Headache disgust, be wary of glaucoma engaged in raids

Aunt Li was in her 50s this year. She was a little anxious at night. Suddenly I felt the right eye pain, I couldn’t see things, and I was a little nauseous to vomit.The family quickly sent her to the emergency department. After checking her eyes, she knew that it was "the acute episodes of glaucoma."Under the timely treatment of ophthalmologists, Aunt Li’s condition gradually relieved.Glauing eye camouflage is very disguised when it comes to raid. Today, I will expose its true colors to everyone.

Visual fatigue?It’s all cheated by it

Clast -eye is a group of lesions that are common features of optic nerve atrophy and vision defects. Pathological high eye pressure is its main risk factor.It is one of the main eye diseases that cause blindness of human beings.Can be divided into open glaucoma and closing glaucoma.Angle closed glaucoma is divided into acute angle closure glaucoma and chronic angle closed glaucoma.

Chronic closure glaucoma is not easily detected in the early days.Many patients only occasionally have unprecedented manifestations such as dry and fatigue, soreness, etc., and are easily mistaken for visual fatigue.Therefore, it is often found when the disease is developed to the late stage, and the range of vision is narrowed to the center.

When acute episodes of acute corner -closing glaucoma patients, they often find that the disease department of digestion or nervous system is often considered by headache vomiting, and the best rescue time is delayed.Auntie Li has acute corner -closing glaucoma.Therefore, correctly understanding glaucoma and diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible can greatly reduce the loss of vision and improve the quality of life of patients.

Under normal circumstances, the water generated in the eyes flows away from the drainage pipeline of the front room, but when the acute corner -shaped glaucoma occurs, the front room becomes shallow, the drainage pipe will be blocked, and the water cannot flow out.The new housing water is constantly generated. The more water in the eyes accumulates and the pressure is greater, it will cause the acute increase in eye pressure, which will not only cause headaches and nausea.It will also compress the fragile optic nerve, causing optic nerve atrophy and irreversible visual field damage.

Angle -closing glaucoma cutting eye pressure is the key

When I feel eye pain, nausea, and severe vision, we must go to the ophthalmology clinic as soon as possible to check and measure the eye pressure in detail.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the emergency doctors will use a variety of local eye, systemic infusion and oral eye -lowering drugs to reduce the generation of housing water and promote the discharge of housing water, so as to reduce the increase in intraocular pressure to reduce the optic nerveFurther damage to protect the treatment purpose of visual function.

If the intraocular pressure is still unable to be controlled after medication, you need to be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible for glaucoma surgery. Doctors will formulate suitable surgical solutions based on the patient’s different diseases.

Playing with a mobile phone can easily evoke glaucoma

Once acute -closing glaucoma, the symptoms are difficult to control. Not only will the patient be tortured by the disease, but it will also damage the vision and vision, causing irreversible vision to decline.Therefore, the early prevention of acute angle closing glaucoma is very important.In terms of our daily habits, we need to pay attention to the following points:

Pay attention to the mentality, maintain stable emotions, and avoid severe emotional changes such as tension, excessive anger and excitement;

Do not read or play mobile phones in the dark environment in the dark environment;

Keep good sleep, avoid excessive eyes, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

The eye -catching eyes are already easy to be stared at by glaucoma

If you are a long -sighted eye, the old flower eye occurs very early, indicating that you may have the characteristics of short eye shafts and small eyeballs. The chance of glaucoma will be much higher than the average person. At this timeexamine.Doctors can judge whether you have a potential threat of glaucoma through professional examination results.If there are possible risk factors, doctors will give iris Yag laser to prevent their attacks in time.

The iris YAG laser is safe and simple. It can open a small door in the middle of the front room and the rear room, and the water water can pass freely. Because the front room is too small and too shallow, the drainage pipes that are easily blocked can be unobstructed.Drainage without blocking, so as to avoid sudden attacks at any time.

In addition, the replacement of the crystal of cataract surgery can relax the narrow corner angle, achieve the purpose of dredging the water pipe and promote the outflow of housing water.Therefore, if the patient is combined with cataracts at the same time, as soon as possible cataract surgery, it has also become one of the main ways to prevent and treat corner -closing glaucoma.Text/Xu Jing Liu Shuang (Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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