Have you ever had a dream during pregnancy?It is said that this is a child who is entrusted to you. Do you agree?

Pregnancy is a thing that is both looking forward to and a little distressed for all women.It is expected that there must always be such a process. I look forward to being a mother for the first time and look forward to the appearance of the child.What is distressed is that the period of pregnancy will be more uncomfortable, and it will be tired to bring children when children are born.But everything about this until the baby was born, and when he saw it, he felt that the child was the most important.In fact, many people have had strange dreams during pregnancy. Everyone is called this dream.First look at what other friends have dreamed of!

Netizen A: After getting married, I started to prepare for children, but I still did n’t have any problems after preparing for pregnancy for two years. It was okay to go to the hospital for examination.Later, just think of letting it go, don’t put so much pressure on yourself.There was no dream of dreaming, dreaming that he was bitten by a snake.The next day I had no intention of talking to my friends. Friends said that you are the omen of pregnancy.At that time, I was a little bit.I went back to test the following in the later doubt, and the two rods were really pregnant.

Netizen B: During pregnancy, the fetus has not been very stable.I often go to the hospital repeatedly.When the 6th month, when I dreamed of dreamed of the child, I was born one night, but I was surprised.At that time, I still remember to talk to the baby clearly. Why did you come out before your baby arrived and hurried back.The baby seemed to understand what I said, and ran into the stomach obediently.My baby was born smoothly.I have always felt that this is a unique way to communicate with my baby.

Netizen C: When I was pregnant, one day I dreamed of a snake like a snake and a dragon at home.Then prepare to run over, and the animal like a dragon in the back actually flew away.I told my grandmother to listen to this dream later. Grandma said that you are the son of your arms.I didn’t believe it at the time, thinking about how could I dream of being a son or daughter.The child was born later, and it was really a son.Until now I am doubtful about this dream.

Netizen D: When I was 5 months pregnant, I dreamed of a pair of stone lions, which was particularly cute.The key is still a red bellyband, and it looks like it turns.I didn’t think so much at that time. I thought it would be so cute if it was a daughter.The children later were born. It was really a daughter, and she was particularly cute. Both husbands and I loved them.Especially her husband is a daughter slave.

I believe that many pregnant mothers have had all kinds of strange dreams before pregnancy, and finally ushered in their lovely babies.Regardless of whether there is such a statement, I believe that pregnant mothers will choose to believe that this is a special contact information for children and mothers.What interesting dreams do you have during pregnancy?Share it with you!

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