Henan’s 2 -year -old baby girl belly is extremely big, shaped like pregnancy to scare the doctor, and the mother collapsed and cried to unveil her life.

"Pregnancy" girl

In a small village in Luohe City, Henan Province, a dazzling incident appeared.

A little girl who is less than 2 years old is "pregnant". What is the truth behind this?

Normally, girls who are young do not have the ability to get pregnant.

But this incident really happened to the little girl.

Behind this strange smell, is it the loss of morality or other hidden feelings?

Girl’s appearance

A year ago, the Kang family added a baby girl, and the elders named her Kang Mengru.

But I did not expect that this was the beginning of a nightmare.

Kang Mengru did not show abnormalities when he was a child, just like other children.

I thought that Kang Mengru would grow up as healthy as others, but it was contrary to his wishes.

When Kang Mengru was one and a half years old, he encountered a very bizarre thing.

At the beginning, Kang Mengru cried every day.

Crying Kang Mengru

Parents think this is just a child’s instinct.

But she cried every day, and with crying, her belly became bigger.

When the parents saw this, they quickly took their daughter to the hospital for examination, but the results of the hospital made the old couple dumbfounded.

The hospital gave the results of the little girl’s pregnancy.

Kang Mengru’s parents did not believe it at first, thinking that this was a doctor.

But after seeing the doctor’s explanation, Kang Mengru’s parents were shocked.

Doctor’s analysis

The hospital took out the X -rays made to Kang Mengru for the old couple.

In this X -ray film, we are very clear to see a child in Kang Mengru’s belly.

Everyone exploded this time.

Kang Mengru’s parents did not understand that the young girl who was only one and a half years old would get pregnant.

This has not had such a long history.

Kang Mengru’s instantly received great attention from people from all walks of life, which may be a story that affects the history of human history.

Kang Mengru is checking

The suggestion given by the hospital is to let Kang Mengru go home and wait, and take out the children in her belly at a suitable time.

It is not easy to know that pregnancy is not easy.

Pregnancy will have a great impact on the body, and some adults can’t stand this pain.

But a young girl who is only one and a half years old will face these pains.

After returning home, Kang Mengru made a heartbreaking cry every day.

The villagers were heartbroken when they heard this call, and everyone was very pitiful. This one and a half -year -old girl was very pitiful.

Villagers’ description

Kang Mengru’s parents did not give up treatment, but took their daughter to various hospitals for examination.

Because no one dares to believe that the little girl will be pregnant.

But the result given by each hospital was that the little girl was pregnant, and the child in her belly was still a dead child.

The hospital claims that this disease is a teratoma, but Kang Mengru’s condition is more serious.

Find the root of the disease

Kang Mengru’s parents are a bit desperate, and they cannot accept this reality.

However, Kang Mengru’s parents still want to treat their children. After all, it is not easy to get old.

But the hospital doctors did not dare to take over the patient.

Kang Mengru needs to perform an operation, but because the child is too young, there may be life -threatening for surgery.

So all hospitals began to push off, and no one dared to save this little girl.

Fortunately, Kang Mengru’s parents did not give up, and they were determined to treat the child.

Expert’s examination

They decided to take out all their savings to save this poor life.

I don’t want to take over the child when I see a local hospital.

So the old couple took all their families as 6,000 yuan to the large hospital in the provincial capital to see a doctor.

The doctors of the large hospital were shocked after seeing Kang Mengru.

After examination by a large hospital, the little girl was diagnosed with teratoma.

This disease is actually not uncommon, but the situation of little girls is more serious.

Painful mother

The little girl weighs ten kilograms, but this tumor has a weight of four or five kilograms.

The risk of resection is too high, which is why local hospitals dare not take over.

The old couple were afraid of the large hospital and were unwilling to take over the operation, and kneeled down the doctor in the hospital on the spot.

The doctor quickly lifted the old two mouths and said that he would do his best.

Seeking expert treatment

This tumor accounts for half of Kang Mengru’s weight.

If any small situation occurs during the operation, the girl will never be guaranteed.

Although the risk of surgery is great, it is still necessary to do it.

If the surgery is successful, the little girl still has a line of vitality. If it is not treated, it will definitely die.

The process of seeing a doctor

Although the operation is very risky, to help this poor little girl.

Experts have started research, and everyone is thinking about how to perform surgical solutions.

Under the hard work of experts, the plan was finally formulated.

After a while, surgery is about to start.

"Pregnancy" Kang Mengru

But on the eve of the operation, Kang Mengru’s mother decided to give up treatment.

Why did you choose to give up suddenly?

It turned out that the child’s guardian was signed before doing this operation.

But the couple did not sign on the surgical list.

Is this couple who doesn’t want to treat their children anymore?

Kang Mengru’s mother said at this time a shocking secret.

Mother tells the truth

Kang Mengru’s mother told the doctor: "Actually, this child is not my biological."

When everyone was still doubtful, Kang Mengru’s mother said:

"One winter a year ago, on the way home, I suddenly saw a red burden on the ground on the side of the road. Curiosity drove me to check. As a result, when I went to see it, I found that there was a girl in the bag."

It turned out that Kang Mengru was an orphan, and the old couple adopted her.

Kang Mengru’s mother took the girl back home after seeing it.

Also healthy Kang Mengru

After returning home, the old couple saw that the girl was very happy.

Because the two had no children for so many years, they suddenly saw a baby.

The old couple felt that God gave them a child, and they were very happy.

So the old couple decided to adopt the child.

The couple who just adopted Kang Mengru had a hope of life every day, because the old two wanted a child too much.

Since then, the old two mouths have taken care of this little girl every day.

Careful care of the little girl

Although the conditions in their homes are not good, the old couple still gives them the best things to Kang Mengru.

I thought it was a good thing, but I did not expect that the child would have this strange disease, and the old couple were very sad.

Seeing that it can be used, but because they are not children’s biological parents delaying time.

Only the old two have completed the adoption procedures of Kang Mengru, can you sign on the surgical list.

However, the old couple living in the countryside did not know that adopting a child had to go through the formalities.

And the adoption procedures cannot be completed in a short period of time, and the law stipulates that the adoption procedures will take 30 working days to go through.

Desperate mother

Everyone was panicked, and I didn’t have much time to delay.

However, there is no way to be human, when everyone thinks that things can only end here.

The incident has changed again. It turned out that the incident was valued by the local civil affairs bureau.

After the local Civil Affairs Bureau saw that Kang Mengru’s operation could not be delayed, the green channel was opened for the old two.

In just three days, the adoption procedures were completed, and I had to lament the speed of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Now everything is ready, only Dongfeng is owed.

Kang Mengru in the nourishment

On the eve of being ready to do surgery, I encountered a problem again, that is, the old couple had no money to perform surgery for Kang Mengru.

The savings of the old couple have been spent in the previous inspection, and they have no money to go to the little girl.

Indeed, the economic conditions of the old two mouths living in the countryside for generations are not good.

Being able to take out all savings to see a doctor for adopted women is already dedicated.

Although the old couple wanted to treat the little girl, they could only give up because of money.

Looking at the helpless expression of the old two, everyone was particularly sad.

My father has no choice but to hold his head pain

The old couple felt that they had done their best to give up the surgery for the little girl.

However, the power of the masses is strong. Everyone voluntarily launched a donation, and Kang Mengru was donated by all sectors of society.

Under the strength of the masses, within a day, Kang Mengru prepared for the cost of surgery.

The old couple were also very moved. It turned out that the world was true.

Under the infection of this love, Kang Mengru was going to start surgery.

The moment Kang Mengru entered the operating room, her adoptive mother cried.

Mother’s worry

Because everyone knows that the surgery is huge, but it is helpless.

Everyone is praying for this little girl.

The doctors who performed surgery were also startled when they started.

Experts who do surgery carefully

When the doctors just opened the belly of the little girl, the terrible scene was discovered.

I saw a tumor jumping out of the belly of the young girl.

Although the doctors knew that the tumor was very large, they did not expect to be so exaggerated.

The doctor is even more panicked, because the tumor and the blood vessels in the body are connected together.

If you accidentally make a mistake during the operation, life will be lost on the spot.

Doctors began to cut the tumor more carefully.

Careful sword

Maybe everyone’s love moved to God, and the operation was successfully completed this time.

After a period of observation, the little girl had not been hindered before.

After cutting the tumor, a smile appeared on the little girl’s face.

Everyone saw that the little girl’s body recovered.

Everyone who helped Kang Mengru was proud because they successfully saved this little life.

Everyone wishes this tragic little girl in a happy life in the future.

Kang Mengru, who is restored to

This story is full of movement everywhere.

The old couple’s persistence and the help of the masses.

No matter which one this is very touching, we can’t help but feel the warmth of the world.

Kang Mengru is also a very lucky little girl.

Because she encountered this pair of loving old couples.

In this old two of the great virtues, Kang Mengru must keep in mind.

The true feelings in the world are in.

In fact, there are warmth everywhere in this society. I hope everyone can look at life with a positive attitude.

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