Harbin women’s suburbs play for a day, and the eyes are very itchy the next day … Doctors remind: recent high incidence!

Citizen Ms. Song felt itchy and shed tears unconsciously, and then she rubbed with her hands, but she did not relieve it. She came to the mirror and found that her eyes were scary.Ms. Song immediately found my eye drops and lay on the bed to rest, but after a long time passed, the symptoms of the eyes were still not eliminated.Immediately, Ms. Song went to Harbin Ophthalm Hospital for treatment.After inquiries, Ms. Song went to the suburbs the day before playing with her friends all day before.

Deputy Director Liu Guihai introduced that allergic conjunctivitis refers to eye allergies caused by pollen, dust and animal hair.These pathogens are called allergens.The symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis are mainly itching of varying degrees, and tears, burning sensations, light, and increased secretions often occur (mostly mucop). Some patients may be accompanied by mild vision decreases.From March to May each year is a high incidence of allergic conjunctivitis."Every day I take more than 10 patients with allergic conjunctivitis." Liu Guihai said.

"If you suffer from allergic conjunctivitis, try to get rid of allergens as much as possible. If you remove the broken cloth and blankets of the room, pay attention to the hygiene on the bed, use insecticides to eliminate the insect mites in the room, avoid staying in the countryside during the pollen spread season, avoid staying as much as possible, avoid trying to avoidIn contact with grassland. Once the disease is onset, you can temporarily relieve the symptoms in a cold compress. "Liu Guihai said that if you get rid of allergens, you will not improve or add important to the professional ophthalmology hospital to delay your illness.

Experts suggest that patients with allergic conjunctivitis should try to avoid contact with possible infection, such as pollen, dust, and animal fur.In this way, you can avoid eye diseases to the greatest extent.Patients with allergic conjunctivitis should fast spicy food at daily diet.Do not rub your eyes to avoid irritating the eyelids and cornea, leading to corneal epithelial damage.

Harbin Daily reporter Yang Yan

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