reduce pain to the greatest extent, and welcome the new life with the best mentality.


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