HCG is too low, pregnant mothers do not play clever to eat progesterone.

Low HCG is also a more common phenomenon during early pregnancy, but many pregnant mothers have a small cleverness after the progesterone is low, and the self -proposed fetal protection. As a result, because of the roughness of myself, the fetus in the palace lost her pregnancy because of my pregnancy in the palace.For the opportunity, pregnant mothers should pay attention to.

Xiaoping appeared in the early stages of pregnancy. At that time, Xiaoping also recognized that it was low progesterone. She bought progesterone tablets and went home to make up. However, she lost her pregnancy.Opportunity.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo had stopped pregnancy and there was a situation where there was a fetal bud without fetal heart. At the same time, HCG was also low to a way to weakly return to the sky.

Having said that, many pregnant mothers may have doubts. Shouldn’t HCG progesterone be eaten luteum tablets?In fact, there are two ways to protect the fetus. Elementary choices may also make them unable to return to the sky. Pregnant mothers should not be neglected.

Low progesterone is also severe and not serious, and outer organentone is low and not serious. The pregnant mothers need to be further checked after they notice that the progesterone is low.If you can take luteal ketone to protect the fetus, if you can’t, you have to do this at a critical time.

Hospital injection progesterone

The method and effect of injection of progesterone are far faster than that of their own orally, especially those who are already low, and need to be injected in time.

The luteal function in the pregnancy is the key substance of pregnancy. If it is low, it is not supplemented in time, the embryo may be excluded by the mother in the palace.In essence, it is not treated by the mother. It is secreted by the luteal in the palace to rely on this luteum. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to it.

Xiao Ji’s heart: During the pregnancy life, especially during early pregnancy, this stage is a high incidence of fetal stopping and abortion. Pregnant mothers must be vigilant. At present, when the signal of reddish -brown secretions appears, a medical examination is needed.Essence

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