Has Xiao Wu gave birth to a little rabbit?Anime gives the answer, the details prove that the pure girl is still a big girl

Xiao Wu’s identity is relatively special in Doura. Although she has a human body, she is not human at first, but it is turned into a 100,000 -year -old soul -beast. Her true body is actually a soft bone.Charm rabbit.

The story of the small dancing after the formation of a person must be very clear. From the encounter with Tang San to the Tang San to become a member of the Selak Seven Monsters, to the martial arts contest with the partners, the sacrifice and then resurrection, the little danceIt is not an exaggeration to describe the experience after the formation of adults.

01 Do you have given birth to a little rabbit before the small dance?

As the so -called "love house and black", because of the wonderful performance of Xiaowu’s performance, some netizens are interested in life before Xiao Wu’s life.

We know that rabbits grow and reproduce very fast. This comes from biological instincts and is the nature engraved in genes. Generally speaking, rabbits have reproductive ability in about six months, and can complete a round of reproduction in almost two months.

So when Xiao Wu or the Soul Soul Rabbit, has she had this instinct to have a little rabbit?

Regarding this issue, netizens have discussed. Some people say that Xiao Wu is a rabbit, and it is impossible to escape this instinct. Before she starts the spiritual wisdom, she should have such behavior more or less.

Some netizens said that rabbits can give birth to 12 nests a year. If a nest is calculated, Xiao Wu can give birth a lot a year.What’s more, the rabbit produced by small dances for 100,000 years directly.

Of course, some people think that things like Xiao Wu Sheng Bunny are too weird. Xiao Wu’s mother is a 100,000 -year -old soul beast. Xiao Wu has been with her mother since birth. Under the care and protection of her mother,Xiao Wu should be raised very well, and this kind of thing will not happen at all.

02 Anime gives the answer, the details show that the pure girl is still

So did Xiao Wu give birth to a little rabbit?The answer to this question is actually given in anime.

The first is the character change of Xiao Wu.When the Notting College Xiao Wu and Tang San just met, Xiao Wu at the time did not know the difference between men and women, and even made a request to sleep with Tang San, which made Tang Sanke shy for a while.

After arriving at the Wuhun Contest, Xiao Wu’s performance of Tang San would be much more implicit and restrained after knowing the difference in gender, and from time to time, there would be blushing.

It can be seen from this that Xiao Wu was a white paper at the beginning of her emotion. She did not understand that she had other men and women.

In addition, there is no possibility of a little rabbit from the timeline.Xiao Wu has been with her mother since childhood, and it is impossible to happen at all under the protection of her mother.

When Xiao Wu’s mother was arrested, Xiao Wu already had spiritual wisdom, and there were Daming and Erming around. At this time, Xiao Wu could not run to rabbit.

In the end, there is a detail place. I don’t know if you have noticed the shape of Xiao Wu.Generally speaking, raw rabbits can cause some damage to the body, such as increasingly loose skin, slightly deformed legs, and so on.

However, looking at the figure of Xiao Wu, her waist was perfect, and her skin was tight and added. As for her legs, she could not see traces of the slightest deformation.On the whole, Xiao Wu’s body shape is very girly, and it can also be proved from here that Xiao Wu has never given birth to a little rabbit.

Therefore, it can be known that Xiao Wu has never given birth to a rabbit at all. This kind of thing is just nonsense.What do you think?

The above is all the contents of this issue. I am Xiaomu, a two -dimensional two -dimensional meal with a face value, and see you next time.

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