Half a pound of crayfish under the belly, the pregnant mother is sent to the hospital urgently

It’s the season to eat crayfish again

Thirteen incense, garlic, spicy, iced …

Every taste is seductive foodiers

But this is delicious on earth

Can everyone eat it?

How to enjoy healthy?

Pregnant mothers eat crayfish cause allergies

The uterine contraction insurance abortion!

Recently, Ms. Li (pseudonym), who was 8 months pregnant, had some lips recently, and couldn’t help but let her family make a spicy crayfish appetizing.As a result, that night, Ms. Li had diarrhea, abdominal pain, and rash of limbs. The family immediately sent her to Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for treatment.

After the doctor’s examination, it was found that this was because eating crayfish caused an allergic reaction. Ms. Li’s intestinal peristalsis accelerated, which stimulated uterine contraction. For safety reasons, she had to be hospitalized for treatment.

"I said the crayfish had ‘poison’! She didn’t listen, she had to eat!" Ms. Li’s mother -in -law said.As soon as Ms. Li heard this, she silently shed tears …

Doctor: Do you want to do the right things to eat crayfish

In the hospital, Dr. Wang Xuhong, a nutrition clinic, introduced: The crayfish often said by the old people are "toxic", and pregnant women have not eaten well. In fact, most of them are two issues: heavy metal and parasites.

Heavy metal problem

Crayfish likes to eat floating creatures. In the polluting waters, heavy metals and oil may be attached to the food and are eaten into the stomach by the crayfish.

However, crayfish has its own protective mechanism, which will transfer heavy metals to the shell. During its growth, heavy metals will be discharged.In addition to the shell, most of the heavy metals in the crayfish are concentrated in the gills and internal organs on the head.

At present, the lobsters on the market are mainly breeding, and heavy metals are lighter.If you only eat shrimp body, there will generally not be a problem of heavy metals exceeding the standard.

Parasitic problem

There is indeed the risk of parasites in the crayfish, but the frogs, snails, shells, fish, etc. may carry parasites, not the exclusive to crayfish.

The key to preventing parasites is to burn the food and burn it through. Cooking at high temperature at 100 ° C for more than 10 minutes, the parasite can be eliminated.

Therefore, if you buy a clean crayfish, you should go to the head and shrimp line when you cook it, cooked it, and do not put wine.Even special groups such as pregnant women, lactation, and children, as long as they are not allergic, they can be eaten in moderation.

Will eating crayfish "dissolved horizontal muscle"?

Is it the reason for the use of shrimp powder?

Every year, there are people who have suffered from muscle soreness, general weakness, chest tightness and panic, urine color and other symptoms such as soy sauce.

Some people think that this is caused by the clean crayfish that has been cleaned after washing shrimp powder. Is this true?

The main component of shrimp washing powder is oxalic acid, and it is really harmful to the human body.However, oxalic acid is also available in many natural foods. As long as the merchants can rinse a few times, there will be a lot of oxalic acid remaining on the crayfish, and there is no need to worry too much.

Therefore, everyone is better to choose some catering venues with reputation and hygiene conditions to eat crayfish.

The etiology of transverse muscle dissolving is more complicated, but it can be certain that a variety of freshwater and seafood can cause transverse muscle dissolving, not only limited to crayfish.In addition to diet, excessive exercise may also be a common cause.

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