Hamsters breeding taboos, signs of pregnancy, postpartum care, precautions

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[Gene control] Tell you Meng with numbers-why can’t you break the breeding taboos

Death Gene 1: Silver Fox Gene (PEPE)

The silver fox base is dying, and the genotype of the genome is a young rat with PEPE or absorbed by the mother, causing the burden on the mother, the normal development of other young rats, and the difficulty of the mouse.

The varieties carrying this gene: silver fox, golden fox, white milk tea breeding taboo: silver fox+silver fox, silver fox+gold fox, silver fox+white milk tea, gold fox+gold fox, white milk tea, white milk tea+white milk tea+White milk tea



White milk tea (DDMMPEPE)

Death Gene 2: Pudding Gene (MAMA)

The pudding foundation is dying (MAMA), and the genotypes of the mima are born in the abdomen or absorbed by the mother, causing the burden on the mother, the normal development of other young rats, and the difficulty of mother and rat.

Variety carrying this gene: All pudding, except for anti -black pudding (only anti -black and white and anti -black situation), gold foxes

Breeding taboos: pudding+gold fox, pudding+pudding, golden fox+golden fox

Golden Bear-Syrian Ya Hamsia Breeding Taboo

The most raised breeding taboos

The most secure method is that there are white rats on the body with only white rats on the body. The hair length is the same. The satin hair is not equipped with satin hair.

Death gene 1: Expressive spot gene (DSDS) (DSDS)

Any eyeliner, mask, rain point, skunk, and meteorite, the white bear with the white bear with the spots with the spots is not sure if it is not sure if the white bear with the spots of the gene is matched.

Daoming Bear (DSDS), the following is eyeliner, masters, rain, and skunk, meteorite

Death gene 2: Light gray/albinization original gene (LGLG)

The shallow gray genes are dying (LGLG), and the genotypes are lglg, a young rat’s tire or absorbed by the mother, causing the mother’s burden, the normal development of other young rats, and the difficulty of mouse.

Variety with this gene: light gray

Leisure 1: Eyeless White Bear/Luo Anne (WHWH)

Luo An’s genetic conjunction (WHWH) is disabled, and it will give birth to pure white body, no eyes or eye development, no teeth, and the immune system.

There must be a variety of this gene: dilute eye circles, mixed rice bears, white belly primitive, white -bellied and gray, white -bellied cinnamon

The varieties of this gene may be carried: eyeliner, masses, rain points, snubo, meteorite, white bear, white waist

Breeding taboos: all dilute eye circles, mixed rice bears, white belly primitive, white -bellied light gray, white -bellied cinnamon, not sure if the eyeliner, masters, rain points, skunk, meteorite, white bear, white, white, white, white bearWaist with the former with the former or self -matched

Reatned gene 2: Saton hair gene (SASA) (SASA)

Saton hairy pure convergence (SASA) is commonly known as double satin. The effect of this gene is to cause abnormal hair and shiny hair, sparse, various pads sticky, poor resistance, easy to get sick and violent.

Variety with this gene: All bright hair

Breeding taboo: Bright hair+bright hair

Reatable gene 3: long hair and miscellaneous gene (LL)

This gene is disabled, but the individual of LL is neither long nor short hair, and of course it is not a medium hairy. LL individuals are usually uneven hair and skin sensitivity, fragile and easy to get sick, and disease.

Variety with this gene: All Syrian hamsters

Breeding taboos: long hair+short hair

I won’t mention the front line, because few people can buy the front line.

Major breeding taboos -first -line+three -line, in fact, people who raise the first line of breeding also have the minds of making money, and basically do not use the third -line match (the mice are worthless).

The male mouse should be strong and not weak and sick. If your male mouse has a bad body, please pick up a strong one, so as to ensure that the genetic genetic inheritance of the small SS can be better, so that the baby will be healthier.

Are you sure you have time and money for them to make them happy?

Can you send it out in the same city, don’t you send a courier?

Do you have funds to buy so many cages?

Hamsters can be 2-15 at a time, with an average of seven or eight.And in about 22 days, you will be divided into cages or it is likely to fight. When you grow up, you will be able to get close to yourself (40 days of hamster can get pregnant, and the earliest hamster can be born for 57 days).

The above one is to please, please don’t reproduce. If you are prepared, I will start

The mother and rats should not exceed two babies in their lifetime, and the two -child time interval is about three months.

The mother and rats are breeding in 3-8 months, and the hamster is equivalent to 20 years old for 3 months, and the legal marriage age of human beings is also 20 years old.Most popular science said 4-9 months.

The dwarf mother’s estrus is not good, and it is only a few days a month.The bear’s is obvious, and it will make an antenna

If the old cage jumps up and down in the cage, I still want to escape, it may be in estrus. At this time, put the mother and rats in the male mouse’s cage.In estrus, you will work hard to please the mouse.The first SS will be tense or even hostile, so don’t expect a success.

This video is a case of failure.

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