He said that I was going to have two beautiful maids in his room that night. I am really the most virtuous wife.

He said that he was going to accept two beautiful maids that night.

I thought he would praise me virtuous, but he rushed to my room for half a moment.

Seeing that his ears were red, and the bead curtain was bumping, I was a little confused, and then squeezed the tea, and said with a smile: "General Rong is too fast …"


"Meng Wanqing!" Rong Yan’s face blushed, "Don’t be too much!"

This is the first time after the death of the father and the mother after the death of the mother, as the princess of the great princess of the country of protecting the country, even the emperor would be respectfully saluted and called the emperor.

"Moma is so angry, but those two servants do not appetite?" I smiled lightly, "Or would I send two men to your room tomorrow?"

I chose the two maids, not to mention the beauty of thousands of miles, and she could be regarded as a good quality. However, Rong Yan couldn’t even look at it, and it wasn’t to blame me to doubt that he liked a man.

"Meng Wanqing!" Rong Yan squeaked his teeth and approached step by step, "You are really virtuous!"

"Thank you for praising the horse … Ah …" Before I finished speaking, he was pulled up by his wrist.

Four eyes are opposite, and the man’s hot breath suddenly made my heart beat.

"Since the big princess is so virtuous, it is better to …" Rong Yan dragged a nice tail with his low and hoarse voice, and then deliberately made up in my ear and said, "Serve me in person …"

Listening to him, I don’t have hope, "The horse is willing to be sad for your baby?"

Whoever does not know that he has a confidant who is holding on his heart, but he is still my deadly opponent.

Rong Yan stopped, staring at me deeply for a while, and in the end, I didn’t say anything.

In this way, 800 enemies, a drama that damages one thousand, will make a noise one after another.

Just like in the court, he is good at fighting, he is well -known in the abroad, I am good at attacking, and internally internal power, so every time he controversy, he can just poke his weakness in the right place, let him return to his feathers.

The next day, in order to live up to his good evaluation of me, I really ordered the two handsome men to go to his bedroom.

Listening to the maid said that people were thrown out by one hand.

Unfortunately, he didn’t come to me theory this time.

The summer evening was hot and irritable.

When I saw him for the first time, my father was alive, and I was sixteen at the age of that year.

The world praised the generals of the generals, but they did not know that their only son Rong Yan was even more young and talented. At the age of 18, he led the Western Expedition.

Rong Yan became famous in the first battle and returned triumphant.

The father of his father was happy, setting up a banquet in the palace to take over the wind, and also made an exception to the general of the ride.

On the day of the palace feast, I looked at him behind a clump of beautiful bananas. The young general’s eyebrows were uninhibited, standing between a group of sister -in -law, and like a group of chickens.Essence

Just the pride of being a princess does not allow me to show my admiration unscrupulous like other girls.

At that time, the father and emperor often said, "Only a man like Rong Yan is worthy of the late Qing Dynasty." And I really couldn’t see the men except him.

Later, the father and mother died later, leaving the widow Feng Rongyu as the general of the country.

This shaking is eight years. He did not marry and I was not married.

Occasionally, at midnight dreams, I would also speculate whether he was waiting for me to wait for me, but the lip, gun, tongue sword on the next day, and swords on the hall will immediately dispel this ridiculous idea.

As the little emperor grew up day day, I gradually paid right, and only lived in the princess’s house as a big princess with their names.

I did n’t know that the emperor was the imperial decree, and Rong Yan became my horse.

It is said that on the day we got married, his confidante was crying several times.

It is a pity that I do n’t know how to pity and cherish the jade. I just wrapped two boxes of wedding cakes and wedding candy. Since then, the relationship between our two has become more tense.


The midsummer night was short, and I slept until three rods of the day, and the maid Bai Lu awakened me.

"Princess, Yongning County is here," Bai Lu whispered, "The horse has gone to the front hall."

I really ca n’t help thinking about it. The master of Yongning County is my daughter of my relatives. My cousin ’s cousin is also Rong Yan’ s confidant, and it is my deadly opponent.

She likes to fight for me and grab me. If it wasn’t for the sanctuary, she was afraid that she would marry Rong Yan, not me.

I ordered the maid to replace me with a luxurious dress, and brought the two teams of beautiful servants. I walked towards the front hall.In the main hall, Yong Ning talked to Rong Yan in a detailed voice, and the dignity was like everyone’s lady, but just when I saw me arrogant, the bottom of my eyes showed a unspeakable jealousy.

I just like to see her obviously hate me but take me again.

"The county owner is here, and the personnel prophet will not have a sound, but it seems that our husband and wife are neglecting," I sat next to Rong Yan with a charming smile and turned to him, "For so long, I do n’t even want to drink a cup of tea. "

Hum, the family!Who is a family with you!

I secretly slandered Yongning’s shame, but smiled, "It’s the birth of the palace … but coincidentally, there is really something to ask the county to help."The Japanese horse was in trouble, and I sent it two times in a row.

Yong Ning’s smile couldn’t stand at all, but I didn’t give her a chance to quarrel with me.

"Well, the two slowly picked, the body of the palace was still sour, and when I went back to rest first, I blame the horse last night …" I said, I glanced at Rong Yan, and my eyes were like men and women.The eyebrows are passing.

But before I got up, Yong Ning cried "wow", and then he couldn’t take care of it, and ran out of his face.

"Hey, how did she go?" I sighed the wrong way, but helplessly, "It seems that I can only pick the horse by myself …"

"You’re enough!" Rong Yan, who has been watching the show silently, suddenly got up and pinched my chin, a pair of phoenix eyes, "Since the princess likes to play so, then I will play with you!"

During his speech, he had hugged me across, and he took his long legs out of the main hall. The waiters were at a loss and wanted to stop, but were stopped by the guards around him.

Although there are a lot of guards in my princess’s house, it is worthless than those who have been on the battlefield around Rong Yan.So Rong Yan was unobstructed all the way, holding me into his yard.

Seeing that the courtyard door was closed, the guard of the princess’s palace was stopped outside, and I couldn’t help secretly stealing.

With a loud noise of "一", I was thrown on the bed.

His bed is not as soft and comfortable as me, but like him himself, it is tough everywhere.

I really caught him this time, no matter how I inspired him, he failed to stop his movements.

The sky outside became darker, and then lit again.

Rong Yan tried the soreness of my body with practical actions.When I woke up again, it was two days later. I do n’t know who sent me back to my bedroom. I did n’t wait for me to find the bastard to calculate the account. However, the maid said that he had gone south to the bandits.

The sweltering air suddenly became cold and heartbroken. Is this day finally coming!

That night, I stood in front of the corridor all night, looking at the round moon in the sky, and suddenly remembered that it was the August holiday today. Unconsciously, I became a year with him for a year.

A few days after Rong Yan left, the news that the big princess would miss the horses could not afford to be ill.

For a while, the threshold of the Princess Mansion was stepped on. The box of the box of the box moved in it without money.I’m going to serve in person.

How could such a handfulness be moved, but no one knew that the one who wanted me most at this time was my brother who was high, and maybe there were horses who had been with me for one year.

In fact, from the beginning of their plans, I knew it completely that the emperor thought he was intelligent and sensitive, but everything he did was done under my acquiescence.

Just like it is recorded in the history books, the road of diligence of the emperor is to remove the ministers of the auxiliary government.

As early as two years ago, or earlier, the emperor had the mind to remove me, even if I was his mother’s sister, even if I had exited the court, it failed to eliminate his wishes.

The emperor knew that I had the thoughts of Rong Yan, so he convinced him to marry me, and then waited for the opportunity to search for evidence that could bring down my evidence.

But how could the stupid man know that the emperor who assisted him all wanted to remove the princess of the country. If I died, how long can he live in the general of his country, the fisherman’s fisherman finally favored the fisherman.

Fortunately, I am not as stupid as him. Naturally, the relationship between his colleagues who read for many years, naturally he couldn’t see him lose his life.

So I ordered the emperor to come."Is the emperor’s body better?" The emperor asked anxiously as soon as he entered the door.

"Ahem …" I strongly supported to get up, but I was stopped by the emperor and lay on the bed. "I’m afraid there is not much time, but unfortunately I can’t see the horses before dying …" "! "

The emperor immediately said anxiously, but he didn’t know what was sincere.

"My own body is clearer than anyone else," I smiled weakly, but my eyes could not help but show up. "Father emperor and mother’s post -death instructions to entrust me to take good care of you, now you are big, even if you go on, to them, to them, to them.It can be considered an explanation … "

The emperor’s eyes were red, and it seemed to remember the difficult years that the sister had supported each other.

This is exactly that I want the effect, so I took the way: "Since the father of the father, the mother and the mother, I only have the same person except you as your brother. After I die, if you still have any fear, you will unloadHis military power … but just ask you to stay with him … "

"Sister Emperor …" The emperor choked and couldn’t speak, his face was guilty.

For this brother, I still know how to do it. Although I am reckless and stubborn, I am not a ruthless person.

"It’s not too early," I said weakly. "The emperor still returns to the palace earlier …" After the emperor left, my illness was even more serious, and the medicinal materials and medical officials were still endless, but it did not make me have half a point.Great.

In the next half a month, Rong Yan’s other side was still a greeting except for frequent reports. It seems that I really hate me.

Fortunately, I am not a saint, and no one will die. Its kind of compassion is also good. The words that the emperor said on that day will be passed into his ears.After spending a lifetime of guilt for the rest of my life, the right to be a saving remuneration.

As for his legitimate adults and whether to marry in the future, it is not what I can control.

After another two days, the princess government finally reported the bad news.

Eight years of Chongde, September 15th, the princess of the eldest princess became ill.Rong Yan rushed back before my burial.

Compared to the cold and handsome in the past, the whole person is mourning.

He set up a whole night in front of the coffin, and then put himself in my study until the day of burial came out.

After the funeral, General Guardian resigned and built a thatched house in the western suburbs. He defended the Mausoleum for him. No one praised his husband and wife.


Shao Guang is easy to pass, and the time is stunned.

When I went to summer, I worked hard and left the capital in the fake died. The hidden surname came to Lingnan all the way. Now she is the mother of the Yunyi Academy.When I first came, the door of Yunyi Academy was withered, and the doorke was a lark. Only one old show was also the master and the mountain. The students were so pitiful that there were only three.

If it wasn’t for the plaque of Yunyi Academy on the door of the courtyard, it would be difficult to connect it with the academy. In the end, I donated silver, replaced the tables and chairs, and renovated the house.

For me, Lao Xiu was grateful. If I had not opposed it, I was afraid that the position of Shan was long will be done by me.

So when I proposed to recruit female students, he also agreed.

Although Dayan is open to women, the restrictions on women are not strict, but there are still a few who can literacy Xi Wen, not to mention that women’s pedantic thoughts have become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and this road will inevitably be bumpy.

But this is obviously not hard to fall. I have not been afraid of fighting with the group of ministers in Chaotang, and now how can I shrink back because of this small difficulty.

I instructed Bai Lu to post the list, and all female students who came to Yunyi Academy not only did not take the text and send two pounds of eggs.

As soon as the article came out, the people around them were uproar. They did not believe that there would be such a good thing, but they always gave their daughters with a bold mentality.

As a result, two pounds of eggs were really mentioned, so those who were still watching couldn’t sit still, and they sent the children.

As a result, in just two days, I gave it to the eggs of 600 pounds of eggs, and there were no daughters in the family. They just replaced their son with women’s clothing.

With students, Yunyi Academy gradually recovered the previous prosperity, and then I often used the rest time to go to the surrounding remote villages to lectures for free. For a time, Yunyi Academy was well -known in Lingnan.

What’s more, it is also rumored that Yunyi Academy has come to the female bodhisattva, so even if the eggs are no longer sent, some people are still willing to send their daughters to study.

I have a free life on this day. Occasionally I dream of going back at midnight, I will think of the capital, I think of Rong Yan, but in just a few months, I already have a feeling of being in my life.

In the early morning of this day, I went to the academy as always, so I saw a little girl with a horn braid jumping towards me.

"Master, Master," the little girl shouted joyfully, "Grandpa Xiu Cai recruited us a new master, and he was handsome. He also said that he would be a husband!"


The child’s mouth was unobstructed, but it hurt my feet, and it almost fell. Fortunately, Bai Lulu helped.

The new master’s affairs, Lao Xiu talked to me yesterday, only saying that it was his old friend, and he would come in the past two days. Presumably, he must be a big age. He also opened this kind of joke, it is definitely an old and unscrupulous.

"Smelly girl, I can tear your mouth nonsense!" Bai Lu’s face was fierce, intentionally bluffing her.

The little girl was not afraid, she made a ghost, and turned around and ran back."Slowly run, I fell carefully."

I told me later, and turned around again, "Tong Yan Wuji, what do you care about her."

"You always spoil them, getting worse," Bai Lu said anxiously, "Blame the old show, if this is heard …"

Bai Lu said halfway, but opened his mouth and lost his voice. What happened to me, and hurriedly looked at her eyes.

A tall mysterious figure stands under the kapok tree in front of the gallery, and his face is as good as before, but it is a little less cold.

"New Master, this is our daughter -in -law!" The little girl with a sheep -horn braid did not recognize her life, pulled Rong Yan’s sleeves, and asked crisply, "Beautiful, do you want to be your daughter -in -law?"

The hand hidden in my sleeves was clenched and loosened, and then I hung up politely but not alienated smiles. "Sir came away, and I was exhausted. Let’s take two days to take two days before going to class."

Rong Yan’s expression was slightly rigid, and the hidden wave of eyes returned to calmness in an instant.

At this time Bai Lu also returned to God, and immediately led the little girl who was unknown to enter the house.

"I don’t know what General Shi said, if there is any offending, I still look at Haihan." I was slightly down, but my back was straight.

The ancients said well, and the elder husband could stretch it, not to mention that I was a weak woman. At the beginning, I died fake and left Beijing and committed the crime of bullying the monarch.Let me meet him again, and I don’t know if it is fierce or good."General Rong, you can count it!" Lao Xiu exclaimed enthusiastically and broke the panic’s silence. When I turned my face, I saw him hurried over, and worshiped Rong Yan.

Rong Yan’s eyes were fast, and he helped him, and Lao Xiu was already old tears.

It wasn’t until this time that I had only been back.

In the words of Lao Xiu’s talents, the country was chaotic that year, and repeatedly went to Danyan to burn and loot, and Lingnan area was the first.

Later, Rong Yan went out with his father, calmed down the war, and rescued him by chance. He also gave him a silver money to start the academy, like a regeneration of his parents.

It sounds like this, Rong Yan’s purpose of coming to Lingnan is really not like me, but in this way, the evil relationship between us is even more unclear and constantly.

In the final analysis, I have also been a princess who has been guarding the country for so many years.

What’s more, Rong Yan already knows my trace. While there is still life, of course, how far can you run.

Otherwise, wait for him to return to God, even if I kill me on the spot, there is no place to say.

The escape seemed to be urgent, and I had always been a fierce temperament, so the night when I saw Rong Yan, Bai Lu and I put a whole dress, and just wait for the sky to run.

The morning light spread all over the earth, and the shallow fog was quickly dispersed, and the carriage stunned, raising the dust.

"Princess, are we just like this?" Bai Lu was reluctant.

"Maybe he left in a few days, let’s come back again …" I said softly, as if comforting her, but more like comforting myself.

Although I am going to decide, I still can’t resist the sadness of lingering in my heart. Maybe I still hope that Rong Yan is coming to me.

The source is self -knowledge

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