Her retirement is like a self -breaking of Chinese sports, from pregnancy to giving birth to baby, it is even more concerned about the country.

Li Na, one of the most mavericks in Chinese sports. In more than a year of retirement, she has not been forgotten by the public. She has won more awards and has received 6 new endorsements.It will also start, and will also participate in a reality show at a high price.In the past 2015, she upgraded as a mother, and she had a tenderness as a mother.

On September 19, 2014, when the fans were looking forward to seeing Li Na again in October, she posted a retired farewell letter on Weibo because the knee injury officially ended her career.On September 20, Li Na held a press conference in Beijing. Li Na, who had always been strong at the press conference, burst into tears. She said that she had no regrets in her career.

Three days later, on September 23, Li Na appeared in Wuhan, hometown. After holding a second retirement conference in Wuwang, Li Na said that he did try to return to the tennis court very much and also tried to participate in Wuhan competition. After all, in his hometownHolding, I really choose to retire when the body cannot bear it.A brief farewell ceremony was held at the Central Stadium of Wusang. Wozniaci also paid tribute to Li Na as a player representative.

On the evening of September 30th, the attention of tennis fans around the world focused on the Diamond Stadium on the China Net. The two Grand Slam winners Li Na chose to make a final farewell to the fans on the China Net.This night, the WTA star, including Kovitova, Yankovich, Woznia, and ATP superstar Nadal, all said goodbye to Li Na, the cheers and tears at the scene were intertwined …

After hugging with her close friend Li Na, the two sessions of Wimbledon champion Covet choked and said: "You are fighters on the court, we will always miss you, we are very sad for your retirement, you are the first in Asia, you are the first in AsiaThe winner of the Grand Slam, this is the spirit of our spirit. You have proved to the world that as long as you work hard, any dream can be realized. "Then Kawa sent three thanks, thanks to Li Na as our opponent, as our opponent, andThank you Li Na for your encouragement and Li Na as our friends.At this time, Li Na could no longer restrain tears, crying into tears.

After the three retirement ceremony, Li Na officially ended the status of the player and began to commit to the publicity of tennis activities.After the CITIC’s retirement ceremony, Li Na’s first public appearance was dedicated to her most glorious Grand Slam event-Australian Open’s promotion activity.Li Na was wearing a small black dress, and she stepped on her nude and hated the sky, and interacted with the children.

After retiring, Li Na was also committed to public welfare activities. On October 16, 2014, Li Na and her husband Jiang Shan visited Beijing Guangai School in Shunyi to send rice, oil, milk, schoolbags and other supplies for these wandering children, and and withThe children of the school play together and tug of war together."In fact, it is not to say what to bring these children, but to see them happy." Li Na said that he was also worried that his visit would affect these children’s normal study and life, but the principal’s encouragement dispels it.Her concern.

As the Grand Slam champion, Li Na has also achieved good results on the running -up field of the year -end finals.On October 20, Li Na, the official ambassador of the Singapore WTA Year -end Finals, will appear at the scene to start the finals. The finals will also hold a special ceremony for her.Li Na appeared in a black dress. At the scene, Li Na showed a ball skills in high -heeled shoes, and a few shots with a young player symbolically.

Even if Li Na’s business value has been retired, on the 10th, Li Na and Zhang Shuai and Xue Chen attended the new outfit of the sponsor. Li Na’s curly hair style was very eye -catching. The fresh dress was praised by netizens and fans.Essence

In 2015, Li Na appeared again in the Shenzhen Tennis Open, where Li Na had completed the defending.This time, she served as a guest of picking, picking up the match for Halep to play Basinuski.And this time Li Na seemed to be different, loose clothes, stepped on flat shoes, and slightly blessed …

On January 15th, Li Na returned to the Australian Open with the glory of the defending champion and took a group photo in front of Melbourne Parks in front of Melbourne Park.Li Na’s photos were also seen by some careful netizens. Her slightly bulging belly made netizens leave a message: "full of pregnancy."

One day later, Li Na and the men’s single defending champion Wolinka attended the Australian Open lottery ceremony.Li Na and Warinka came to the lottery scene with the championship trophy. The two defending champions were very simple today. Wawinka was wearing a white shirt and like a big boy next door.It seems to confirm the rumors of her pregnancy.Li Na said frankly, "I have two goals now, one is to run my tennis school, and the other is to be a mother."

On January 18, Li Na, who retired for 121 days, brought the Australian Open Championship trophy to the main stadium of the Australian Open and took a photo with her live -action stadium.Li Na, who was obviously blessed on his face, also surprised netizens.Faced with the question of "pregnancy", Sister Na said that asking a woman’s question is "impolite", and the reporter can only give up.

On January 19, before the Rodrawall’s night game, the Australian Open Organizing Committee held a special ceremony for Li Na.At the ceremony, Li Na announced high -profile that she and Jiang Shan’s first child would be born this summer.Li Na teased on the spot, "I think Jiang Shan sent a beautiful ACE ball!" Then, Li Na also released a long Weibo to explain her pregnancy in detail.

On January 20, Li Na met with Li Na on the 20th at the news center at the news center on the 20th.From the defending champion to the prospective mother, Li Na Shen started her new journey in a refreshing way.Li Na said with a smile that it was a little girl who was about to come: "The girl is the mother’s little cotton jacket, and the little lover of my father. What if the boy took his daughter -in -law and forgot me and his father?"

After a series of Australian Open activities, Li Na returned to Beijing to participate in the 2014 Sports Character Awards Ceremony.At the award ceremony, Li Na won the Best Female Athlete Award of the Year without doubt.This is the third time Li Na has won the award, and the previous two were 2011 and 2013.Since then, Li Na has also won the jury prize.This is also the first time Li Na has attended the prize.

Li Na, who was pregnant, did not have quiet tires. As the Girls’ Day came, Li Na, who was pregnant with the six -year -old Li Na, appeared in Shanghai and attended the promotion of a sports brand.During the event, Li Na was even more self -exploded, and she still "itchy" and played tennis on the court.Li Na, who has always been humorous, also teased the movie star Wang Luodan on the spot, turning over the field.Li Na said, "If you don’t persist in exercise, you will be as big as me." Li Na’s answer did not change his humor, and he funny Wang Luodan standing aside, and even led to laughter at the scene.Dressed in a loose and casual dress specially designed by the sponsor, if she doesn’t look closely, she can’t notice that she is already pregnant."How can I get 10 kilograms." I heard everyone said that her body was kept well, and Li Na made a grievances on her mouth, but she was proud of a little woman on her face.

Life passed day by day, and Li Na’s belly became bigger every day, but Sister Na, who had the physical fitness of the athletes, was still keen on public welfare activities and also filmed an advertising cover.

During the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix, Li Na Jiangshan was invited to participate in the opening ceremony.Li Na also went to the game scene with a big belly. It is reported that this was the first time she watched the racing race at close range.This also makes many netizens worry about her, and some netizens have said: Sister Na has done too much prenatal education, and the F1 is not a general occasion.

On April 15th, the 2015 Lawrence World Sports Award was held in Shanghai. Li Na, a retired Chinese tennis star, won the Special Achievement Award.Person, this time is Li Na.At the welcome dinner the previous day, Li Na was pregnant, wore a red dress, and led the stars to appear.On the day of the awards, compared with other guests to take the same model of ordinary cars, Li Na and Jiang Shan took the sponsor unmanned concept car.According to the reporter, this concept car is a new car just released this year’s CES Consumer Electronics Show, which is the only one in the world.Such a courtesy, showing Li Na’s status in the sponsor’s heart.

Li Na, who participated in the Lawrence Awards ceremony for a while, disappeared from the eyes of the public for a while. When the outside world guessed when Li Na was upgraded to be a mother, in the early morning of June 3, Li Na released her personal good news and exposed her personal social media.With a small foot, she wrote on her personal social media: Jiang Shan and I introduced our Alisa to the cute Na ions. We are very happy and love her.

After giving birth to the baby, Li Na started the recuperation stage, and Li Na’s retirement will also be one anniversary.In the past year, in addition to her daughter Alisa fell to the ground, Li Na also signed 6 endorsements.Compared with Li Na, Yao Ming’s business endorsement income after retirement once shrunk by nearly 60 %, and Liu Xiang finally had only one sponsors.It can be said that Li Na attracted the brand by humor and personality, but considering Li Na’s humorous personality, she was displayed on the stage of the Grand Slam abroad. The first person in this Chinese sports is still the money of the world.On September 17, Li Na participated in a brand activity. This was the first public appearance in her postpartum, and when she opened her mouth, Sister Na talked about her baby daughter.

Li Na, who came back after delivery, accelerated the pace of gold. On September 23, Li Na, who upgraded to the hot mom, put on a chef suit and appeared in a restaurant to launch his personal series with the catering brand.On the day of the press conference, Li Na not only exhibited cooking skills but also interacted with fans.In an interview, Li Na said that although she had done many cross -border cooperation after retiring, she would not develop in the direction of the actors and resolutely did not act, but she may participate in the reality show of tennis.

As a guest, I came to Wuhan Optics Valley International Tennis Center again to participate in the opening ceremony of the "Whirlwind Stadium" in the Wuhan Tennis Open Press.We applauded and cheered.Li Na Rong glory after giving birth to a child for more than 3 months, his straight hair, wearing a red skirt and stepping on black high -heeled shoes, showing the style of hot mom.When Li Na appeared, the "Na ions" on the audience raised the banner of "there is Li in his life, Na is enough", and the enthusiastic fans voiced one after another, and waved their hands and cheered.

After participating in the opening ceremony of the Wuwang.com, on September 28, Li Na appeared in the Yellow Crane Tower and currently hit the street tennis in front of the Yellow Crane Tower with the world -ranked doubles.Although it is not a real knife and a real gun, Sister Na, who "return to the rivers and lakes, is still agile, you come and go, and you have won the applause of hundreds of audiences at the scene.Li Na had a serious knee injury before and was interrupted for treatment due to pregnancy. She said that after the end of the Zhuhai Tennis Open, she would go to Germany for rehabilitation.

On October 25, the year -end finals started in Singapore, and Li Na appeared at the scene as a guest.Li Na, who returned to Singapore with the WTA Ambassador of Tomorrow, wore a black dress with a black background to pick up the match of Shava and Rad.Although it is not as dazzling as the two players on the field, the Chinese Jinhua’s affinity with a smile on the whole process allows fans to see the familiar Na -style smile on the final stage.

Li Na, who retired for more than a year, did not stay away from tennis. "Although I have retired now, my job is still promoting tennis. Whether it is WTA or something else, there are many things we need to do.There are many. "In the near future, Li Na will also start her own tennis school, and her new chapter belongs to her just beginning.

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